Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sassy Miss Chris

dress form decorated, Christmas, anitique booth, Riverfront Antique Mall
I have been a bad blogger - not showing off my Christmas stuff.

These pics are from the first of December of my Booth W-10 at Riverfront Antique Mall in North Augusta, South Carolina.  (For those of you who asked where is the booth!)

I was inspired by the mannequin trees - especially Rita's at  Panoply.

Rita's tutorial HERE.

So I made a poor woman's copy of it.

Took the top of my dressmaker's form.

Wove garland through the wire at the bottom.

Let her wear my favorite Christmas tee.

Made her a garland scarf.

Placed her high on top of Katherine, my primitive cabinet. 

(Now for sale! The cabinet, not Sassy Miss Chris.)

I bleached close to 300 trees this year and about half have sold.

I keep them out all year for other seasons.

Little vignettes of Christmas tucked in and out the booth.

Yet another pic of Sassy Miss Chris.

I promise it is the last one.

More trees and Christmas-y stuff.

And the gnome for under the tree has not sold!

I sorta feel sorry for him.

He really needs to be sitting under a tree somewhere.

Is that a giant carrot or is he just showing off?!?

Could not resist a smutty gnome joke.

See y'all!


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  1. You crack me up, Donna. I love all those bottle brush trees, and who wouldn't love that little gnome showing off his carrot?? Thanks for the shout out. Stay sassy.

  2. I like your cheap woman's version of Rita's mannequin.Sassy Miss Chris play's her role well .:)) as I've said before , if I lived closer , I would be broke shopping in your wonderful booth !!!
    As for the smutty gnome joke , I choked as I laughed. ( Eddie will have a good comment about that 😂 )Happy Holiday's and hug's, TT & Yogi

  3. Gnomes are a big thing this year! Our local home improvement store has an entire tree decorated in a woodland theme with mushrooms and gnomes. I may have to go get myself one!

    Merry Christmas, Donna!


  4. Hi Donna. Love your Sassy Miss Chris. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Enjoy these last few days leading up to the big day.

  5. Love Sassy Miss Chris! She is looking quite risque in her mini! No, really, I think she is adorable! Love the t-shirt too! Everything looks wonderful in your always! Hope you continue to have loads of sales! Happy weekend!

  6. Lol Donna :o) Love your booth, wish I lived closer, I'd visit it often I'm sure! Have a Merry Christmas!


  7. I don't think you have been a "BAD" blogger ... just a busy one. You have a lot on your plate. Always happy to see your fun posts. Love your Sassy Miss Chris and I bet she is getting a lot of attention in your shop. Good luck with sales this Christmas. Wishing you and Chucks a very happy holiday and a Blessed Christmas.
    Audrey Z.

  8. Hi Donna,
    Miss Chris looks really festive and ready for the Holidays. Great job!
    That's a lot of bottle trees....glad you've sold so many! I think the little gnome is happy to see us!!!!

    hugs and a very Merry Christmas.


  9. Love your bottle brush trees and Sassy Miss Chris! Bet you someone will want to buy her! Tell them they have to buy the gnome first!

  10. Love all your dyed trees, though I think you're a bit crazy--300?!! Guess it's working for you since you've sold have. I'm using all the trees I bleached last year and am loving them. I bleached two more 9" vintage ones this year that were kind of an icky green. They look lovely now. Have not tried dying any yet. Perhaps that will be on the agenda for next year! Love Miss Chris--so much fun. Merry Christmas, Donna, if I don't talk with you before--

  11. I wonder if you made the gnome's carrot look like a Christmas if it would help to sell it?

  12. There is a lot of sassiness and Christmas cheer here today, Donna! Happy holidays.

  13. LOVE Sassy Miss Chris and her beautiful ensemble! I think gnomes scare people...check out this link when you get a chance!

    Merry Christmas to my first blogging friend!! I hope you have a fabulous and blessed holiday!

  14. Love Sassy Miss Chris! Poor gnome can't find a home. Merry Christmas to you and Chucks!

  15. Miss Chris is really sassy
    I keep my bottle brush trees out year around in the studio cabinet

    I see a wood crate in your booth I need to store some of my studio items. I'm looking here at flea markets for one

    Merry Christmas ' Janice


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