Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Finds

vintage finds, doors, baby shoes, quilts, school chairs
Last weekend yielded multiples of items.

Like a stack of bifold doors.

Here are several - they were selling as I brought them in from the loading dock. 

The doors make great screens on porches, displays for booths, and, of course, doors!

A lovely louvered screen door #855 from an old cottage in Aiken.

No, I did not need another tool caddy, but I am enjoying it on the front porch for awhile before it heads to the booth.

Another despicable chore - getting the tape off.

Painted red Samsonite folding chair - child size. 

A scrap of cloth - I looked in bin after bin to see if there was another piece of this.

The gold milking stool I left as I found it - wonderfully distressed.

And the tool?

The ScaleMaster No. 10.

"Oh, no, I've lost my arms!" cried the spooky doll. 

There is that piece of cloth again.

Yes, folks, yet another quilt - all hand-stitched and hand-quilted.

A very large market basket - the bottom striped red, gold, blue.

A stack of quilt pieces - two squares and the rest ovals.

An old knob and lock set.

A bag filled with children's vintage shoes.

My favorite pair - felted wool booties with embroidery.

At another sale two newer pairs of tiny shoes.

Bundled group - clip-on rings for curtains - handy in the booth.

A handful of bracelets.

A ring holder. 

A scoop.

A small lace tablecloth.

A large storage basket.

The cloth scrap fits the basket, but I decided to use it another way.

I will admit I bought this spool of metal without a clue of what it is.

It simply appealed visually to me.

I have an idea for it.

Wait and see.

Four kindergarten chairs. 

A candlestick table in a dark finish - decent enough - I did not paint it.

A large gardening encyclopedia.

So ...

Multiple doors.

Multiple tiny shoes.

Multiple quilt pieces.

Multiple chairs.

Wonder what is out there this weekend?

Have fun.

See y'all!


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  1. You are such an amazing shopper! Love the quilt(of course) and the little red folding chair!! I'm sure the doors are flying out of your booth!

  2. I'm with you...getting old tape off is an impossible task! I've tried Goo-Gone, sandpaper, my fingernails, & knives. So what's left? Great finds tho Donna! Love the shutters. Kicking myself for donating my last set I got tired of.

  3. Nice! That tape looks like electrical tape... if it is it should pull right off no problemo!!


  4. Great finds. Love the little red chair and the school chairs. They are just awesome.
    The market basket is pretty wonderful too. You find the best stuff Donna. Have a wonderful week end.

  5. Ok...We NEED 2 to 4 of those louvered bi-fold doors to make a partition for the cat boxes! No doubt they were selling before you got them to the booth! {We are on the look-out here locally, and if we don't find any, we're going to have to widen our scope!} And, you're just taunting me with the baby shoes. I think you just got me back for the two I found at Stuff & Things! I would like a few more. {So, where did you run across those?} And, I could use a few door knobs like those for a craft I have in mind.

    Don't make us come back there!!! {Smile}

  6. The old quilts are such a rare find and this one looks in great shape! Love those little baby shoes too! Happy weekend! Hugs, Diane

  7. The best stuff!! You could try Goof Off on the metal to remove the tape.

  8. I might have squealed when I saw all the little chairs. Might have. Maybe. I can see why you looked for more of that cloth. It's awesome!

  9. Love everything! Even the kinda creepy doll with no arms!


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