Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fall Into My Booth

Fall decor, booth decor, Dollar Tree
I spent some time last week bringing some bits of Fall and Halloween to the front of my large booth.

Booth W-10 is at the end of a long aisle - this is what meets the customer's eye.

I keep items from all holidays in the back section of the booth moving them forward when the time comes.

No shifting back and forth from mall to home.

Just rotating stock around the booth space and adding the new items.

The orange pumpkins are for display - Dollar Tree finds.

Dollar Tree starlings for my birdcages.

Creepy image clings on the mirrors are from Dollar Tree last year.

I hope they have some more this year.

And what about Miss Katherine who was front and center?

I carefully shifted her onto sliders and slid her around the corner.

All 150 pounds of her!

She is one hefty lady.

I will be adding more as the season progresses.

See y'all!



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  1. Wow. You've been busy. I start my massive booth redo next week. Pray for me. I love that "falling" effect you created with those bird cages.

  2. Love the black bird cages. I have one that I put all the halloween candy in on my counter at Halloween. I am not quite ready to jump on the fall decor wagon just yet still holding on to these last few days of summer. Come September and cooler temps I will be decorating! Have a great week Donna.

  3. Your booth looks so good! I am going to visit a new to me vintage mall about 30 mins away sometime soon. Don't know anything about it but will check it out! I'm ready for some fun fall stuff!

  4. It's pumpkin time....almost! I can't wait for the pumpkin patches.
    Your booth is looking good!

  5. Oh boy, I haven't even thought of what to decorate my booth with for Fall! I don't have much. You have inspired me to get busy! I will look for those creepy clings too!

  6. Looking good. I need to get busy and decorate my booth for fall and Halloween. I see a Dollar Store visit in the near future.

  7. Yesterday, I read "pumpkin spice" in two different places, and I say fall decor at Lowe's Home Improvement. Say it isn't so!!! But, I suppose, if you're in retail, you have to be ahead of the game, even though I am kicking and screaming to be left alone in the moment! Oh...I do love the bird cages. The third one down appeals to me the most.

    I love the cohesive theme. I noticed the Hardy Boys mystery books!!! {Maybe that's what those are?}

    I've taken all of my pictures, and now I need to get started updating my blog. But, I seem sleepy/tired all the time. I'll work it out eventually! Fonda

  8. I put up some pumpkins in my booth and will add what little vintage halloween I have left. Thanks for sharing your booth. I enjoy seeing what others have in their shops.

  9. Looks cute! The mall I have my spaces in is opening up soon to vendors only to revamp for fall.


  10. Great look for Fall Donna. Love the black cheesecloth draping; the cages and the birds. People will taking that apart soon as this will surely get them in the mood to decorate for Fall.
    Audrey Z.

  11. Looks awesome Donna!! As someone looking so forward to Autumn, I think your booth decor is spot on!!

  12. Yes it looks good However I don't like the sound of fall and hanging onto my summer hydrangeas and flowers for now.
    I'll get over it LOL

  13. Well Donna, you have just reminded me that I need to get with it and get some fall into my booth. The owner is moving all of us around so I'm not sure where she is moving me inside the shop so therefore, I'm not sure when to decorate! LOL! Crazy business. Love your fall touches. Happy Selling.


  14. I guess when it comes to booths you have to be ahead of the season, but I can't be into Halloween yet, still sweating in the 90's, even the wicked witch would melt. :)

    Great look with the cages and the ravens.

  15. Looks great Donna! When you say you put holiday in the back, is it still visible? Just curious as I like the idea of not taking it home after the holiday.

    xo Dianne


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