Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Quick Change Dresser

dresser makeover
A quick change dresser.

I am one of those.

Just mention the word "go", and I can be bathed and dressed in under fifteen  minutes. 

This dresser I bought back in December was a quick change dresser.

Well-made with atomic legs.

Covered with stickers, crayon, and little handprints.

I resigned myself to a paint project.

Took the drawers out and scrubbed them down.

Magic Eraser for the crayon.

And poof!

The marks were gone.

A fresh bucket of Fabulosa and a good scrub - both inside and out.

The paint held up nicely.

It was now gleaming white.

The quick change dresser is now available in Booth C-23, Riverfront Antique Mall.

The round Nabisco/Famosa South American biscuit tin and the tea tin are available in my Etsy shop.

The ginormous cricket box has sold.

See y'all!


Use this discount code to receive 10% off your purchase at the Distressed Donna Etsy store:



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  1. I love quick projects! And I wish I could get ready in 15 minutes! Happy Sunday :-)

  2. I love quick projects! And I wish I could get ready in 15 minutes! Happy Sunday :-)

  3. I love those projects that just need a little clean up. This one looks great! Love the legs. Now, what is Fabulosa??

  4. I love it! I'm trying to only buy things that I can take directly to my booth without any (or very much) work until I get the projects that DO require work out of my garage!


  5. love it and love your new header too xx

  6. I love the lines of that dresser! Good find and great quick fix!

  7. That dresser is gorgeous...classic, simple and elegant! Love the legs!!

  8. It looks great! I love it when things turn out to be easier than first thought! I am glad cleaning is all it needed! Great job!

    xo Dianne

  9. Okay, what is Fabulosa?

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup?


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