Sunday, January 24, 2016


quick makeovers, white crates
It is Sunday - time for a quickie.


Bought nine at Riverfront Antique Mall last week for displays.

Gave them a distressed white look.

The crates are vegetable crates from Mexico. 

The label said coriander was hauled in these.

To be honest some of the coriander did not make the trip in great condition.

Here's a photo of how the crates looked.

I did not include the rotted coriander inside.

Just in case someone has a weak stomach.

I take a wire brush to them and then lightly sand.

Here's one cleaned and ready for paint.

Tried to stretch the little left in my favorite white - Bermuda Sand, but, alas, one crate did not get painted.

Loaded them up to take the booth.

Had several offers to buy them, but I directed the customers to the back of the store where you can buy the rough ones for $3.

As I was going back and forth to get my Blazer fixed, I stopped at Something For Everyone.

This beauty was sitting out in the parking lot.

They bring estate sales to their warehouse.  They have a huge sale coming.

They post pics on their FB page for you to see what's coming nextCheck it out here:  Something For Everyone

No, I did not buy the secretary.

Yes, I did buy something.

Because they do have something for everyone!

Hope everyone is warm and safe.

I stayed up all Friday night watching the gentle snowfall.

It covered the ground and then slowly disappeared.

See y'all!

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  1. The crates look great white washed. How did you ever pass up that secretary?! Too high priced? Some estate sales around here are too high for me. I went to a place yesterday called The Garage Sale Store. The first item I saw was marked $93 and the next was $68. Really?? I left without looking at another thing!

  2. Same here on the snow, it came and went quickly! Your crates turned out quite nicely. sb

  3. Love the crates, they look much better.


  4. The crates look great and will make wonderful display pieces. You must share pics of the booth soon. Glad you enjoyed the snowfall. I was so sick and in bed that I didn't even know it snowed until my daughter told me. Sigh...but finally starting to feel a bit better. I hope to get back to more purging this week.

  5. The crates look great! And, that secretary is to die for! We had some snow flurries here too but I didn't see it since I was at a bridal shower. Hope you are staying warm!

  6. Great crates Donna ... would love to find some here for $3.00 each. I am sure I NEED them. Look good with a little paint on them.

  7. The crates look so pretty, Donna, and wonderful blank canvas for whatever you want to display. I hope that you're keeping warm!

  8. My, you'rre worse than I am... what did you buy???

  9. Love the crates and they look great in the white. That secretary is fabulous.

  10. Love the crates. Now wondering what you did buy at that store.

  11. You are right, you have something for everyone. However, I could pick from your booth only and have a buggy full.

  12. That sounds like a wonderful and peaceful thing to do- watching gentle snowfall.
    I need some 3 dollar crates.
    Now confess what you bought, you have left us hanging.

  13. We must all have inherited a specific gene that makes us love crates. So wish I could find some besides ones at craft stores that charge $10 apiece, come on for crying out loud.
    I read so many times about bloggers who find treasures on road, now why don't people do that here? If somebody did and hubs was driving he'd go right on by. Tells me we don't need any more junk. Maybe he doesn't but I do. Happy week

  14. Love those crates! I had a crate wall in one of my spare bedrooms but took it down and opted for cheap shelving, so I could store more stuff... ;)

  15. Love you quickies....and would love to have that beauty!

  16. Those are great. I can think of a million uses for them around my house. And it's nice to have legit vintage ones, rather than the faux-vintage ones that places like Hobby Lobby sell. Good job!


  17. can send some of these $3 cuties down my way. Thanks for sharing them at the party this week.


  18. I have a crate, not a vintage one, but I use it in lots of different ways.

    So, what did you buy at Something For Everyone?

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  19. I love old crates...but NOT old coriander! Glad you left that out...LOL Our snow is now gone lasted until Monday!

  20. $3.00 each!! My goodness, I'll take ten please. Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm, Donna. We love having you :)


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