Sunday, August 14, 2016

No Quickies

Miss Peepers is highly perturbed with me.

I did not work on any quickies projects this past week.

So sorry.

I am a total Olympics geek spending hours watching sports - I am now a huge rugby fan.

I did complete my Saltwash versus plain sea salt competition.

See who wins the gold and who takes the silver in tomorrow's post.

See y'all!


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  1. Can't wait! I got my Saltwash in the mail but haven't used it yet. I hope to get some tips from you :-) We have been loving the swimming and track of the Olympics.

  2. Too hot for quickies anyway! Oh I've been loving the Olympics!

  3. LOL cannot wait to see your sea washed goodness.

  4. Katie and I have been watching a little of the Olympics. We watched Simone Biles win a couple of golds. Women's gymnastics is what we have enjoyed the most, but don't ask me why we watched too much men's basketball, swimming and volleyball. Maybe our TV-viewing pleasure was a little stunted since the new season hasn't yet started. We have to admit that it's much more interesting than anything about politics! Trump has more and more diarrhea of the mouth than anyone had ever imagined.

    It doesn't look like the heat is going to go away anytime soon. I have stuff to do in the garage, and for now, it is stifling in there.

  5. Can you believe I have not watched one Olympic event? My H has the remote and I can't believe he's not watched any. I guess we're both still recovering from the move with a little depression and exhaustion. Nothing seems interesting to us. I have done very little junking or redos since our move last year. Hope for that to change soon. Have fun in front of the tube:)

  6. Perturbed Peepers? Say it isn't so!

    (That is a cool bench she's resting on.)


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