Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Finds

Horror Monster the craft stash, vintage finds, destash
The footless patriot and I dove into Horror Monster's (my beloved craft stash) hidey hole behind the living room sofa.

It was not a pretty sight.

I dragged out treasure after treasure.

Cleaned and tagged.

Once upon a time long ago I used this woven bamboo chest as an end table.

It sits on little wooden casters.

You would be proud of me - I was tempted, but did not steal its casters to put into my collection.

I had the matching blanket chest.

It has little tiny feet not casters.

I did clean the top.

Lots of storage!

But it had not seen the light of day in years.

Being hidden under a desk behind the sofa, that is.

Two old picnic baskets.

The one in back is quite unusual.

Lined with metal with a lift-out lidded container.

Never have seen another like it.

Lots of storage!

But it had not seen the light of day in years.

Being hidden under a desk behind the sofa, that is.

A long- forgotten treasure from the flea market.

A small jewelry chest.

Well, not that small - as big as half the sofa cushion.

Unusual - the top is slanted.

Inside - a red velvet and blue silk lining.

A mirror with gold framing.

Under the photos and postcards I removed years ago, a note.

A bit of its history.

Also hidden behind the sofa my collection of file boxes from the forties and fifties.

These are constructed of wood and cardboard.

Great storage.

I am keeping these.

And promise NOT to hide them behind the sofa.

Now I am sure you are trying to figure out what treasures were hidden in all those wonderful storage pieces.

I can only show a few.

A bean pot with no lid. 

A Portuguese painted vase.

An aluminum coffee pot with no lid.

Loads of dishes, milk glass, and assorted bits and bobs.

All were hidden under the desk behind the sofa and are now out in the open.

Most will make the journey to the booth this weekend.

So did I buy anything this past week?

A large basket to hold newspapers.

A quilted heart.

Sweet oval portrait of a young boy.

A red suitcase - quickly snatched from my booth and bought the other day.

A huge twig basket.

And Ruby, the red-nosed mule ear deer.

Chucks was quite astonished by this purchase.

Liz of The Rusty Typewriter (Etsy shop here) had Ruby in her booth at Riverfront Antique Mall.

I could not help but fall in love with her glittery red nose.

I am sure the sharp-eyed among you noticed I still have my Thanksgiving cloth on the table.

I did decorate the outside of the house so it does appear there are Christmas decorations inside, but, alas, there are not.

We hope to remedy that situation soon.

See y'all!

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  1. I love Ruby and would have bought her in a second!

    Have an awesome weekend, Donna :-)


  2. I used to have an egg dish like the white one you got, and decided to get rid of it after my husband died as was thinning out things. I hope what you want to sell goes fast! Happy holidays!

  3. Wow, how much space do you have behind that sofa??? I love Rudolph...where will you put him?

  4. Oh, if I could pull all the treasures out of the hidey-holes in my house, my husband would be amazed!

  5. We are all good at finding hidey places for our treasures, but like you If I'm not using them then they must go! Love the red nose.

  6. Ruby is a great find. What character and fun. You have some great treasures found in your home for the booth.

  7. Dibs on the unusual picnic basket! ;-)

  8. Oh how I would love to have that blanket chest! I had one very similiar but probably older that I sold. You will regret selling it. I did!

  9. My goodness you had a lot of stuff behind the sofa!! Love Ruby!


  10. Ruby is awesome!! Love those file boxes, and that jewelry chest is a real treasure.

  11. Lots of fun stuff behind that sofa. Love Ruby! sb

  12. So many goodies...I am trying to do the same but I have no booth to take them to. Horrors is right. I'm so glad you bought Ruby! So very, very YOU. Please Santa, bring me a treasure from behind Donna's sofa. ;)


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