Thursday, September 6, 2012

Neasy, Peasy, Quick, and Easy

This is one of those posts where you just need to dump the photos out of the camera and put those neasy, peasy, quick, and easy projects out there for everyone to see and wonder what was she thinking.  Some of these have before and after pics; some of them do not.  Remember I erased 350 photos from my camera several weeks ago.  Well, this ain't pretty, but I want to give these little, not-so-grand projects a chance before they head off to the store to become someone's problem treasure!

Way back in the Spring I bought four crates labeled Raybestos rollers.  They are very neat with cleats on the under side that allows them to be stacked without slipping off.  I had grand ideas - painting the insides different colors, adding handles to the end of each crate, and adding casters to the bottom so they could roll.  The top crate has scalloped sides where the rollers sat, and I envisioned dowels cut to fit with a plexiglass cover.

THEN  I added all that up an discovered that no one in their right mind would pay that much for a stack of crates!

 So I sanded them smooth and put a couple of coats of varnish on them and sent them packing.

Notice:  there is no photo of the before and there is no photo of the four of them neatly stacked together.

You will have to use your imagination!

 This purple Eiffel Tower came in a box of stuff  and was crying for a make-over.  I got out my trusty steel gray spray paint and gave her a thorough coating.

Yes, that is a gigantic bird on the side with a vine.

Shades of King Kong and Godzilla!  What were they thinking?
 I had several nests scattered about and still had some chrome paint left from the Great Glitz Off.  Never one to waste paint, I decided to do a whole collection of silver things.

I may have gotten a little carried away.

Not only were my fingers shiny silver, so was Scout's tail and Willie's nose.

Have you ever gotten spray paint off a dog before?  I do not recommend it!

 I added the nests and Eiffel Tower to the grouping with Big Bertha, Ruffled Ruthie, Sassy Sally, and Lula Sue.

Doesn't look half-bad.  I needed to think a while and decide what else to add.

While I was taking a break from the silver, I thought about a whole bag of pillows I have been collecting.  I usually keep several on hand if I need them for a chair or settee at the store.

I got a wild idea.  I would belt them!!!

I know, not an original idea, but new to me!

 I had this cute western belt that was perfect for this maroon chenille pillow.

I just buckled it around the pillow and scrunched it until I got the right poof.

 Here is the back or the front - which ever way you want it to go.

I did not fasten it to the pillow so it can be removed.

Great way to use all those belts lying around not earning their keep!
 If you have ever read Danni Baird's posts over at Silo Hill Farm (See how she tortures, er, remakes this wreath!), you know she is the queen of quick and easy.  She often plans her projects so they can be restyled and reused for different seasons.  Very clever!

So I took apart my glitzy little night light (HERE) - though it did come in handy when our power was out several hours during a storm!

I sprayed some more mirror spray into the jar.

 This label was on it when it was a night light.  I added another Paris label to the other side.

 I had some old (as in color, not age!) gold glitter so I dipped the jar lip into glue and then into the glitter.

I put the tulle bow with the blue hydrangea tag back on.  You can see the new label on this side.  I did not distress it as much as the other side.
 I pulled the chrome paint back out and sprayed two more nests and a cherub candle holder.  I think I will glue one of the nests to the top of the cherub and use the other under a cheese dome I found.

Remember I am gradually working up to a real cloche - one cheese dome and one cake dome at a time!

I am just too cheap miserly thrifty to just go out and buy a cloche.  Do you know how much they cost!?!
 Here they all sit waiting for me to take them to the store for their debut on the big stage.  I am adding my silvered jugs to the mix, too.  I just found some cute gold glitter birds at the Cracker Barrel's Christmas section.  Do I dare silver them or just add them to the glitz and glitter?  I can hear Burl Ives singing "Silver and Gold" in my head!

I had to show you one picture of part of my Sweet Autumn Clematis that has taken over the yard.  This is actually the park bench on the patio by the bird bath.  The smell is divine and you should see it glowing in the moonlight!  Sometimes nature has its own glitz moment!

See y'all!

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  1. Ha!Ha! I got to teach you something for a change! I love that Eiffel tower and I have to admit I would have passed it by when it was purple! You have a good eye for what stuff can be! The night light is very pretty in a new way! I have never heard of a Sweet Autumn clematis....I wonder if I can find one next spring!

  2. Oh...and thanks again for the shout out! You know I can't leave that wreath alone!!

  3. Nice makeovers. Easy updates are some of my faves.

  4. Great stuff, as usual! Love those crates!

  5. Quick and easy but terrific. Love the Eiffel Tower and your vision to turn it into something wonderful. It probably would not have come home with me.

  6. Oh so that is what it is called! I have that sweet Autumn clematis too:) It looks lovely flowing over your bench! You have such a variety of ideas. Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  7. Great make overs and congrats on the move to your new space.

  8. Lots of great ideas, Donna. Thanks for sharing and for visiting. Have a wonderful week.


  9. Nice changes! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  10. Thanks so much for joining in with this week's Say G'day Linky Party! I've shared this on Google+

    Hope to see you again this Saturday.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz


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