Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm Back - Barely!

 One week after a shoulder manipulation and two finger surgeries, I am back - barely!  I am weaker than I thought I would be and am fuzzy-brained from the medications.  However, I did want to post and thank those of you who have offered prayers, gentle thoughts and support during the last week.  I really appreciate it.

I first want to lecture you on the benefits of doing flexibility exercises which I have never really done.  I walk and rotate through the gym's weight machines, but have learned bending and stretching are the keys in healthy living.

I had a frozen left shoulder.  This is my second one.  The first was several years ago.  After I had completed months of therapy, I fell and broke it.  You know that is a bad thing when your doctor uses swear words to describe just how bad it is.  There was no way to avoid the shoulder from freezing again.  I had to let the bone chip settle back into place and heal.

It was time to have the orthopedic doctor sedate me and pull on my shoulder to tear all that scar tissue loose.  The moment I woke up in recovery, the nurse bundled me off to Physical Therapy where the therapist has been manipulating my shoulder at all angles each morning.  My husband does the torture at night.  In between I exercise and do stretches to keep the scar tissue from forming again.

Two incisions for two surgeries!
 Meanwhile a cyst formed on my left middle finger back in the spring and gradually impinged on the joint and the tendon causing trigger finger.  I decided to have all done in one day!

Yes, it does hurt as much as the picture shows!  This is today.  One week later - a whole lot less swelling and my hand is mostly pink instead of dusky blue.  The finger is still numb and it is difficult to type, but I am doing this for you!

Mr. Frog, the rain gauge, begs for there to be no more rain.  My yard and pool are a disastrous jungle with monstrous mosquitoes lurking about.

I have not been able to lift, paint, sand, or even make tags.

Just stretch and pull on those blasted bands.

OOPS!  Chucks just arrived home from the dog park and caught me writing a post.  

He says I have to go and stack cups in the cupboard (a new exercise given this morning) and get ready for the nightly torture.

Save me!

See y'all!

I hope!

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  1. So good to her from you! I was wondering a couple days ago why you hadn't posted lately and then I remembered you probably had your surgery! Been praying for you and so glad all is well. Hopefully you'll be back to normal and pain free soon!

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. Dearest Donna; Lady how you have been Missed!!!!
    I have been Praying for you and Chuck, and was Hopeful that everything would be well.
    Donna, PLEASE do whatever you are told to do as far as "Torture Therapy" goes, as it will help to keep the scar tissue away. That is one thing which you do not want or need.
    I know that it is rough, and that you are in pain now, but Please keep doing all that they want because if you do not, you can really have bad issues with your shoulder.
    UGH, I know how you feel about those bands. I burned mine once I was done with them.....I shouldn't have, but I did!!! lol!!
    Thank God that you are doing Better, Donna!!! Prayers and Hugs. XOXO

  3. Oh I would save you from it all if I could! You just keep getting better and we'll all be glad when you are back!

  4. Donna have a speedy recovery and keep doing those exercises! This is so important! We want you back to make us laugh and see new techniques and have fun with your thrifting adventures. I miss them so much!

  5. Wow, talk about some lousy down time! But now is the time to really take care of yourself so you can get back to feeling better and stay that way. I have had multiple trigger finger surgeries and surely know what that is like. And take care of that shoulder so you can get back to all the fun stuff you love real soon! Be well!!

  6. Oh Donna... I sooo feel for you. Listen to Chucks (did I just say that?)and please keep up with the "torture" so you get better faster. We miss you, and we're not going anywhere.

  7. OMG...I'm so sorry about all this. Take your sweet time healing, OK? Have missed you!!

  8. Good to hearfrom you. Get well soon!

  9. Good to hearfrom you. Get well soon!

  10. Good to hearfrom you. Get well soon!


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