Sunday, August 4, 2013

She's A Mighty Fine Dresser

 I spied her hiding behind a trailer across the field at the Springfield Flea Market one Saturday morning and knew she was the girl for me.  Read Fleaing Springfield here.

I timidly asked the price - this guy had really great pieces with high-dollar prices.  The dresser did not have a price.

He threw out a number which caused shock to register on my face.  He misread the look and said, "Honey, now you are supposed to offer me less to see if I will take it."

He did not know I was astounded by the cheap price he gave me, but eager to play his game, I came back at twenty dollars cheaper.  He looked me over and said it was a deal IF I would buy a few more items.

And I did!

The dresser was super sturdy with a beautiful curved front.  I could tell she was solid oak underneath with no damaged parts.  The original knobs were replaced, but the replacements fit her.

It was foggy the morning I dragged her from the truck to decide what to do with her.  She was covered in ancient grime.

 After a good scrubbing inside and out, she brightened up and I could see layers of different whites.  

Going with my recent trend to just distress the pieces I find, a decision was made.

She was a mighty fine dresser as she was!

 She kicked up her heels at being sanded with the hand sander.

She was deodorized with white vinegar.

She was washed again.

Then sanded with a fine sanding block.

 How nice is it to freshen up a dresser and not have to repair or reset the drawers?

Again just wash and sand.

Then repeat.

Oh, look!  It is the SUN!

 A close up of her distressed layers peeking through the layers of white.

She received a coat of clear Minwax for a soft gleam.

She is so fine just sitting in the driveway.  Imagine her sitting in your house.

I took her over to Riverfront Antique Mall and she is waiting patiently in my booth for a new home.

Now most of you know I had surgery on my shoulder and finger last week so I actually finished the mighty fine dresser a couple of weeks ago.  I did not lift anything or sand anything or wax anything the last ten days.

Yes, I am itching to do something besides exercise and stretch.

I did drive for the first time on Saturday.

Where did I go?


See y'all!

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  1. oh she is just lovely! How wonderful to find a piece that is in such great shape!

  2. Believe me, if you were near southern California, that sweet dresser would be sitting in my entry full of linens. She would be topped with a lovely wire basket and a pitcher full of daises and black eyed susans.

    Oh, a girl can dream!

  3. I enjoyed reading your bartering story, how funny :)
    She is a beauty.
    Have a lovely week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. Glad you explained that you had worked on this before your surgery, I was getting ready to fuss at you. Great dresser. As you know, very unusual to find one in that condition. Looks so good.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. A mighty fine dresser is! Love how you distressed it...gorgeous! Carol from Art and Sand would be fighting over it if we were close enough to buy it! :) So...what did you buy at Hobby Lobby? They have the best goodies and treasures there...:) Good thing the closest one to me is an hour and a half away! Hope the hand and shoulder are mending well!

    Blessings, Vicky

  6. What an eye you have! And...your negotiating skills are admirable my dear!! My first outing would be to Hobby Lobby too!! What you get?

  7. Thank you for visiting Tarnished Royalty! New follower now, love your adorable dresser!

  8. She is a mighty fine dresser. Love the curved front!

  9. Hello fellow-Sandlapper! Thanks for visiting me. I love what you did with this dresser! Me, I would have probably jumped right on repainting it, but you were smart to do exactly what you did, it looks wonderful. I'll remember this in the future - sometimes less is more, for sure. Take care - Dawn

  10. Lol, don't you love it when someone reads you entirely the wrong way, but in a way that's good for you! So funny~

  11. Oh how beautiful! I love that you just let the dresser lead you :) Stunning!!!

  12. I love finds like that. You have me curious as to what else you bought.

  13. Oh she looks so pretty now! It is always so exciting to stumble upon a good deal! :)

  14. That is a lovely finish on the dresser and great that you got a deal on it too.

  15. Oh Donna- what a trend you're starting - just distress and wax - it looks GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a magnificent piece for an entry way or living room - I'm in LOVE - really in love with this one!

  16. Why, yes, she is a mighty fine dresser. All she needed was a little freshening up, and you did a great job.

  17. Donna,
    What a great looking piece you have here.


  18. Very cute! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

  19. Clever of you to use milk crates to lift and balance. And glad to know you are feeling better! I sometimes think I want to pack a lunch and spend all day in Hobby Lobby!

  20. Donna,
    Hope your shoulder is doing better. Oh I love that dresser. Super cute.

  21. You have restored her to a real gem!! She (I guess it's a she) is a stunning piece. I can't see her sitting too long in your booth. I went over to the Flea post and those spools of thread are dreamy!!! One of my favorite things to find. Feel better.

  22. All I can say is WOW and LOOK OUT Pottery Barn...there's a new act in town!!!! hugs...tfs!


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