Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Junk Stash Stars

This post on my Junk Stash Stars was first posted on Inspiration Cafe (here) on September 10.  It was the first of a monthly series on bloggers who transform junk.  Next week on October 8, Revi from Revisionary Life  will be showing off her creations.  Put it on your calendars!

 When Danni Baird of Silo Hill Farm sends out a call for all junkers to sort through their stashes and create something, you say, "Yes, Craft Mistress!" and go to work.

Well, that being said, I am an overachiever so not only did I have to create ONE item, I had to create SIX items!

All supplies came from Horror Monster, my beloved craft stash.  Nothing was purchased.

I started with this bundle of lathing and mismatched molding which has been hanging out in the breakfast room for awhile.  My husband Chucks volunteered to cut the pieces if I had a project or he was throwing it out.

What!?! Throwing it out!?!

I know - we will make stars.  Not our usual small stars, but three-foot tall stars!

WARNING:  Major photo overload coming at you!

Chucks cut two pieces of lathing 36", two pieces of lathing 30", and one piece of molding 19".  He wants you to know he did this six times. 

I used E6000 to glue the joints and rubber banded each joint until it dried.

For six stars.

Which will be approximately three feet tall!

 Since the molding cross piece would be carrying some weight, I screwed it to the two long braces.

For six stars.

I am thinking at this point Danni is going to kill me!

But I still am going to make six stars!

Six completed stars in the only clean spot in the living room.  

They make a cute fireplace screen.

Notice some pieces had been previously painted and used.

 Next I collected small bottles of craft paint with dibs and dabs left in them and went to work painting the six stars.

Then I promptly took them outside with my handy sander and distressed them.

All six stars.

Got to have them looking worn!

 I burrowed deep into Horror Monster and came up with old bottles, bed springs, tattered tags, rusty wire, twine, and rusty star garland bought at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago.

I had a hard time finding that garland until I realized it was neatly placed in a box labeled "rusty star garland"!

Well, I never!

The Six Junk Stash Stars

 I will not bore you absolutely to death with a long story about each star.  Just a brief note.

About each one.

Brown umber paint glaze.

All six stars were given two coats of a satin craft varnish.

Bed spring threaded through a tiny eye hook with a scrap paper cone and turquoise tissue paper.

Torn cotton ribbon tassel.

Tattered tag with a rusty star.

A close up of the embellishment.

Yes, I am going to show you all six stars!

Keep your seat.

I do want to add right here I had to go deep into the hedge in the side yard to take photos because the one afternoon when I had to take pictures, it was sunny!

The swarms of mosquitoes ate me alive!

Therefore, I am going to show you all six stars!

 I was really creative on two stars and painted them with different colors.

Rusty star garland.

Green Rolling Rock  bottle.

Tattered tag.

By the way, the left over rusty star garland is back in its box marked "rusty star garland".

Maybe next time I will remember that.

It ain't easy being organized.

Bet you thought I was going to say "green"!

I think I am in love with this one and may just keep it.

I wished I had put some flowers in the bottles!

I never think about styling my projects until I am already writing the post.

The black star distressed nicely with the old white paint peeking through.

Small old bottle.

Pink roses braided into a garland.

Pink tattered tag.

 A bright blue bead.

Everything wrapped with the rusty craft wire.


Poodle Skirt Pink to be exact.  

Small glass bottle.

Roses braided into a garland.

Tattered tag.

Yada, yada.


When I wrapped the wire around, I added some funky beaded beads in pinks and greens.

Also there is a butterfly.

No mosquitoes though.

I do wish there was some way to use mosquitoes in craft projects.

I have several million of them.

Another colorful star with a bed spring paper cone adorning it.

Have you ever seen such a collection of odds and ends of just plain junk?

Don't lie, folks.  Most of you have it hidden away in a cabinet somewhere.

I own up to my mess and proudly display it.

I just don't open the front door!

The paper cone was fake ledger paper.

I would never use my genuinely old ledger paper.

I scan it and then print it out.

Or buy it at Hobby Lobby!

OOPS!  No, I did not go to Hobby Lobby, Danni.  Everything came from the stash!

I promise!

 This may be my favorite instead of the multi-colored one.

You know how I love turquoise.

The bed spring holds a paper cone with bright pink tissue.

How bright and cheerful

To think all this stuff was just stuck into nooks and crannies around the house.

Sakes alive!  I will have to clean more often if there is this much treasure!

How pretty!

Yes, I am congratulating myself.

If you have made it all the way to this point in this post, you should congratulate yourself.

Maybe you should go directly to your craft stash and see what creative project you can assemble from what is lurking about.

The all-star junk stash stars gather around the boxwood to show off.

I think I deserve not five stars, but SIX stars for my junk creation.

While they were kicking up their heels, my neighbor came over to ask if I would make her one in red.

Hey, Chucks!  Time to cut some more wood!

Naw, let's go junkin'!

See y'all!

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  1. Love your blog! Had a hard time pickin' but I think the multi-colored one is my favorite and I am usually a subdued whitish, creamish person. :) Happy Tuesday

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  3. Gosh, you know I love them. We must have lunch soon :}

  4. Thought I'd comment twice because I love these so much - so here's my second comment - WOW - I STILL love these - over the top love these Donna!

  5. Thought I'd comment twice because I love these so much - so here's my second comment - WOW - I STILL love these - over the top love these Donna!

  6. What a great transformation! 6 out of 6 stars!

  7. I'm thinkin you are the Craft Mistress these days girl! These were fabulous and you know I love them! Thanks for the shout out!

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  9. I was chuckling when I got to the part about the "rusty star garland"box-that is so something I have done more times than I want to admit. I love the multi colored stars you have created with your magic stash!
    enJOY a sweet today,

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