Thursday, April 18, 2013

Crawling the Low Country for Treasures

 I have been crawling the Low Country of South Carolina with my niece, Leia.  We have done this since she was four.  It was her 25th birthday so it has been a 21- year trek across muddy roads and marshes.  This year we stayed (or strayed) mostly in Summerville and North Charleston.  We visited some favorites and some new places.  It was feast or famine.

Angel Thrift on Ladson Road had thrown everything including several kitchen sinks out in the yard.  We have passed by this place several times, but were determined to stop and shop this time.  The shop was receiving a truck of new "old" stuff and needed to downsize.  They were ready to deal!

 Sitting pretty on the porch railing were two red/white enamelware pans with just the right amount of chips.  The pans were just the beginning of our pile!

I do not understand how these are fish traps - they appear to be unfinished baskets to me. 

Added to the pile.

The silvery basket underneath I let go to another shopper.  She repaid the favor with another item! 

I could not resist the TAXI chair - so bright and cheerful.  

I may not paint it.

Yet. :>)

 Added to the pile:

Large Christian flag

Old photo of a young boy reading (I think he was just pretending!)

Hat rack made of an oak chair back with leather straps for hangers.

It was a great place to shop, and the people running it were very friendly.

In the Low Country there is thick black mud.  This was the back of the Angel Thrift where one young guy helped carry our purchases through the mud to the truck.

I also purchased a chrome basket rack and a black wire book rack.

I just had to show the taxi chair again!

Look! My daisies are blooming.

 Leia and I always like to visit Mr. Durland's place. He has three huge warehouses of everything store display related you could imagine.

I had made a list and I stuck to it.

(Surprising, I know!)

Something unusual for trellises?

Here they are - half circles of display racks.

 Old wooden crates?

He had four Raybestos crates.

Just need a light paint wash and some stain after cleaning.

They are stackable and look great with casters.

 Vintage sign frames?

Yes, Mr. Durland had those.

I bought some in different sizes.

I already have a plan for these.  I promise you will see soon!

This was my favorite of the day.  A vintage advertisement for panty hose already framed. It stands about four feet high.

When I unloaded it, I put two mirrors and a vintage pink hat next to it and fell in love.

Wouldn't this vignette look great in a lady's boudoir?  

Mr. Durland almost did not let her go.  

He said he had been in love with her for years!

Tough tights, Mr. Durland!  I am finding her a new home!

 Another Game of the States - this one 1960.  I will now have to downsize these - I officially have too many game boards.

Another set of measuring spoons.  I am finding these everywhere recently.  They look cute tied to cabinet doors.

A giant spool of string.

A wall basket with a device for opening jar lids.  

I tried it and it works!

 A Cross Italian leather manpurse.

A black toile backpack for me!

A vintage black silk evening bag.

 Matelasse' place mats.

A Blondie comic strip apron.

An adorable dresser scarf with lambs embroidered on each end.

You knew there had to be more vintage linens.  Right?

Stacks of pillow cases, place mats, and complete sets of dessert napkins.

And more aluminum - cake decorators!

As always, I have to buy books.

I am collecting items for a cat display in my booth so I bought three coffee table books on cats.

Then some rebound elementary school library books including one of my personal favorites, Homer Price.

I may reread that one!

All in all crawling through the Low Country was a success.  Leia and I have different things we collect so there is little arguing on who got there first.  I was not able to find the big thing on my list - a Wolfe dress form, but there is always another treasure hunt.  I will post next on Leia's finds so stay tuned.  Read about last year's crawl here!

I will leave you with an important question:

Just when did particle board furniture become vintage collectibles?

See y'all!

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  1. Oh I have been looking forward to this post and you did not disappoint! stuck to a list?? I'm so proud of you! What a fun tradition to have with your niece! I love so many of the things you found, but I adore that little lamb dresser scarf! I'm envious of the half circle display racks too! But mostly I'm jealous that I wasn't along for the ride!!

  2. Oh my Donna! You sure know how to make a girl green with envy...;) What a fun tradition with your niece! I love all your finds....however do you decide what you're keeping and what you're selling? I love the wire trellises and those wooden crates and the wire baskets and......well, I love it all! The taxi chair id adorable and would be too cute in a transportation themed classroom or child's bedroom. Awesome finds and I can't wait to see what you do with the sign frames!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. Hi, Yes, I am jealous, too. Makes me want to get up early in the morning and go "hunting". Love the sign frames...Connie

  4. Hey Donna; You found some real Beauties!! I can not wait to see what you do to transform some of them!!!
    Sounds like you had a Wonderful time with your Niece!! You always manage to find the most Beautiful things, Donna!!! :-)

  5. If you are at all like me, Donna, you will be trying to keep most of these great treasures you found. Particle board may be vintage by age but not so sure about the collectible part. I am getting used to the things of my childhood being called "vintage" (I lied. I am not really gettting used to it.) But I was in college when pantyhose were introduced so how could there possibly be a "vintage" ad for them. Oh my. I suppose I better get used to being vintage myself. LOL. Looks like you had a great time with your niece. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Good Morning Donna, What a treasure haul! There are so many wonderful items but I think my favourite are the vintage books....I love the look and the smell of old books. I own quite a few and reading them makes me very happy.
    I could not own that beautiful pantyhose photo as I would be forever looking at her flat tummy and thinking "I must go on a diet!"
    I hope you managed to clean your wellies ok....that was a very muddy field.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  7. Great treasures! I'm a girly-girl, but I'm lovin' that Italian leather man purse ! Happy Friday, T.

  8. What a wonderful tradition for you and your niece to share... and such fun too! Good for you for sticking to your list. You found so much amazing stuff!! That taxi chair is so fun, and I love those half circle thingies. Those would definitely be going in my garden somewhere. Looking forward seeing what Leia found.

  9. Wow! It sounds like you had a great time. I think it is wonderful that you and your niece have this tradition each year. I can't wait to see your transformations . . . there is nothing I enjoy more than before and after photos :)
    I'm so glad that you made it home safe and sound.
    Have a lovely and restful weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  10. Looks like you had a bountiful trip, but more than that...time with your niece!

  11. You never disappoint. Right off the bat those enamel bowls were a good sign you were going to strike some gold. The taxi chair is quite a find! I am with you on feeling that you shouldn't paint it. So cute! So much great stuff, and knowing you will be quick to embellish and remake some of them makes it all the more fun to watch for your next step.

  12. I enjoyed the trip! schedules keep me from going picking this weekend so I got to do it with you! I too have too many board games but I have learned to put the pieces in antique mason jars and my husband makes clocks out of the boards. I have gameboard clocks all over the house and the houses of my family members!

  13. WOW!!! That is something I would love to do. Just get out there and go from place to place and shop. You found some fabulous treasures!

  14. I really like the wood crates and the bowls! Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend.

  15. Hi Donna, I just did a post on my twittered up shopping spree and linked this post to mine. Since you seem to be an expert on rusty things will you please offer some suggestions as to what I can do with my Mid Century Modern bar stools? Thanks in advance for your advice...Connie

  16. That is the cutest TAXI chair I've ever seen in my entire life. I am going to look for a chair that I can paint just like it. I love it.:)
    I also want some crates to put casters on...toooo cute.
    Thanks for sharing all these treasures with us...

  17. So many great treasures here!
    My favorite are the crates and those SIGN FRAMES!!!
    AND the man purse.
    Sounds like so much fun!
    I enjoy doing this kind of thing with my mom, and look forward to us taking further, longer trips in future years.


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