Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Day at the Dog Park

Kanga, Chenzi, Scout, and Willie
Most afternoons Chucks takes our two dogs, Scout and Willie, out to the dog park to run and play with the other dogs.

It is usually my quiet time.

Yesterday I decided to meet them there since the afternoon was sunny with a cooling breeze.  I just wanted to watch the puppies play.

Scout and Willie met two new friends - Kanga, a recent amputee, and Chenzi, her new little sister.  All four became instant friends.

Our shaggy little Scout - boy, does he need grooming!

He is a thinker - he sits and plots his next move.

 Scout has short legs and is often left behind by the faster dogs in their running games.  So he has devised a plan to wait in the middle of the park and join them when they run past.

Pretty clever!

 Chenzi, a cute brindle terrier mix, was a new pet for the young couple who own Kanga.  This was her first time meeting Scout and Willie.  She proved to be as fast as Willie.

Here is a blurred picture of Willie's foot and Chenzi's head as they raced by me.

 Chucks on duty at the water fountain.  Kanga and Chenzi wait patiently for him to turn on the water.

A great wrestling match among Willie, Chenzi, and Scout.  This is where Scout excels.

 A sandbox conversation.

Chenzi (right):  I'm tired.  How about you, Scout?

Scout (left):  Yeah, I'm tired.

Scout:  Let's just sit here a minute.

Chenzi:  Yeah, let's just sit here.

Willie, having a little hound mixed in him, has to sniff every inch of the park.  Chucks and I believe he can recognize every dog who has visited the park.

Chucks, Willie, Scout, and I had a great afternoon hanging out at the park.  There was no rust, no paint,and no distressing.  Just dogs at play.  

Of course, there were two mad cats waiting at home.  I forgot to leave their supper in the bowls!

See y'all!



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  1. What a wonderful break! I sure do miss having dogs. They were so much company.

  2. Your dogs are too cute...:) I love the glimpse into your life aside from the normal blog topics (not that I don't enjoy those too)...:) What a fun day!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. I love the dog conversations. Dogs of few words. The cats were probably as thrilled for some quiet time as anybody. Cute!

  4. Love how clever that little guy is to stay in the middle and run when they are close. The small dogs always seem to know how to compensate! I bet he's faster at the face biting game.

  5. Hey Donna; Looks like everyone had a great time, from the photos!! (All except for the angry Kittys, that is!!)
    Some days it is nice to not do much and to relax and just enjoy life's simple pleasures.

  6. Okay...I have heard of dog parks, but never seen one. They have fountains and sand boxes for dogs???!!! Awesome! What a great way for city dogs to run and play! Poor Finn..he lives a deprived "never leave the country" life.

  7. Your dog park looks wonderful . . . no such thing in our town.
    I agree that it is a great thing for cities to incorporate into their park system. Dogs need a place to run free.
    Have a great day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  8. We also go to our dog park and yes, I agree, the dogs do know each other! There is one dog in particular that the other dogs hate, and when we pull the car up, if that dog is already there, our dog barks like crazy, and we have to sit and wait for the other dog to leave.

    The sandbox is a nice touch. We don't have that!

  9. Isn't it just great fun to watch dogs at play! They're such a delight.

  10. Love the dogs frolicking together! Glad you and the dogs all had fun! Thank you for visiting my blog, and hope I could do house calls, but between kids, work and home, like you, schedule is full. ;-) Have a wonderful spring day Donna!

  11. My pups are so super spoiled and they don't even realize it - we visit the park every single morning. I absolutely love the way my girl's face lights up!


  12. What a lovely post Donna - it must have been nice to get away ( even the park can be a getaway ) for an afternoon!
    Danni heard of dog parks but never saw one?????????
    LMHO - you need to travel a little Danni!


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