Monday, May 8, 2017

Kitchen Reno - Day Two

kitchen renovation, demolition, construction
Day Two lasted from 8 AM to 4 PM.

The noise was quite deafening.

First the demolition crew started ripping out the old flooring.

Gone was the blue and white checkerboard.

Revealing multiple layers that refuse to budge.

So they decided to tear out as much as possible and sand down the rest.

Then the electricians discovered a virtual spider web of old wiring crisscrossing under the ceiling. 

They wondered why we had not had a fire.


So the demo crew had to stop on the floor so the ceiling could come down.

It is amazing how fast your house can be torn apart.

Large holes behind the fridge to get to wiring.

The dryer and washer removed and donated.

(Thanks, Olive and Joe!)

This will be removed down to the subfloor.

Lucky for us this house was built in 1949.

Two by ten board construction throughout.

The laundry room ceiling torn out.

I was a bit afraid of the broken board, but in a few minutes it was gone.

All the old wiring was stripped from inside, under, and over.

New wiring was run through the ceiling and walls in an orderly fashion.

The end of Day Two.

The kitchen.

Yes, the stove has joined the dishwasher in the breakfast room.

Yes, we still have the fridge and the hot water heater to use.

The pantry - topless!

The door to the left leads to the dining room where we have a rudimentary camp kitchen set up.

The floor here will go tomorrow.

If you decide to stop by, there is a path to a seat on the sofa and a peanut butter sandwich to eat.

See y'all!

Want to keep up with our kitchen renovation? Read the series!

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Due to construction, I will be unable to set up at the annual Magnolia Ridge Antiques and Art Gathering. However, I will definitely be a shopper!  Hope to see you there.

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  1. LOL glad you still have a path to the couch and a refrigerator still plugged in! I cannot wait to see this kitchen finished. I know it is going to be fabulous.
    Glad you got the "hidden" fire potential with the wires taken care of too.

  2. Well I am glad there wasn't a fire and now you will have new and safe wiring. Old houses are the best but scary sometimes...what's behind those walls and ceilings? I guess you are finding out! Hugs!

  3. It's got to be a huge relief to know that the inner workings of your kitchen are going to be fresh and new and safer, too. I'm a fan of peanut butter sandwiches and of your animals, too. I could stop by at any moment. ;)

  4. It's great you had the electricity redone. For five years I was unable to use electricity in my bedroom except for one little table lamp because the wiring was dangerous. I'm so glad now it's done.

  5. Oh I have lived the gutted kitchen renovation. Twice! I'm not envying you now, but your wonderful new kitchen will be worth it. Keep on sharing, just love seeing.

    When you get tired of PB & J, there is always pizza! :)

  6. It's different when someone else is making the noise, huh!

    What a mess with the spider web of wires. How does anyone know where they go!?! I think that's why when one crew doesn't understand the previous crew's work the current crew will remove the mess and start over (your expense, of course).

    Peanut butter sandwiches won't be too bad if we could visit and talk. If only we could hear each other above the noise!


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