Monday, September 3, 2012

The Finish Line - At Last!

 The finish line - I cannot believe it!  I have officially moved into my two new booths and I have survived!!!  

I deserve a ribbon, no a medal, no a GOLD medal!!!

This is going to be mostly pictorial because my hands are too tired to type and my feet are killing me.
 First the bad and ugly.  You will see in these first pictures that I just stopped even trying to establish some kind of order while lugging all that stuff.

I just piled it up.  If I was not there, I blocked off the entrances with something, but customers came in anyway.  I really did not mind because they were buying.

I just did not want a door or something falling on them.  Not a way to begin anew!

You will see that I keep seasonal items available all year round for those collectors who wish to buy Santas or bunnies.

This will be the red, white, and blue corner.  Closer to Christmas I will add some green to the mix.

 I bought an old twin springs from another dealer who was not going to use it.  She bought it from a previous dealer who had Christmas lights and fall flowers woven through it.  I thought it would be a five-minute job to take all that off the springs.

Boy, was I ever wrong!  I worked and worked and finally just grabbed the wire cutters from my toolbox and cut those suckers off!

 My books are a mess still - not like this, but I have not yet categorized them.

Now for the pretty pictures that show I actually did work my butt off.  (Literally, I have lost seven pounds the last two weeks.  Maybe I will write a diet book about hauling junk in shopping carts up and down a sidewalk!)

Here is the front (I call it my porch) of Booth B-6 which I have named Natty Tatty's Bits and Pieces.  I am currently making a sign for it.   I went for browns, blacks, golds, and other similar colors. 

This is the area between Natty Tatty's and Booth B-5 which is Plus Encore.  I have hung all my tags, art papers, and embellishments here.  There is empty space because I have not finished bringing everything from home.

 This is looking into Natty Tatty's through the door.  I try to have something to attract folks to come into the booth.  This weekend most were drawn in by the idea of the springs used to hang things.
 After you walk in, turn to the left and this is the view.  Look at that shiny clean floor.  All that space is waiting for the perfect primitive table and chairs.  No, I have not found them yet.  I start looking next week!


 Here are the springs complete with baskets and chalkboards and whatever else will hang there.

Thank goodness for drapery pleater hooks - they are perfect for hanging things on chicken wire and springs!

 Turning to your right is the short side of the booth.  I keep a supply of old windows and cabinet doors and other miscellaneous things here. 

 Booth B-5 is right next door and has a different sort of vibe.  While Natty Tatty's is more primitive and quirky, this side is the shabby, French, cottage-y, whatever side.

 I have used this name for my past booth and pulled out the sign for this one.  I like this name.  "Plus Encore"  means "even more" in French.  I like that it rhymes when you say it out loud.

 The inside right side of Plus Encore.  There is a bridal veil on the dress form right now because I have some vintage clothing I want to bring in, but there is still saw dust floating through the air.

 Across the aisle looking in.  I am not completely satisfied with the way this looks, but I will always be fluffing and moving.
 The inside left side of Plus Encore.  I had a stack of creamy white tables here, but they sold before I could take a picture.  I filled in with the big suitcase which is my treasure item that no one has discovered yet.  I always put an item with a ridiculously low price ($20 for this) somewhere in the booth for someone to find.  Regular customers know this and search for it.

A couple from out of town found the suitcase Sunday, but it would not fit into the car with all the other stuff they had purchased.

 It looks naked here without those tables.  I have got to get back to painting!  This is inside the booth looking out on the left side.

This is the inside looking out on the right side.  This side looked pretty good when I left Sunday.  I plan to go tomorrow to drop off some things from the living room.

Today the mall was not open to customers - just to dealers wanting to work.  I took the day off and slept!

I know you are saying to yourself, "Does she really think this is orderly?"

No, I don't, but I like to keep both booths looking like someone's attic.  My customers expect me to have stacks of items in baskets and piled on tables.  There is probably room for about two hundred more items!  And I plan to put them all in here.

I promise I will not bore you any longer with booth expansion photos, but I had to show you why I have not produced any blog-worthy projects!  I promise to get back to work on Wednesday and to have something special by the weekend.  If it ever stops raining!

See y'all!

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  1. Congrates!! You have done a great job. I wish I could come prowl thru your shops. Using the old bed springs is really cool for hanging stuff. Setting up sales spaces is really a lot like moving your home. I know you are at home with your feet propped up, drinking a cool tea or coke. You done good lady.
    hugs Mary

  2. Oh how I wish I could visit your shop. This looks like so much fun. I think this is what my sister and I ought to do with all of our treasures.

  3. If I had a gold medal I would certainly give it to you! You have done such an amazing job! I wish I could visit and see all the wonderful and interesting items you have. Congratulations on your re-opening! I wish you great success and I know you will achieve it through all of your hard work.

  4. You totally need that gold medal! I love it all! That bed spring is so cool and you made such great use of it! I'd never have thought of that! Love the names too! Now...get some rest girl! Still raining???

  5. Wish I lived closer to come and visit your lovely shop ;) Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! Greetings from Australia ~Pernilla

  6. Yea! It's up and running! Good for you and it looks like a treasure trove. Love it. So much I want in there. That aqua door is just the ticket as are those bed springs! I so would love to have those for display. I have to go back and read the previous posts... hopefully tomorrow. Had 5 very full days, working non-stop, so I haven't had time for my blog or reading others. I'll catch up with you! Congrats on your accomplishments. I hope you sell, sell, sell!

  7. Dear Donna, Wow!!! that was a lot of work . . . but it looks so nice. I love how you used the bed springs as a display rack. I know that when I move furniture around and rearrange, I always feel like everything is so clean and fresh. I'm sure that is how it feels with your booth. Well, it looks wonderful and you have so much variety. Bravo, to a job well done!

    Your encouraging words, left on my blog were ever so welcoming. I'm starting to ask around to see how far I will need to travel in order to have a booth in a craft mall. We used to have a wonderful one here in town, but as far as I know there is nothing at the moment. I'll just keep making and collecting. Oh, and dreaming. Thank you again for your encouragement. Connie :)

  8. Wow, Donna, you have an amazing amount of stuff and it looks terrific. So much work, but it came together beautifully. And it's so big! My little 4'x9' booth shames in comparison. But I'm just testing the waters at the local antiques booth to see what sells. So far it's all the small items, none of the furniture pieces have sold yet. But I'm not giving up yet.

  9. Congrats on the move! Love the idea of the bedsprings for display. I know more success is on the way!

  10. Donna, you have done an amazing job. Love those box springs. I wish I lived closer to browse through your shop. Much success to you.

  11. Great Blog....lovely booths....and a new Follower from Deborah and

  12. Hello Donna,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog.
    Wow, you've been busy at your booths. Lots of great stuff - isn't fluffing fun?

  13. You DO deserve a gold medal! What a lot of work, and I think it looks great.

  14. Well done! It looks great. Thanks for sharing :-)

  15. They look great! all the time you spent on them has definitely paid off! I think I should try your diet plan :) Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  16. Wow it all looks so wonderful! So wish I could visit. We don't have anything like this at all around here. I think I'd come and root through all your treasures every week! (For the record, I don't find these posts boring at all! I love seeing where all of your projects go~)

  17. Hi Donna,
    I have enjoyed looking through your blog, I found you through Shabbylicious, and we are your newest members. Would love for you to join us.
    Jeannie and Linda
    The French Hen's Nest


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