Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tuula, The Pink Dresser

The very minute I mixed the paint for this small dresser I knew her name was Tuula.  

Most of you know Tuula McPhee of  The Thrifty Rebel.  I have been reading her blog for more than a year now and enjoy every post. 

 I thought at first she had to be a Southern US girl, but no, Tuula McPhee (probably one of the best Southern names I have ever heard!) is a Canadian of Finnish descent.  She has a deep love of color - especially pink.

 The small dresser sat in the downstairs foyer for years holding paper supplies.  I am moving furniture around to get my craft room organized and she had to go.

No before pic, but she was not in bad shape.  The drawer glides had to be reset and the whole dresser needed some serious sanding.  The top sported a burn mark.


The hardware just needed to be clean with some white vinegar.  The finish was definitely orange, but most of that came off with the sanding.

(If you are looking for the hardware, there is no photo.  I forgot!)


I did manage to get a small bit of what was under that finish.  Mostly bare wood.

I decided on a strange shade of red from the oops section, but there was not enough.  So I threw in some gray-white oops paint and some non-sanded grout and water.  There was a beautiful shade of pink chalk paint.

It was Tuula pink!

 After painting two coats, I wiped some off for distressing.

Wasn't quite distressed enough for me.

 More sanding was needed.

I took her down hard around the edges and the top and the sides.

Okay, so I distressed her quite a bit all over.

After all that abuse distressing, I rubbed her down good with Minwax clear wax.  Then followed that with a rub down with Howard's Golden Oak wax.

Then I buffed,

and I buffed,

and I buffed

Until she gleamed in the setting sun.

Here she is, folks.  Tuula is patiently waiting for someone to take her home.

A funny side note:  I asked permission from the real Tuula to name a piece of furniture after her.  She agreed.  When I posted about how I had cleaned up my booths last week, Tuula commented she loved the pink dresser.  I could not hold the surprise any longer and told her it was Tuula, the pink dresser.

A Boast About My Booths here!

One of my customers renamed the paint color to PANK!

I think that says it all.

Now go and visit the real Tuula and see her beautiful creations, her makeovers, and her wonderful garden art.  Read The Thrifty Rebel here.

Thank you for allowing me to name a piece of furniture after you, Tuula

See y'all!

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  1. I know what you mean about the lovely, Tuula and her fancy for pink! Whenever I see something old and decrepit, or should I say, "dateless" with pink in it, I think of Tuula! Not that she's that way - heavens NO! But she has a wonderful knack for doing wonders with such items to our amazement! Thanks, Donna for the awesome dresser! Your work is amazing, too!

  2. Oooooooooh, love the pink! It's bold and so feminine. It's perfect!


  3. Love, love, love! She looks beautiful.

  4. I'm totally honoured that when you think of pink you think of me Donna. I am in love with my namesake. If I lived nearer you have to know that she would already be home with me. I totally love that shade of "pank". What a great transformation! You worked a colour miracle on her. She would go so beautifully with my pink ceiling. Thanks for thinking of me. And Gail... sometimes I do feel old and and then I just paint something pink or wear something pink and I feel young and new again.

  5. It is a pretty pink. I like how distressed she is, boy, that sounds mean. :)

  6. Nice job! I love painted furniture, and bright colors.....

  7. So pretty in pink...:) I like visiting Tuula and seeing what she has made...she's very creative! I bet this dresser has already sold! It would be so cute in a girl's room. Hope you're having a fantastic week!

    Blessings, Vicky

  8. Some parent of a lucky little girl will snatch that up soon! Love it!

  9. What a fun piece, Donna, and Tuula sounds like fun to me too!

  10. All that buffing did the trick. What a great job you have done.

  11. The dresser turned out great!! (Love the name, too :)

  12. She is a REAL beauty my friend!!! Thanks for sharing : ) hugs...

  13. I love Tuula and although I never thought about it before, Tuula McPhee is an awesome name and definitely should be starring in an adventure series! maybe "Tuula McPhee Battles the Horror Monster"!! Love your pank dresser...LOL..

  14. Doona I love this and I love it even more that you named it after Tuula, pretty happy and pink just like her.

  15. Donna, I love how Tuula turned out, just gorgeous - like Tuula! She is so talented and funny, how sweet that you named this after her. I really like how you distressed her with Howard's Golden Oak Wax, as well. That is so different. She looks beautiful!


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