Saturday, August 24, 2013

Turning Heads

 Friday I went to Tuesday Morning to look for a couple of buckets.  I did find the buckets in a beautiful sage color with rusty spots so I was happy.

BUT as I turned to the checkout my eyes beheld HEADS!

I love heads.

There were three medium-sized ones, and I chose one of them with a slight downcast look.

Closer to the front of the store there was a white painted terra cotta torso.


Into the cart this babe went.

So I went for buckets and got buckets.

Yes, I did come home with two heads.

Chucks wanted to know where in this house would they sit?

Why, in the dining room, Dear.

 Chucks not-so-gently reminded me I had several painting projects in various stages of completion laying about the dining room.

BUT there was a tiny corner with nothing.

It needed something.

It needed heads!

After turning the heads this way and that way and adding other elements, I came to this pleasing arrangement.

I love them and walk by them as much as possible.

Chucks says they are extremely creepy.

Maybe I will decorate them for Halloween.

Maybe Chucks is creepy!

See y'all!

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  1. Chucks could be they both are cute and will also be fun for halloween...phyllis

  2. They look great together with the old books and lavender!

  3. Loving the heads and the arrangement you have them in looks great! I wanted to see the buckets too! Your new header looks really good.....:) You haven't shared any frozen Charlotte crafts lately. Hope your shoulder and finger are feeling better!

    Blessings my friend,

  4. LMAO @ You, Donna!!!!! You are so Funny!!!!! I Love the Heads, and they look Lovely the way in which you have them, with the Antique Books. Tell Chucks to be nice, as you will feed him in that room, if he behaves!!!
    The Heads will look perfect decorated for Every Season!!!!
    I Hope and Pray that you are doing much better Miss Donna. :-)

  5. Well, if two head are better than one...maybe three?! :)

  6. Oh my gosh! I'm with Chucks on these...creepier than the frozen Charlottes maybe! know I would love them and use them at Halloween! Throw a witch hat on that lady head!!

  7. Love the heads! You could really dress them up with bling or blood - your choice for Halloween. I know you'll probably saying, "Those people . . . " Ha! Your Tuesday Morning is unlike mine. I would have never thought to go there for buckets - rusty or not. The heads, maybe.

  8. Well Donna - you just tell Chucks - that 2 heads are better then 1 LOL
    One of them scares me a little too though !!!

  9. Your two heads are unique. I say if you love it, go for it!
    I have several busts that I love.

  10. Donna, thanks for the "heads up" ! BWAH-HAHAHAHAAHAHAH ! (sorry, but I had to say it.)

    I love heads, too, especially in the garden. I hope my Tuesday morning has them ! Will run by tomorrow and take a look-see.

  11. Donna ... I have several heads of beautiful ladies where I display vintage jewelry. I don't think they are creepy and hope other people don't either. Well, maybe one of them is a little creepy, and I must agree with Chucks that the one with the down-cast eyes is just a little creepy. The tall one is neat and you will have fun decorating with them. They do look really nice the way you have them displayed with the old books.
    Take care of that finger and the shoulders.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  12. Although you somehow have managed to pull it off and make it look totally normal to have two heads sitting in your dining room, I have to agree with Chucks, at least on the little one. There's something just a little tiny bit strange about it.

  13. Yes, two heads are better than one! I LOVE Them, and would have walked away with them in my cart, too! YAY for you! I want one of the garden ones that has a planter in the it looks like wild hair!

  14. They're great. Of course your dining room needed heads.

  15. You are one smart and creative lady my friend!!! : ) TFS...hugs...


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