Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kitchen Reno - Day Three

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Day Three started with more demolition and electrical progress. 

The demolition crew created a cased opening from the kitchen to the breakfast room.

I'd like to call it an arch but it is square.

Did you notice?

There is a string of lights all in a straight row!

Notice there is a light way down there in the laundry room.

Notice the moldy dry wall has been removed.

The AC vent has been capped off and will be relocated after the kitchen is complete.

The contractor dropped by to select and order a new back door.

Two minutes later the storm door had been torn off the house and thrown in the dumpster.

Chucks and I thought about NO cabinets, but I don't think that would be practical.

I looked at the cased opening and said out loud that I wished it could be higher.

One of the demo crew said my wish will be granted.

The pantry is the winner of the ugliest part right now.

The laundry room had the old flooring taken up and a new subfloor added.

The laundry room is in the closet under the stairs.

The washer sat where the dryer hose is lying.

The dryer right in front of the door.

The water heater is behind me in this photo.

The contractor has plans to remedy this layout.

I hope it works!

The light cans have regular bulbs for work lights right now.  

After construction there will be plug-in LED lights.

Thursday and Friday were days for small projects as we waited for the city inspector to approve all the new electrical.

The dry wall guy came by Friday afternoon to measure.

As you are reading this, I am hoping the dry wall is being completed.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

See y'all!

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Due to construction, I will be unable to set up at the annual Magnolia Ridge Antiques and Art Gathering. However, I will definitely be a shopper!  Hope to see you there.

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  1. Wow Donna they are making great progress on all of this. It all seems to be coming together nicely. Sometimes when you start to renovate older homes you find all kinds of hidden problems and so far you have lucked out with just the electrical needing to be done. That is so positive. Good luck it is all looking great.

  2. Wow, you actually threw a door away??? No kidding! You didn't repurpose it? You can use a door for your paint projects or use for yard sale displays...LOL. Or at the very least, use it for firewood 😉. That's what we did with one of our old ones recently. Hahahaha! You know I'm kidding...I think. 👍

  3. The lights looks wonderful! Sounds like you have a great work crew in your home. Hugs!

  4. I just caught up to today's kitchen post. Lots happening in such a short time. It's truly amazing how fast rooms can be torn apart. Hopefully the putting back together happens just as quickly. Looking forward to seeing it all done.

  5. now everything will go quickly and you will be in heaven soon xx

  6. You are getting there, Donna. YAY!!! We have lived through so many renovation projects so I know just how you are feeling. lol It is going to be just wonderful when you are done. xo Diana

  7. Shoulder problems...can't move it...no long message today. It's nice to have a reprieve, however short. Hang in there. F

  8. Looks like all the problems have been or are being solved! So nice to have the demo behind you.

  9. Not sure I could go through all that!

  10. The floor in your laundry room reminds me of what we found in my bedroom! And by the way, I'm against the idea of "no cabinets", I want to see them!


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