Wednesday, April 10, 2013

City-Sized Yard Sale

This is the last post this week on the finds from the weekend.  I promise!

You will remember from the Opium Bed post (here) that Olive and I went forth and gathered treasures at our city-wide yard sale event.  The local newspaper sponsors this and offers special ads for people who hold sales.  There were about 40  within the city limits which, since we are more like a town with city dreams, is a fair amount.

Of course there were vintage reading books here and . . . 


This was actually a partial set of one of those children series.  Two volumes are missing, but the graphics are great.  And the price was right!

A tiny Robt. Burns cigarillo box. The cigarillos were originally priced at two for five cents!

The box is so small, they had to abbreviate Old Robbie's name.

People of my generation were raised according to Dr. Spock's advice.

It is fun to read what was common sense back then.

No, young people.  This is not Spock of Star Trek.  He was about logic, not common sense.

And for even younger people, you probably did not get either reference!

A wicked looking metal bristle brush for putting the swirly pattern in new concrete.

Looks like a photo holder to me!

Everyone needs a giant metal Brittany Spaniel and pheasant in their yard.  


You can read on the package.  It is The Garden Fancy.

The beaded turquoise straw tote I bought just for the color. 

A wonderful hammered brass box.  I do love to store things in these.

A small, but beautiful, milk glass container.  Someone once told me to hold milk glass to the light and if you see red in it, it is a good. piece. You can definitely see red through this .

Is this true or not?

This mushroom basket of finials and drawer pulls was what I was rummaging through when Olive shouted for me to come look at the pile of turquoise wood which turned out to be the opium bed.

A brass wire mesh shelf which will not remain brass, a black hanging lamp already gutted of all things electrical which will be made over, and the gold, heavy, metal electric clock. 

I plugged it in and set the time and it has kept great time since Sunday.  It appears to be 1960's with the sunburst design.

A gorgeous gold frame with the glass intact and a wooden back.

A pair of tarnished silver plate candle sticks which shall remain tarnished.  I love that look.

Pieces of whimsy - two horseshoes, a tiny elf, three tiny cookie cutters, and a hand-carved whale.  (Reminds me of Jonah!)

This estate sale was very interesting.  First, the prices were astronomical, and it was the end of the second and last day.  

Second, there were thousands of tiny miniatures everywhere.  

Third, the largest collection of horse prints and paintings I have ever seen. 

Fourth, a huge collection of probably every dog or horse children's book published.  Some of these were first editions - signed!  Mega-bucks!

If Liz at Quirky Vistas ever invites me down to listen to her Vibra-sonic stereo console, I will be ready with my blue metal box of old 45's!  Everything from the Hobbit to The Captain and Tennille.  There was even a container of the little doo-hickeys to pop in the middle to fit on the spindle.

Read Liz's Finding a Dream post here.

Two ceramic electric heaters for your pleasure.  I would never plug these in, but you should see the cords and plugs -definitely 40's or early 50's.

They would great sitting on a shelf with fans.

The turquoise one has an orange ceramic flower for the middle.

Both the turquoise one and the black one have fantastic patina.

I will lightly sand the surface rust and give them a waxing.

The bases are weighted and decorative.

The black one is a HeatMaster.

I know some of you wish the HeatMaster would come and visit you, but I had to turn on the air conditioner today. 

I do believe I have shown everything in these three posts.  Of course my gem was the opium bed.  Olive also got a gem for her patio.  I hope she shows you soon!  (Olive's latest post here)

I will not go out hunting this weekend.  Next week I head toward Charleston for a low country crawl with my niece Leia.  We have decided on a couple of must places and are trying to choose a good place to eat.

Hope your weekend will be filled with treasure.

See y'all!

Funky Junk

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  1. Wow! What treasures! I love the heavy gold frame and that turquoise bag is too cute! You got some really cool stuff...:) It amazes me what people get rid of! Good for folks like us though...:) I'm sad to see the weekend treasures posts come to an end....but there's always next week...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. Another score on the treasure hunt! Love the boxes and fans! I have that same piece of milk I have to dig it out and see if I can see red in it!

