Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Fall Crawl, Y'all

It was a small, Fall, Low Country crawl Saturday with my niece Leia.  I left the house early and planned to fly down the highway way, way past the speed limit playing my mixed cassette tape (yes, you read that right, cassette!) of guitar rock anthems at top volume.  Unfortunately, I forgot it was deer season.  The almost always empty road was packed with hunters in pick-ups slowly driving waiting for their dogs to come out of the woods.  

That did not deter my determination to make this a productive shopping day.  After all, it is a crawl, y'all!

After picking up Leia in Summerville, we headed first to the Habitat Restore.  The furniture did not have the look I was seeking, and they were out of spindles.  There was a cute cabinet, but I passed it by - the body was old but the top was new and they had not married well. I bought eight casters and that was that.

 Off to the Ladson Flea Market where there were a ton of people shopping and selling.

I found a dealer selling a lot of vintage stuff.  I dug in and piled up and she bundled a great price.  I bought a doll's metal cabinet (brown floral), a box of Hardy Boys books, four dolls. a picnic basket, and a pair of framed oval prints.  One of  Hansel and Gretel; the other of Heidi and her grandfather.

At another table I picked up a varsity letter and a rotary dial telephone.

Then we were off the the Goodwill Pound Store and Community Thrift in North Charleston.  If you have never been shopping at a pound store, it is quite a trip.  You have these deep rolling plastic containers that you fill with whatever you can find.  Books and anything fabric are sold by the pound.  Larger items are half or more of whatever the last regular Goodwill had priced them.  Other items are just lumped together for one price.  I have never seen furniture here, but it probably sells fast.  We were there for about an hour and they emptied five huge tables of merchandise and replaced it with new stock.  You have to grab it fast.  Once they roll items back off the floor, it is gone for good.

 I bought an armload of books including a set of reading books, that cute little Beswick England mouse who has no front feet, two aluminum molds. gold jingle bells, baskets, a candy corn pot, fall foliage, three prints, that white metal finial off something, fabric scraps, time cards, and some glass jars.  There were some other items, but I have forgotten them.  

It will be like Christmas opening all this stuff that has been packed and wrapped and stuffed under tables waiting to be cleaned and used.  The one thing good about this blog is when I return home from a shopping crawl, I do take everything out to photograph before stowing it away.

We found a door from an old Summerville cottage that was being thrown out.  The rest of afternoon, it stuck out the tailgate. After dropping Leia off at her house, we pulled the seat all the way up and was able to pull it into the car.  I did not have to drive the two hours home with it bouncing out the back of the Blazer.

It is plain on this side and painted white on the other and is eight feet tall.
 I found this bench as we were leaving the flea market.  I hope to get it painted next week.  It just needs some screws tightened.  After yesterday I do too!

I scored two train or cosmetic cases, a black tin planter, and two rolled up prints of seventies florals.  I hope I can unroll them without them falling to pieces.

That thing on top of the books is one of those metal purse baskets.  I find these useful to organize small items.

 Another look at the Hardy Boys and the reading books.  I love the illustrations in the reading books.

The title of the book in front is A Figure In Hiding.  I have that problem -  I have not been able to find mine in years.

The doll cabinet with the dolls.  There is a nun, a Scottish boy, a creepy china doll, and a creepier doll in a pink crochet dress.  I think they make a nice Halloween display.

 A print showing Hansel and Gretel escaping, and another showing Heidi and her grandfather.  I loved the oval shapes and the distressed gold frames.

The last thing bought was the handmade white rolling table above (first photo).  It is on the list to paint this week.  I may have to keep that one a while.  I like its primitive vibe.

Leia and I had a fantastic meal at the Icehouse in Summerville.  The Cajun chips and the chicken salad is just too, too delicious for words.  We were grateful for the many glasses of iced tea served.  This photograph is where Leia and I plan to live when we are old.  Well, Leia will be old - I will be ancient.  It is a deserted strip shopping center next to I-26 in a beautiful shade of faded blue.  I think we will just take the boards off the windows and sit and do art projects all day.  We can sell them to the tourists who come by.  Chucks says we will need an army of armed men to protect us in this neighborhood.  I just hope they will be young and strong and muscular and good-looking!  (I must find my hiding figure!)

See y'all!

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  1. Such a cute post. You really found a lot!!

  2. I knew you were 'crawling.' What great finds; I adore the bench, the basket, the aluminum tins, the door...all of it!
    Two ravens nesting here in the house! Welcome back!

  3. Looks like you had a fun day. You really found a lot of great stuff...Connie

  4. Looks like you had a very busy day and found a lot of good stuff. You will have fun with all that. I also take pictures of my shopping finds as I so often forget what I bought.
    Happy days.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  5. Great finds! Wasn't that fun? I love yard sales and thrift stores!

  6. It sounded like you had a fun outing. Great picking, too!
    Have a wonderful week, Connie :)

  7. Hilarious! I would be happy to come and keep watch with you over your young, strong, muscular and good looking armed guards...I mean, do art projects with you all day! And get a load of that door! Oh the jealousy hits me hard. Those dolls will make a fun halloween display. Great idea! I'm also dying over that phone and just love the books and the bench and the cart. My goodness. Are you broke yet?

  8. ha!ha! I have a cassette player in my car too!! Love all the fun finds....seriously love that door...I'm jealous!

  9. You scored some FABULOUS pieces!!!!!!! Want to share some with me?

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  10. Wow what a score! I love the name of it- crawl ya'll! You are welcome to link up on tomorrow's Photo Friday over at Ladies Holiday! Cheers!

  11. So many great finds! Love that door.
    Mary Alice

  12. Great finds - if that grey train case is Samsonite - I found the same one for $5 - love it!

  13. You are way funny! I can't believe all the things you found! I love that door and the bench! You sound funny wanting to live there and do art projects. Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend.

  14. I can't believe I was gonna write the exact same thing as Melissa {what a haul} - good thing I looked up and saw what she wrote just in time. Your really did rock those vintage items - love it!


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