Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Finds

thrift shopping, vintage finds
Where in the world have I been hiding!?!

I sorta was distracted by all the holiday festivities. 

Then we were hit by a violent stomach virus.

Yet I prevailed and managed to shop.

These shutters only made it in the back door of the store before they sold.

A wonderful way to block unwanted views on your porch.

I have been away for so long, I no only automatically take a photo of every single thing I do, see, or buy.

Like this lovely drop leaf pedestal table.

It was a deal because the seller did not know how to make to extender braces pull out for the leaves.

All it took was a bar of soap.


Two box loads of vintage postcards - 1500 in all.

It is very pleasant to sit and sort and read the inscriptions.

I have an Etsy listing for them and you can  customize your order by telling me what you want.

A good solid end table with a horrendous paint job.

I like the shape.

AND ...

The red leather top is in decent shape.

For some odd reason there were scads of flags last week at the thrift store.

Really cheap.

I bought the cotton ones to distress for later in the year.

A whole bag of vintage Christmas.

I probably sell twice as much holiday in spring and summer as the fall.

I keep a dedicated space in the booth for each holiday.

Cute little picnic basket.

A lovely ceramic violet bowl.

Four white ironstone restaurant bowls. 

Marked Wellsville China. 

The numeric code indicates they were produced in 1950 in Wellsville, Ohio.

A handmade sorter.

It had a paint accident.

It will be further distressed by paint.

Poor little thing.

You know those drop in things you have to attend around Christmas?

At one pictures were taken in front of the tree.

Then a copy was mailed to us.

Through some trick of the light streaming in the window and from the strands of lights on the tree, Chucks and I magically lost a combined weight of 100 pounds.

So though I have flashed this photo shamelessly on FB, I thought I would flash it here.

Plus you can see my new glasses - RED!

All these years of fighting glasses that never fit right, I found out I should have been wearing CHILDREN'S glasses.

They fit like a charm.

See y'all!


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  1. Well hellllloooo Donna !! Good to see you back !! Love the postcard's , I also have a box full that I've read . You and Chuck's look GREAT !!! Hope you enjoyed your holiday season . Love your glasse's. TT❤️

  2. I've missed you! Both of my kids have had a horrible stomach bug too. My son even had to go to the ER. His stomach pain was so bad I was sure his appendix was rupturing!

    You and Chucks look AMAZING! I won't tell if you don't...


  3. Although I've been away from blogland for 3 weeks, I've missed you! I spent many hours trying to catch up on everyone's posts that I missed while I was away... and noticed you were missing. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

    PS - I would dieeee to get 1500 postcards at once. I really love reading the messages. Plus, I sell quite a bit of them. :)

  4. Welcome back Donna ... I missed you too. You and Chucks look great. Love all your finds and 1500 postcards ... WOW, what fun you will have selling and using those.
    Happy New year.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. Great finds Donna with lots of fix me up potential on the smaller wooden pieces. Happy 2016 New Year. Love your new glasses too. Nast flu season, good that you are feeling better. Hugs.

  6. Okay, the new year is a week in and we all have to get back at it! I finally posted today after a few weeks. I had brain fog from the holidays. LOVE your red glasses! I too have a pair and now I must dig them out! Your finds, as always, are fabulous. Lucky person who got those shutters!

  7. You look beautiful! The finds are beautiful too.

  8. You both look GREAT! And you look fabulous with those new red glasses! I know you must feel wonderful too! I'm off to look at those postcards! What a find. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Diane

  9. What a fun time you've had. Lots of great finds and the photo is cute!! I love old postcards so I'll be interested in all that you found.

  10. Hi Donna! I'm still on Christmas break, hehe. I love your glasses and the picture of you & Chuck! And, you've got some great finds there again. My sisters have been in FL this past week, and I unloaded all the holiday stuff at the store so we can get a jump on an overhaul next week. We buy those dividers for our booths, and then get mad when people want to buy them, lol. Here's to a good, new year. Nevermind the accounting shows a loss - it's still fun.

  11. I have been absent a bit as well. Good to see you are still doing your "thing." Keep up!

  12. Welcome back! Like your new look--your blog header and your glasses both. Love the little mail sorter and those boxes of post cards--crazy! Hope you have a great week-end :)

  13. So great you are back and I hope you are feeling better! ! Love the new look on the blog and really like the new glasses! ! You and Chucks are adorable, but I've told you that on FB. Can't wait to see the new look for these pieces once you work your magic!

  14. Glad you are back! I've been missin you. Snazzy red glasses btw. Oh my I could spend hours sorting and reading 1500 post cards. You find the greatest vintage goodness! sb

  15. Great finds Donna! Seems as though shutters always sell fast. I love the picture of you and Chuck. Red glasses are perfect!


  16. the little shelf with the paint accident. It amazes me people will pay $50.00 for a little shelf box at a store painted when these are in thrift stores for nothing. Have fun, can't wait to see what you do with it...Sandi

  17. I always love looking at your finds and then how you work your magic.. oooo! I love finding old cards and letters to read. so many wonderful finds.. good for you!

    Tamara <3

  18. I like the idea of children's glasses so much. I need new glasses and can't find any that fit and that I like. Next time I go to the shop, I'll try children glasses!

  19. Well, who would have thought of children's glasses, but I do love the red. They make me think I need a new pair of glasses.

    What a lot of finds you picked up. Where do you store everything?

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  20. WOW! I would love to sit down and go through a box of old postcards! How very lucky you were to find such treasure!!! I am lucky if I can find 3 or 4 at a time....they are especially nice if they are written on. It was such a sentimental time and the messages often are so sweet!


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