  3. Wow, you are scoring to the left and scoring to the right. Great treasures!!! It is kind of funny because Steve and I were just talking about Captain and Tennille, just last night :)
    Have a great week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. Those heaters just cry out to be come LAMPS!!!!!!!

    And--does that horse shoe on the RIGHT have a bar across it? It looks as if there is a straight bar and a "U" shaped bar--if so this was for an injured hoof. Either the hoof wall cracked and the bar was used to "draw in" the side walls of the hoof til it grew in whole--horses hoofs never stop growing!---or sometimes these are used with a plate (either flat or shaped) between the shoe and the soft part (Frog) of the horses hoof to put the soft part back where it came from===sort of like a "Cast" for hoofs. Sometimes the soft "Frog" part protrudes from bad hoof alignment or infection and needs to be re-adjusted.

    Very cool in any case!

  5. I am in love with that frame! So gorgeous!! And I love milk glass and that turquoise bag. I would love to go to a city wide sale like that. Amazing stuff!

  6. I was soooo hoping for some Dick and Jane books!!!!! The first word: LOOK!
    Olive has peaked my interest in renting my house for the next Super Bowl. You two girls....are making my day!

  7. It's true that the way to identify real milk glass is to hold it to the light and look for a reddish brown tint to the edges. That's quite the haul you made on your town wide yard sale!

  8. Hey Donna; Yes, that is very true what you were told about Milk Glass, if you hold it to the light and see a reddish hue then it IS good glass.
    The same thing applies if you have ruby red glass and hold it to the light, and you can see Gold, then it IS good glass.
    Also, if you have Black glass and hold it to light and can see deep Purple, it IS also good glass.
    (This is your glass lesson for the day!!! lol)
    You really found some Beautiful Gems in your haul!!!
    I would get the 'Heater-Fans' rewired if they were mine as I would love to be able to use one of those, when it gets cold here!
    Take Care :-)

  9. Wow, what a haul! Don't you just love those city wide yard sales? Great stuff, but my favorites are those ceramic heaters and the nice pile of old rusty handles.

  10. My Mother had that tote bag - and matching sandals in the late 60's!!!!!!!!!
    And those fans - I'll take one of them please - what on earth do you need two of them for ( greedy )
    Between you and Liz - I can't stand it anymore - you 2 find the most awesome things............

  11. How did I miss the gold frame? Love it. The images of the heaters look great and the centers look like flowers. Hope you are having a good day. I have been madly running around putting fertilizer on flowers and treating gardenias before it rains. xo, Olive

  12. It looks like you had a wonderful time and I can't wait to go to our citywide yard sales across our state. In fact, I set up a FB page just for that purpose - letting everyone know where they are. Those 45 ring thingies? They are worth some money, not many around anymore and they are in high demand for the records and for jewelry.

  13. I'm a star at Distressed Donna Downhome! Woo hoo! Donna, after the crawl, you should head down. The radio is cranked up and we can push all the furniture out and have a regular dance party! I have the ice-o-matic for crushing ice and a typewriter in case you need to whip out a letter to Chuck telling him you won't be home for a while. Leave the heater fans at home. It's starting to warm up here too. I've never seen anything like those though. So cool with the flower in the center. What absolutely intriguing treasures you snagged. Good thing you are lying low this week. Your wallet has to be all worn out from the activity!

  14. Good Morning Donna, Thank you for stopping by Ivy, Phyllis and Me!
    I thought I would pop over and say hello to you....and what a lovely surprise to see so many vintage items. I still have the LP's I was given as a Christmas present, when I was a teenager, my very first LP was Autumn 66 by The Spencer Davis Group. I was 14 years of age and I loved it. My second LP was Mr Tambourine Man by The Byrds. I have them in my garage as I cannot bear to part with them.
    I love the sunburst clock....people are trying to reproduce these, but there is nothing like an original.
    I could carry on chatting, but there would be no space for other comments, so I will just say I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit and have become a new follower.
    I look forward to getting to know you more.
    Best Wishes

  15. You are too funny! I like those candle holders! Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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