Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Finds

thrift shopping, vintage finds, Egyptian Lacquer crate
After a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, Olivia came home with us, and on Friday we hit the thrifts for treasures for us, Christmas gifts for others, and things for customers to buy.

Cannot reveal the gifts, but here are a few I plan to sell  ...

Maybe the batter bowl.

I find these very practical.

Notice in the photo the small one holding pieces of cloth used for backgrounds.

A vintage souvenir from Florida marked ARROW on the back.

I am sure this cherub plaque will look lovely distressed white.

Don't you?

Not marked but appears to be McCoy or one of those vintage potteries.

Has the 39 in a circle price on the bottom.

This will be going on Etsy.

Remember if you see something you like, I will reserve a listing for you.

Six heart tarts or molds.

I am a wimp when it comes to using these in a craft project. 

So I will take them to the booth.

And I do not want to know what happens to them!

I might be the only person who likes the look of embossed aluminum items.

A set of four floral coasters. 

A flock of duck coasters.

I think the coasters are headed to Etsy.

My find for the day is this Egyptian Lacquer crate.

Great patina.

Wonderful graphics.

It might stay for a short time in case I need it for decorating.

Unless you might like it!

See y'all!


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  1. Morning Donna !! I have to say I love the batter bowl's because I have one . It comes in handy in the kitchen:)) Of course the best find is the crate . It'll sell quickly. Happy Holiday Season :))
    TT ❤️

  2. You always find the best stuff!!!

  3. Your planter is American Bisque, I believe... but could be wrong. Love all your finds... and no you're not the only one who likes aluminum coasters :)

  4. Hi Donna,
    Amazing finds as always. I think those cute coasters are perfect for you. How cute are they for a cute Cabin or house on the lake. Have a great week end.

  5. Some really good finds. I love the embossed aluminum and have many trays. I downsized my collection a couple of years ago but still have many that I can't part with!

  6. You are definitely not the only one who loves aluminum embossed things. I have been collecting a rose pattern for some time and have quite a few pieces. I never use them though. Just nice to look at. When I get a whole collection I'll probably sell the set to make room for new vintage stuff. I've sold several coaster sets in my etsy shop. That crate is cool, and those angels will be lovely when they're white and distressed.

  7. Love the bowls and the perfect are they to ship together? ;)

  8. Love your batter bowl! My mother had one exactly like it with her old mixer -- I'm 52 and she still has that, mixer and it still works great! I'm with you on the tart molds -- they are precious just as is -- love to put little candies in mine. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

  9. Oh I really like the Lacquer wood box and I have always wanted to put a little green christmas tree in a box similar to yours, I think it would be so cute

  10. Love all your finds Donna. I like embossed plates like those too :o)

  11. "Klueless" in Seattle has an affinity for pressed aluminum trays. You two need to get together. I think you would appreciated each others finds! Here's an entry where she makes reference to her collection: I like them, too, but I don't have a collection of them. I remember some coasters my mom had from long ago. I might have them here somewhere.

  12. Such great finds! My mom used to have an aluminum serving tray with an etched country scene.

  13. As always, more great finds! Love the wood box and I think the cherubs will look nice on distressed white......have fun!

  14. Love that crate and those little heart-shaped tins!! Great always!!!

  15. Add me to the list...I love those embossed aluminum plates! They are so vintage looking to me. Love the crate too!


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