Sunday, September 9, 2012

Eating Crow

 I have an extra-special recipe today for everyone.  It is guaranteed not to add any calories to your diet.

It is eating crow!


One tarnished silver cake stand
One long piece of black tulle
One piece harlequin/brown paper
Two feet harlequin ribbon
One raven (or crow whichever is handy)
One glass cake dome

 The raven has to be able to play dead to achieve the perfect dinner proportion.

My raven is playing the part of the crow and allowed himself to be stuck to the cake stand with glue dots.

You can tell he has aced many method acting classes - he certainly appears to be dead!

 The cake dome is placed on the stand and tied with the black tulle.  A bow of the black and gold harlequin ribbon is tied to the knob on top.

 The tag is stamped with the Nevermore stamp and attached to the knob also. 

A close up reveals the true beauty of this dish.

Crow elegantly under glass.

Ready for all with regrets to eat crow.

No calories - I promise!

 See his other raven buddies.

Caw, caw - there is the song I love so much.  My ravens are calling.  How many projects can I produce?  Well, not that many more.  The Dollar Tree has run out of ravens! And I refuse to pay more than a dollar for them!

See y'all!

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  1. This post is great!! So clever! Never thought I'd want to 'eat crow', but I love this crow :)

  2. Ha! You are too funny! That is the most elegantly presented dead bird I've ever seen. I think I might even be up for a serving. Heaven knows I probably need a bite or two, but not much more of course. I hope they restock or you find another dollar store. I'd love to see what else you might find to do with them.

  3. FUNNY - then I remembered that movie...
    Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Yikes! That crow was not presented nearly as elegantly as yours, though.

  4. I'll eat crow for a long time to get you cute look! Very clever and lovin how it looks! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  5. Way too cute!!! Precious for Halloween! I'm going to try the DT tomorrow - wish me luck!

  6. AAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!! Donna!!!! You kill me!!!! I loved this idea!!! How do you come up with this stuff???!!!! I DO have a tarnished old cake stand!!!! Will have to go after the other stuff, now!
    Have a great week!

  7. This has made me laugh...cute post...I'm new follower,thanks for visiting LoblollyLane your so appreciated...please drop back by anytime and follow back if ya can....And is that a drawer??? This is such a great idea.

  8. Oh, I love it! I found my ravens in my storage yesterday and pulled them out to do something with for Fall!

  9. LoL, I have no idea what to say. You are such a goofball...and I love it~

  10. Um viva pra essa dieta, kkkkkk V I V A !!!!!!!!!!!! espetacular, kkkkk

  11. hysterical! i love this! Come linlk up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share this awesome idea!! It will be up early tomorrow so come on by.

  12. I thought of exactly what Revi thought of - Whatever happened to baby Jane LOL - very very clever Donna!

  13. Your post is like our "yesterday". We had a dead raven in our yard. Since there was a wedding reception happening in two days across the street from us.............we had to get rid of it. It was stinky and huge. Looks like yours except a whole lot bigger.

  14. I absolutely LOVE this. So simple. So perfect. Thank you! :)


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