Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If I'da Known You Were Coming, I'da Shaved My Legs!

 I am in the witless protection program for crimes against fashion.  After years of teaching in outfits which reflected the seasons and holidays during the year, I have lapsed into rags that have little resemblance to clothing.

Panty hose?  Have not worn them in years. (Tights sometimes.)

Dresses?  Do not currently own one that actually fits.

Coat?  Have a beautiful leather parka given to me by my late MIL for Christmas in the early 90's.  Worn four times.

High heels?  Not in two decades.  Clark clogs and Bjorndahl sandals and athletic shoes.

Hats?  Not on my huge head!

 Here is a typical spring outfit.  It is great for cleaning house or for painting.  

Notice the abstract art on the front of the tee.

Notice the ragged shorts.

Notice those stylin' shoes complete with overspray.

Notice the bandana to keep the hair out of the paint.

(I promised to grow my hair for a cancer patient hair program.  I am ashamed to say I may not make it.  The hair is driving me crazy!)

I asked Chucks to take the photos for this post.

He said he wondered why I had brushed my hair and put on a bra.

Also, this is my best outfit - the others were just too, too ragged.

Winters the outfit consists of sweats.

I do own at least ten blue denim shirts - long-sleeved, short-sleeved, and sleeveless.

Countless tees in varying degrees of painted colors.

Two pairs of jeans.

Several pairs of shorts and capris.

This is my shopping outfit.  I am drawn to white tanks and tees even though they rarely last for long without paint or stain.

(I am watching out the window at a man taking away the two cot frames I had planned to buy!)

Always a cross-body bag when shopping!

Always my favorite watch - I even sleep in it.

Chucks was reluctant to let me hold the camera.

You notice we have matching outfits? 

It only took him two years of retirement to devolve into wearing pajama bottoms and a tee all day long.

We belong together.

Manicure by Rust-Oleum.

Satin Oregano with a light distressing of Sweet Pea.

  Dressed to go out - 

in 1971!  (To a French Club Masquerade Ball.)

I will be shopping next week for something more appropriate to wear.  Like maybe some flip flops!

See y'all!

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  1. LMAO - this is fantastic Donna!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Those shorts are styling, lady - and that manicure!
    And John complained that I DIDN'T put a bra on - Chucks is impressed you did - LOL
    These posts are posts I'm going to go back to everytime I need a laugh!
    Thanks SO much for linking up!
    Your fashionista sistah!

  2. This is so funny, Donna! You were a stunning young lady and are now an awesome older lady! Love the post and it's so you!

  3. Oh my, The other day I was using one of my old blouses for a rag (I was wearing the blouse). I thought to myself "how convenient". lol...Connie

  4. Put the camera in the case Donna LOL - John almost broke my wrist once over that - be careful - be very careful LOL

  5. You are so funny!! The look on your face when someone bought what you wanted...priceless! (It's good to see your face girl!) I about lost my coffee for the 3rd time this morning when I got to the manicure! Krylon....who knew?! Amazingly enough..our spray painting outfits are quite similar! Chucks is so gonna kill you! And by the way...beautiful pic of you in the 70's...but I prefer the you in the now!!

  6. Too funny!!! Laughed my butt off the whole post...love the manicure description! The end...hehe...!!


  7. Bras for working around the house? Aren't you just supposed to tuck your t-shirt up under the bodacious ta-tas? The things I learn from you guys!

  8. Bahaha, I so m getting a rust oleum manicure! You rock!

  9. You rock Donna! Totally in love with the manicure. I think I've had one or two myself. You're super stylin in my books!!

  10. Brava on the haute couture! My usual ensemble is a pair of cropped jeans and a t shirt. Sadly, the only place I can locate said jeans is at Fleet Farm in Green Bay; can't wait to get there! We should start a 'Style Sisters' organization (and there is a blog by that same name!). Style on!

  11. You are the bomb! Too dammmm funny.

  12. Ohhhhhh. You are outside in shorts in these photos. I remember being outside in shorts. It looks fun! Alas, I am stuck in a region that is terminally stuck in winter mode and we'll never be outside in shorts again. (Sympathy requested.)

  13. Look at you and your consideration for TICT...a bra and you brushed you hair. Bravo I say. Way to put style before comfort!!

