Saturday, October 12, 2013

Does Shopping Count If It Is Online?

 Does shopping online count when you have promised to cut back on the dragging home of various items to clutter up the house?

I do not think so.  Most of the shopping online I do is for my home, not to resell or transform or distress.

Here are some things I recently purchased from Decor Steals which I do not advertise nor do I get any compensation for it.


I blame my purchases firmly on those of you bloggers who raved about the items you had bought.

Antique olive buckets - very heavy and rusty and big.  I have looked for two years for these.  

Bought two and recently bought a third.  Very practical and being used daily.

Chinese brick molds in wood with metal supports - larger than I thought - stackable - beautiful patina -bought three.

I have carried these back and forth in different rooms just because I love them so!

This is a reproduction bottle drying rack  wired as a hanging lamp - will be used in the craft room corner.

I love a good drying rack and it was easier to just click and buy than looking all over for one.

 Bought 28 mostly round bottom zinc pots from a lady in Texas.  Love the look and will be used here and at the store.

Why I needed the zinc pots?  To hang on the drying rack, of course!

This is not an original idea - it floats about Pinterest all the time.

 Bought from someone here in Aiken - small glass creamers.

Why?  I'll tell you later.

How many?  I am too embarrassed to say.  There was not enough room to display them all for a picture.

My favorite head and I ponder the dilemma - does this kind of shopping count?

Are you serious!?!

No way this counts as shopping!

Though I will confess I am staying put this Saturday morning with an estate sale just a block away and half-price day at a thrift shop.

Plus I have not unloaded my finds from shopping with Olive from Olive Out the other day.  See Olive's aluminum suitcase here -it's a beauty!

Back to painting, cleaning and distressing.

It's Saturday - time for Carolina Gamecock football and BBQ!

See y'all!

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  1. I agree, I recently succumbed to the olive bucket myself. Don't know what I'll do with it particularly, but couldn't NOT buy one...

  2. Wonderful items all, that I've wanted but could never find. Thanks for the heads up on where all these treasures can be located. Can't wait to see how you display them.

  3. Hmmmmm! Hate to say it Donna, but you know the answer to that! Such wonderful buys! I had to sign up for the daily alerts to Décor Steals just to see what I'm missing. And they have the nerve to have a "sister" site! I just can't get hooked on another store - either brick and mortar or online.

  4. so many great finds! my fav is your drying rack--it's fabulous, donna! have a great night!

  5. Las fotografias son muy bonitas, te invito a visitar mi bloc, Felicidades
    por tu bloc

  6. I think it's football that keeps you away from the sale...not some promise not to buy more stuff!! I love your purchases! I would totally make a hanging lamp out of that drying rack. Cool!

  7. LOVE your great fabulous finds....there isn't ANYTHING I don't love! I'm getting ready to renovate a true cottage these next several months....would love to find some wonderful goodies like you.......Blessings~~~Roxie

  8. Loving the olive buckets.... and the drying rack! Thanks for sharing at One More Time Events.

  9. Hilarious post! (What we do to justify our purchases-ha!) I must say, you got some fabulous items online...LOVE the zinc pots on the drying rack!! :)

  10. Since I don't go out anymore or if I do it isn't for long I do a lot of shopping online but I never find great stuff like you do and my husband is pleastenly happy about that-love dee x

  11. What very fun finds. The small jars remind me of ones for yogurt in France. I brought a bunch of them home.

  12. Donna ... love all your purchases ... I thought about buying the olive buckets, but kept thinking about all the buckets I have that I am not using. May still just have to have one olive bucket ... they are so neat.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  13. That drying rack is so awesome!! I'd love to find one to make an outdoor chandy with it. It's always a blast to see the interesting things you find everywhere.

  14. You know I love olive buckets:}

  15. Such a cute post....and I love the olive buckets....I too have found some and just adore them. They are good for so many reasons....

  16. I'm impressed you stayed away from an estate sale that close to you! I feel shopping online isn't as much fun as finding things in the wild. I love to look on eBay & Etsy, but don't often buy, b/c I'd rather hunt it down and kill it. Thanks for sharing at We Call It Olde!

  17. Had to have the olive bucket too! It's my trash can in my office.

  18. Had to have the olive bucket too! It's my trash can in my office.

  19. I'm guilty of too many online purchases too. It's just so much easier than trekking all around to find something. :)

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