Monday, July 28, 2014

It's Super Sonic Shopping!

thrift shoppiong, vintage finds, Riverfront Antique MallIt was a super sonic shopping day!

It was electrifying!

It was truly thrift-a-fying!

It was the Super Bowl of Turn Arounds!

I managed to shop, clean, tag, and arrange a half truckload of fab finds.

All in the course of four hours!

This great gray trunk - plenty of patina.

Did not need a thing.

Four perfectly pink cabinet doors.

Look at the detail.

Plenty of patina.

Did not need a thing.

Wicked white shelf.

Cute, cute, cute!

Did not need a thing.

Two rusty, crusty buckets.

Blue, bluer -


What kind of case?

Vintage pet carrier.

Did not need a thing.

(In fact, did not appear to have been used.)

A black tin suitcase.

Plenty of patina.

Did not need a thing.

I had to show the label on the tin suitcase.

I have to admit I hid this in my empty closet.

So I should not have included this in my gigantic boast about how I can buy and not keep.

So sad. 

So sorry.

So not giving in on this one.

Cute little bench.

Perfect as it is.

Did not need a thing.

All are now at Riverfront Antique Mall in North Augusta, SC.

All are awaiting their forever homes.

All except the tin suitcase hidden deep in the closet.

After our cat Molly died back in June, her little kitty friend from down the street continued to come over each afternoon.

She and Molly used to take naps together in the sun.

I had become alarmed at her weight loss and asked the neighbor if she was sick.

She said she could not get her to eat.

Chucks said, "Do not feed that cat!"

"Donna, do not feed that cat!"

"You better not be feeding that cat!"

When I returned home from the Super Sonic Shopping Trip earlier than he thought I would, guess who was not only feeding the cat, but also playing with her.

Miss Peepers now comes for dinner and sometimes breakfast.

Chucks gets up early to make sure she is fed.

See y'all!

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  1. Donna, dear Donna, I am the distressed one. I have begun my basement purge, but your haul makes a girl want to go out and haul more! What a great day of finds for you! I need people to come shop my basement, seriously. I haven't even gotten to my vintage stuff yet, just the crap so far. So, the moral of the story - stick with not keeping it all! :) And just how sweet is it that Chucks is taking care of the kitty. Watch out - you may catch him napping in the sun. ;)

  2. Great haul on your "did not need a thing" finds! Love the blue rusty buckets. Can imagine large hydrangeas posing in them. I hadn't heard about Molly's passing. So sorry for your lost but I'm glad you and Chucks are finding comfort with Miss Peepers dinner visits.

  3. Good job on not keeping some of those items... I would've had a hard time! Those blue buckets are awesome!

  4. It sounds to me like Chucks is your best find ever.

  5. Great finds Donna and I don't blame you for keeping the suitcase. Great thing about them is they are good to actually store things in so they don't just take up space. Chucks sounds like Miss Peepers is a doll! Have a magnificent Monday! I'll be busy painting!
    Blessings, Vicky

  6. What a great day of finds! That suitcase could hold a lot of things worth keeping!
    Chucks sounds like a real sweetie doing a good deed for Miss Peepers.

  7. I love all your finds! I have a "grown-up" stool like yours - it has same top, but is bar stool tall & green. Did you find all this at garage sales? You both are so kind to tend to Molly's beautiful pal. Thanks

  8. To find such great finds and not have to do a thing is pretty lucky! I love your finds. If you go junkin there;s gonna piece we keep for awhile, and eventually give up. Happens to me all the time, Mr. C is saying that I'm a hoarder, now I proudly say, yes I am!

  9. Awwww, we have to help our furry friends. She must miss Molly as much as you do.
    Great finds, as always. You are not helping me with my pile of "to get rid of" stuff!

  10. OMG - those pink cupboards - and blue cans? ( you'd better shape up - ' cause I need a can - and my heart is set on...............never mind )
    You find the most amazing things -
    And Donna I have a story - the same story about a cat - last week in fact.
    Haven't seen him this week and I'm worried sick about him

  11. That is too funny about Chucks! Love that vintage pet carrier you found

  12. Sooo pretty! I love your new little friend. I always try not to feed the cats that come to visit, but at some point you just have to...and then they don't leave...and then you become the cat me~ Watch out Chucks!

  13. Everything is really the pink doors.

  14. Wonderful when you can find so many things that do not need a thing! Love the label on the trunk. Yes, it's a keeper! The cat story is too cute! Those men, their bark is so much worse than their bite. Just big teddy bears! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. Thanks for sharing your always fabulous finds at Revisionary Life! I lurve the black suitcase, too, and would have kept it as well. :) Nice restraint on the other goodies, though. That gray chest would have been hard for me, too. :)


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