Thursday, October 3, 2013

Put A Bird On The Table

The weather has been perfect for painting.  I have a long line of projects waiting for makeovers. 

You surely have noticed that I have begun to "style" my finished projects in creative little vignettes - usually about the yard.

I have had a few neighbors stop by on their daily walks to ask what I am doing.

I know they think I am crazy.

I do not mind being the crazy old lady who takes photos of her furniture.

At least I am not the crazy cat lady.  Our neighborhood already has that position filled.

This is the jewel in the rough.  She was sturdy - no loose joints, but her previous owners had roughly abused her top.

Those of you who work with tables know this style is popular for their versatility.

I had to peel off some veneer and in this corner build it up with some wood putty.

Then wait, wait, wait.  It is better for the wood putty to completely cure for several days before sanding and painting.

That's my story and I am sticking to it!

It was heavily sanded, then given a coat of flat white latex.  I did not take a photo of the next step as I was throwing paint on everything in sight.  If you peer into the right bottom corner you will see the peachy-pink color I painted next.  It was the same as the Patisserie Table. See here!

Then I distressed it with a heavy grit sandpaper followed by a fine grit to smooth.

 I haven't worked with stencils in a while so I pulled out the distressed harlequin pattern and some antique white paint.

Some stencils do not require exact measurements, but this one does.

I came close - it is hard to measure curvy edges!

 A this point I usually start shadowing the pattern, but I thought this was just too plain for the table.

I decided to leave the harlequin and paint something on top.

"What?" was the question.

Well, when in doubt everybody knows to put a bird on it.  And that is just what I did.

I used a large stencil of a bird on a branch and lined it up with the harlequin pattern underneath.

 I pounced with craft paint in gray, red, green and brown.

Putting a bird on it proved to be the right decision.  

I followed with a couple coats of satin craft varnish.

 This is where I became slightly crazy.  I rushed about the house gathering objects off shelves and other tables. 

I was going to go all out on the styling of this table - she deserved it.

A book, some birds, some zinc pots, some lace, a zinc box, and a finial.

By now I had three neighbors coming over to look.  They made suggestions for placement.

I have a new neighbor -an older man - who stood on his porch trying to figure out in what kind of crazy place he was now living.

 I probably should have mentioned there was a bluegrass festival going on down the street at the polo field. 

We were singing and dancing as we styled.

My table was where I wanted her - with a bird on her - and styled for the photos.

The three ladies who helped were entertained and it made their day.

The guy next door?  Well, he is still eying me with a bit of mistrust, but I am sure I will win him over.  

He came home with a pile of used lumber to put in his carport!!!

I think we might be friends.

See y'all!

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  1. Oh I love the bird Donna. That was such a perfect choice over the harlequin pattern. Dancing and painting... what fun! I love to paint or craft outside with my classic rock CDs playing, but bluegrass is awesome too. I have no doubt that you'll win over your new neighbour. BTW...Nice styling!

  2. What a pretty table! Sounds like you had fun taking photos of it... and I wouldn't think you are crazy. I'm constantly taking photos of things outside :)

  3. I love everything about this piece! The style of the table, the colors, and the stencils. The vignettes are perfect...:) Sounds like you & your neighbor might have more in common that you!

    Blessings, Vicky

  4. What a great idea to double stencil I have never thought of that-love dee x

  5. Your table is just gorgeous! You did an incredible job. I know my neighbors probably wonder why I'm always outside taking photos too :)

  6. Super cute! It's a much happier table now.

  7. Good Afternoon Donna, You never know, if your neighbour has come home with a pile of wood, he might be out in the garden, sometime soon, styling his own creation.... you might have inspired him to be creative.
    It sounds like you had a fun day with your neighbours, and how fabulous to hear bluegrass music while you are busy in your garden. If I was with you, I think I would have been dancing too.
    Your table has turned out beautifully and I love the bird that you have added. Funnily enough, I am making a bird cushion at the moment for my daughter..... great minds think alike.
    Have a lovely weekend Donna.
    Best Wishes

  8. Donna you crack me up...eyeing the new neighbors lumber! I love this clever putting the bird stencil on it. I love thinking about you drawing neighbors in and dancing while you style your pics!

  9. what a great little table, and adding the stencil and bird, really made a wonderful difference! Hope this is the start of a fabulous relationship with your next door neighbor!

  10. The table is lovely. You will win the neighbor fella over of course.

  11. the table is terrific! the bird stencil is perfection!

    ps: i had a chance to check out some of your other posts and i am happy to say i am a new follower!

  12. Now I'm just lovin' this table! the color, the "argyle" pattern, and mostly, The Put A Bird On IT, which by the way is a lovely stencil. We're having more crazy GA weather, with the storm coming, but I happen to have a table that I painted black that I'm so bored with, that I may have to Copy Cat you a bit, esp the bird! Wonderful job!

  13. Love the table Donna. You just get better and better. I bet your neighbors love you and can't wait until the next project so they can be entertained.
    Have a great week-end.
    Audrey z.

  14. Very cute made me smile when you said the neighborhood already had the crazy cat lady....and I have to give "props" to a brave woman like you to do projects where your neighbors can watch...Mine already think I'm nuts even just in the back yard. LOL

    I really like how you used two stencils, your table turned out amazing, good job!

  15. That table is PRETTY! You did a wonderful job giving it a new life!

  16. I love this table and everything you did...Great Job Donna! Thank you for sharing at One More Time Events

  17. This turned out so great! I love your layering idea. What a beautiful and unique table.

  18. Fabulous as always!!!! Hope to see you in the morning! : ) hugs and TFS!

  19. Beautiful Donna, I so badly want to see you styling sounds like a blast


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