Friday, August 30, 2013

Vintage Pieces

 Just a few vintage pieces picked up as the week went by.  This was my last full week of physical therapy.  I will be glad to get back to painting and shopping!

Now is the time to stock up on blankets for the fall and winter.  I found this Hudson Bay Point Blanket in red and black.  It will go with a previous blanket find. Other blanket find here!  I love them rolled into bolsters for beds.

 There is the blanket standing in as a backdrop for the wood shelf and the three wood plaques.  I did come straight home and work on the shelf.

I promise to show you soon.

I haven't yet decided how to use the plaques.

 A Carom board - no pieces - just the board.  Great hanging on the wall as the headboard for a twin bed.  Or imagine it lying on the floor under a small Christmas tree.

A green wire serving tray.

A gold basket - perfect for fall.

These two seem more spring than fall, but I am sure that can be remedied!

I might go out and hunt tomorrow morning if the weather cooperates.  

Chucks and I do not have anything special planned for the holiday.

I hope you don't labor too much on Monday!

See y'all!

Come party at Party Junk 202!

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  1. A head board or a Christmas tree base! Brilliant ideas both of them!

  2. You have some great ideas! I never would have thought of putting a tree on that game board. Brilliant! Do you let you clients know all the different possibilities with your finds at your booth?

  3. Great finds and I love the ideas for that game board! Brilliant...:) Hope you get to go treasure hunting in the morning. I am hoping to do a little myself!

    Blessings, Vicky

  4. I am jealous of your Hudson Bay blanket find and fabulous idea for the game board!

  5. You always find such fun stuff! I never knew those boards were called Carom boards. I have no idea what that game is, but it would look cool under a Christmas tree!!

  6. Sounds like your therapy was a success! You've been on a roll lately with locating great stuff. I'm sure you'll come up with wonderful ways to enhance them.

  7. What an awesome blanket! Love the game board too... very colourful and fun! I'm so glad your therapy went well.

  8. Great finds Donna ... you amaze me with all the good stuff you find and the fun ideas for using them.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


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