Friday, April 19, 2013

Leia's Birthday Crawl

Our niece Leia (Lee-ah) turned 25 this week.  It was a shocker to Chucks and I - how in the world did she get to be a quarter of a century old!?!

You know from my previous post Leia and I always go on a Low Country Crawl hunting for bargains.  Read about the Crawl here!

Since she is now so incredibly old, I decided to put her stuff in her own post.

She collects flamingos and I found the perfect beach bag to use as a gift bag.  I actually had to fight another lady for this bag.  We both reached for it at the same time.  Luckily the gift shop, Unique Expressions in Aiken, had another one in the back.  

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 Pink and black wrapped box with a copper star tied to it contained a random mix of cartoon glasses - something she also collects.
 She had her list and I had mine.  She is much better at keeping to a list and not straying off in another direction than I am.

Her list:

Salt and pepper shakers
Random glasses


I told you she was good!

(Why isn't there a checkmark on the keyboard?)

 The mannequin was selected at the first stop.  Mr. Durland kept insisting he find the arms, but Leia was firm - no arms.

She has collected S&P's since she was four.  She doesn't really know how many she has because she rotates them out a few at a time.

We both thought these were darling.

 Leia found a set of four shot glasses with funny warnings about the consumption of alcohol on them.

She also found a yellow-patterned Bacardi Limon glass and a vintage bottle opener.

She found a First Lady of South Carolina cookbook (collectible around here) for a bargain price.

Leia is a great cook and a whiz at slow cooking.

 As we traveled about, Leia took photographs.  She is collecting a bunch of them.  She will then select a few to frame and hang in her apartment.

This one is in Mr. Durland's main warehouse.  There were at least ten of these aisles packed floor to ceiling with store fixtures and displays.

 I rather liked this bottom of a mannequin.  The ankle turned at an odd angle gave it a slightly zombie feel.  I almost bought her, but I was good and stuck to my hunt for a Wolfe dress form.  I did, however, keep telling Leia she might want to get her.

She never falls for that!

 There were several sections of those chutes they use in factories to roll products down the line.  I wanted an actual section, but Leia was content with a photograph of one.

They were out of my price range!

In a section for file cabinets, we found this drawer properly labeled "Southern Lubricant". 

If you live in the South, you will know this is often a euphemism for home brew, moonshine, white lightning, or stump hole.

Or maybe he stored something legal in there.

One never knows!

A monkey dressed as a clown!?!

No way he was going in my Blazer.  

It was too, too scary.

We always are drawn to old buildings we love.  We would definitely live here.  Love the red marquee with the old brick.

Just think we would live across from the Lion's Den!

This would be part of Charleston not found in tourism brochures.

A cute antiques shop in an old house in Summerville is a delight to the eyes.  It is usually closed, but today it was open.  I was so happy to be able to see what was inside. 

This is what meets you in the driveway.

As I entered the shop, fragrances of every kind engulfed me and made me sick.  

So I had to quickly depart.  I even forgot to get the name!

Next time I will take an allergy pill before going.

Leia received permission from the apartment complex to paint the white box of a bedroom.  She decided to complete the project during her vacation this week.

In this photo, she has painted an accent wall in plum and the other walls in a silvery gray.

Plum comforter with zebra shams.

She has an old window for a headboard with a window scarf.  I brought the spindles.  Leia plans to see if she can make them into bedposts.


This is another before decor, but after painting. This corner needed something.

Here are her two after-for-now photos.

The mannequin is perfect for the bare corner.  It only needed a little cleaning.

The other corner - what a huge difference from the plain white.

The other side of the room contains a huge wardrobe.  Leia plans to paint it and distress it, but has not quite decided what it will look like.

I wish she had taken a before photo!

We are proud of all Leia has accomplished.  She was recently promoted to Seasonal and Outdoor Power Equipment Department Manager at a Lowe's.  (I hope she does not have to fill out any form that asks for the full name of her position!)  She is the one to go to if you have a question about paint, flooring, or lawn mowers.  Leia will set you straight.  Next up is our summer-melt-in-the-heat flea market trip.  July in the Low Country is NOT for wimps!

See y'all!

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  1. Oh Dear, Southern Lubricant indeed. I did taste moonshine, once, when I was 15 but now you know it's all the vogue and being distilled legally in many places. Nearest one is Anderson I think. Looks like you two had fun.

  2. I can tell by reading this that you are very proud of Leia and love her very much! She sounds like one of a kind, taking after her awesome aunt! And looks like she loves purple almost as much as I do with a bedroom decorated like that! Great post, Donna!

  3. Leia is an inspiration to all of us who have trouble sticking to a list. How fun that she is redoing her room. It's looking good!

  4. Hi Donna, Have you checked your email? You should have something from Amazon, and from Steve. You were his winner, but he is worried that you may have deleted your prize, or just not found it. Please look and let him know. We don't want to pay for something that you didn't receive. We've never done this before :)
    Hope to hear from you.
    Your blogging sister, Connie.

    1. Well, I feel pretty foolish . . . I just checked my email and found your note. We are so happy that you got. I think that Steve is going to do it again, soon. Have a wonderful weekend and get some rest :)

  5. Sounds like you and Leia have a wonderful relationship! What fun traditions to go junking together every year! Those S & P shakers are too cute...:) Thanks for showing us Leia's haul!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  6. So very awesome! I know you are proud of Leia and it's good to see her face! I certainly like her taste and am very glad neither one of you came home with that freaky monkey!

  7. Wow~ What fun you must of had....and the "finds" you found! I love the salt and pepper shakers the best, since I have a small collection myself:) Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  8. I love her pretty room...ya'll seem to have a lot of fun together...


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