  14. Too funny! I sometimes get the Rustoleum manicure myself. Funny how much longer it lasts than the Revlon.

  15. I think we all own a pair or two (3,4)of shorts like that! I have to remember to tell my hubby the manicure color when he says what the hell is on your fingernails!! Oh you made me laugh!!

  16. Haha I like the way you write - you made me laugh. And I dress up occassionally - most days it's a t-shirt, a pair of cut-off jean shorts (that I cut myself and are totally lopsided) and my hair in a messy bun. It is so so so comfortable.

  17. Love this! I can't wait to retire my "teacher clothes"--*sigh*

  18. You are gonna make me pee my pants er pj's.

  19. Wait...I thought your were talking about my wardrobe! LMAO! My fingers are currently stained Rustoleum navy blue...do you think I could remember to wear a glove? I have makeup I haven't worn in over 10 years, I cut and color my own hair and my spray-paint-stained clothes come from thrift stores.

    Sad, just dad...lol!

  20. There is some hootin' and hollerin' going on over here! I'm lying on the couch reading with the computer on my stomach and for a full minute it is just jiggling all over from me cracking up and snorting out loud. First it was this: "He said he wondered why I had brushed my hair and put on a bra." Then it was chucks devolving into PJs. I can relate. I would too if I could just get a chance to retire. That would be first on my bucket list. It's great seeing your style transformation through the years from Frenchy in a garter to the strap bag (I can see that look in your eye as someone takes your stuff). Then when I saw "The End" I cracked up all over again. Great laughs, wonderful writing.

  21. This rings so true to me! I've been retired a year now, and love it more every day! The hubby and I comment all the time about our choice of clothes. Most of ours has big spots where clorox has bleached the color out. We clorox EVERYTHING!! I put clorox in an outdoor chair to clean it, and turned around and sat down in it. I've gotten at least 2 more years wear out of those shorts. One day last week, I pulled my p.j.'s off about 6 PM to take my shower, and put them back on when I got out of the shower. Gotta love it! We've earned it!

  22. All you are missing from the look in the 1971 pic is the garter belt. That, along with your trendy manicure and flowing locks and you are ready to go out on the town!

  23. I personally am impressed that you GOT DRESSED. If I lived where I did NOT have to wear multiple layers just to go-- INDOORS--- from the bedroom to the bathroom so as to not FREEZE to death---I might Never get dressed again.

    The answer to the flowing LOCKS OF ANNOYANCE --- er--LOCKS OF LOVE--is--hair clips! Go grab some of those gripper clips at Wally World and pull 'er back and clip 'er up! Keeps it up OFF the neck and makes it into a fashion. I don't know what KIND of "fashion" but it is better than blowing in the breeze--the breeze that has the spray paint wafting on it! I would shave mine bald if these didn't exist. Nobel prize to inventor--along with the inventor of the BOX CUTTER; SPRAY PAINT; BINDER CLIPS; collapsible micro fiber duster; and DUCT TAPE.

    Funny as heck!

  24. Donna; You are hystercially funny!!! I am ROF LMAO!!!!!
    What you wrote is so funny but is so true to life.
    BTW, my hands look much like yours!! Its a common sight around these parts!!!
    Thank-You for such a hystercial post!!! :-)

  25. Visiting from Bliss Ranch. Hilarious!!!

  26. Oh those shorts are so sexy! I cannot believe your nails are that long - they must be strong as concrete! I laughed out loud at your husbands comment about putting on a bra and combing your hair! My motto is 'never go on that blog of mine without a bra'...

  27. Visiting here from the party and this is the funniest so far! When your hubby said, why did you brush your hair and put a bra on??? OH my gosh! I almost lost it! So funny (and I can relate). Your outfits look a lot like mine... comfy!

  28. You are hysterically funny! It seems like all of us like to go around with our girls swinging wild and free! No bra bloggers...who knew? Love your sexy shorts and your manicure. I'm so getting that color next time! Keep torturing your poor man with the camera and I'll be back to read more- new follower. :)

  29. You're a hoot! I love this post! I wish I could pull off a t-shirt and shorts as well as you do. You're a beautiful woman, and I love your long hair.


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