Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fab Finds in Five Days

 Five whole days of fabulous finds!  And I only went out for a few minutes at a time.  The deals were just waiting to be plucked.

I have been a good girl and have turned most of these items over quickly - bagged and tagged and sent away.

Don't want to clutter up what I have managed to clean up.

These two oak cabinet doors.  Not a pair - two left doors.  I wonder if someone bought two right doors and did not realize it?

A small Foley sifter - I am keeping this for a short while.  Just too cute.

A small silver plate cup engraved Havana Lowell August, 1982.  A trophy from a polo match.

A small pewter cup engraved WHS 1942.  It may be a jigger - not sure.

All sitting on a vintage plant stand.

Why are so many pieces painted brown?

 Two rattan tables - one small -one medium - sorta like Baby Bear and Mama Bear, but no Papa Bear.

A very dusty grapevine wreath.  I think I like it better lying flat.

A metal planter box which will become a storage box in the craft room.

Look at that long-legged beauty of a plant stand.  I am envisioning creamy white or my new favorite gray.

A lovely tray with real butterflies and florals framed within.

A creamy white ironstone platter - much crackled and distressed - perfect for something I have been making.

A Buffalo China bowl - keeping. 

A girl's wicker purse - so sweet - I had one in the late fifties for Easter - keeping.

 Three yards of the pale yellow calico in the background.

A red flowered dish towel.

Eight napkins edged with pink tatting.

Two really small boy's caps.  The navy with gold trim a school cap.

 The perfect log cabin for a Christmas vignette - not keeping.  (Are you surprised?)

A leather wallet with MON engraved on it.

A plaster tool in the back.

I have several sheep prints and found two more.

First this old one in a lovely frame.

 The print is called Indian Summer.

 A large ink block print of a flock of sheep and a church.

 The print is signed and numbered.

I love the bold graphics and greatly appreciate the skill it takes to carve a block this size.

Who in our household had the most fun this past weekend?

My camera!

A neighbor came over to look at the treasures and instead of sticking it in my pocket, I laid it on the back bumper of Chucks' truck.

We loaded those cabinet doors and a few other pieces to drive the 17 miles to the antique mall.  We had to drive over speed bumps to go around to the back, opened and closed the tailgate several times.  We drove back to our house and then went out to eat.  When we left the restaurant, Chucks noticed the case on the bumper and said,"Look someone dropped their phone - whoever found it put it here."

Yes, Chucks would not know the difference between a phone and a camera.  He avoids techno junk more than I do.

I screamed, "That's my camera!"

We cannot fathom how in the world it stayed on that bumper through all the driving and speed bumps and unloading.  I was very lucky since I had not downloaded photos in several days.

I am positive you would have been heartbroken and in deep, dark despair if I did not have any of my awful photos to show you this week.

You were very lucky!

See y'all!

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  1. How fortunate you are that your camera stayed on the bumper. Maybe because of the friction between the two finishes. Anyway we are truly lucky to see your fabulous haul. I think I live through what you pick up and imagine what I can do with it all. I can only dream. With my craft projects I get told almost everyday that I'm running out of space and need to do something with what I make. I'm gonna keep dreaming!!!

  2. Amazed that you have your camera after all that "adventure." Great finds. I actually like the frame on the first print. Paint it and gild it instead of looking for a new one. It "goes" with the print. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. Oh what great finds! I love the metal planter box and those cabinet doors are awesome. Sooo lucky about the camera. Poor thing was probably hanging on to the bumper for dear life.

  4. Your camera must love you! You're not far from Walterboro, the WHS might stand for Walterboro High School (where I went, but not in '42, lol) Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  5. Glad your camera stayed along for the ride! Those glass doors are great. Good finds!

  6. The camera is surely special. Love the lamb art. You have been doing well. Lets hope the streak continues into Thursday and rubs off onto your friends. I have not been shopping in ages. I have been selling from my house which is easy as I am three steps, barely,below a hoarder. xo, olive

  7. Wow! You always find a lot! I have to say I adore the sheep prints! (Surprise!) Now I am just stunned that you did not keep the cabin! I was already picturing your little trees around it at Christmas! Still amazed about the camera! Have fun today!

  8. Hi Donna ... great finds and you will have fun working with and displaying those doors. The Indian Summer picture is lovely ... pretty old and the frame is wonderful.
    Lucky you that your camera went along for the ride and never fell off.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. You are a good girl. I can't turn stuff over that quick! But have been getting rid of some stuff I've had for a while. Can't believe your camera didn't fall off.

  10. Love the things you found, what fun!! Thanks for stopping by Every Little Birdie and touring my little booth. The bed in my space has a blow up mattress. I just use the bed to display my pillows and other items. However I've had a few people ask if the bed was for sale......so last week I put a price tag on it. If it sells I'll find something else to use for a display. I love turning junk into treasures and I know you do too!!

  11. Such awesome finds! I love the long legged plant stand and that sheep print in the old frame is so pretty. Thank goodness your camera hung on all the way...amazing! Have a blessed evening....Vicky

  12. I love your finds! My favorite is the sheep painting; it's incredible. I never can find sheep paintings, and I love them. Thank you for visiting my blog!

  13. I enjoyed reading all about your finds. I can't believe your camera stayed on the back of the truck! How crazy! But thank goodness.

  14. We had a little log cabin similar to that under our Christmas tree for ages. My grandfather had made it when I was a little girl : )

  15. You found some fun treasures. I'm not sure what a jigger is, but I've always called those pewter cups "Jefferson" cups. Maybe it's because we live in VA.

  16. Very cool stuff. Now I want to go to the thrift store! :) I agree about so many things being painted brown - I suppose they're trying to get it to look like wood. Thank heavens for white and colored paint!

  17. You really scored on your finds. The wallet with MON...would that be short for Money? LOL! Someone was really looking after you about that camera. It's a great story to tell now!

  18. Great finds Donna... loving the doors. Thank you for sharing at One More Time Events... Hugs Tammy

  19. Great finds but your camera, you were so lucky!


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