Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Finds

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Another year of chickening out on the 127 Longest Yard Sale.

However, I did chance upon a garage sale where the couple had planned to sell at the 127 sale, but their plans fell apart.

I wish I had arrived sooner - trucks piled high were leaving as I drove up.

I envisioned this drop leaf dining table in a soft gray, but it was stored in the back of the truck when I was unloading at the antique mall on Tuesday.

Another dealer offered to help unload and shove it in the booth.

Thanks, Pamn!

It is mahogany so painting would have been quite the chore.

I had to go back in Chuck's truck to pick it up. 

It was so humid my lens kept clouding up.

Maybe a romantic dining table.

Available in Booth W-10 - cheap!

My project can be your project.

Several years of Victoria magazines.  

A friend and I scanned through for the ones we wanted.

The other bundles are $3 each bundle in Booth C-23.

A quick run through GW netted me a large old bird cage and a metal bookshelf.

When they are cleaned and tagged, they will be at the antique mall.

Did you save up your babysitting money to buy a John Romain handbag?

I did!

Found two vintage ones in great shape.

Along with milk bottles, picnic baskets and the green-legged little table.

More vintage hats - all available in Booth C-23.

The hat in front has a matching clutch and hat pin in a Cullum's box with the receipt!

Cullum's has been gone for decades.

The hat alone was $50 way back when.

For back to school, a child-size paint easel and a large cursive tablet.

A couple of baskets.

A small table needing a lot of work.

A blue Old Yeller.

A pink and green homemade doll.

A set of medical encyclopedias in a magazine box.

Some more thrift shop finds:

Two carved wall hangings.

A candlestick table.

A piano music stand.

So all in all, I did not need to travel four hours to shop.


In fact I found so much, we skipped Saturday's auction.

Happy hunting this weekend.

See y'all!


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  1. You did great!! What cool finds. The hats! Love the music stand piece. I'm in the mountains and will hit some thrifts today!!

  2. OOO, I like the hats too! That used to be the first thing I went for at estate sales. Now not so much. They have gotten too expensive around here, but I like your haul. Do hats sell in your booth? Also like that 3 tier basket. Never seen that style before. You found some great stuff!

  3. Calvin and Hobbes were right, you know. There is treasure everywhere! Lots of good stuff this round, but that easel really caught my eye. I remember those cursive tablets too. I guess they're a thing of the past these days. Also, wouldn't a blue Old Yeller really be green?

  4. Oh my goodness! So much awesomeness!!!


  5. Love your finds ... my favorite would be the child-size paint easel and a large cursive tablet.

  6. I would love to have a sheet or two of that cursive writing to put in my library! And, the Victoria magazines would have been fun to look through! So much goodness!

  7. Some cool finds which will be a few projects maybe?

  8. Funny how that works....when you get your fill of great finds, like you did, you can skip the rest. Love when that happens! That child's easel is fabulous! I have been buying a lot but just haven't posted about it all!

  9. Oh I want some of those old Victoria magazines
    glad you lucked upon that good yard sale
    paint that table gray

  10. I'm still sad you missed it! Maybe one of these years the stars will align and you'll go! :)

  11. Great finds! I think you did great for not traveling far from home.

    xo Dianne


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