Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Finds

vintage finds, rusty and crusty things, Magnolia Ridge Antique and Art GatheringThis week's Finds features what I bought last Saturday at Magnolia Ridge Antique and Art Gathering.(HERE)

Piano casters - rusted!

Old can - rusted.

Primitive bench with a touch of blue left on it.

A turquoise birdhouse with three apartments inside.

Eighteen large spools.

A red bench.

Thanks, Dale!

Old cotton basket in red - it has a hole but I still love it!

A large white basket that held ...

Child-sized vintage hangers!

A bunch of miscellaneous casters - rusted.

A stepladder - quite distressed.

Two Pepsi carton crates.

Black Flag Insecticide sprayer.

A flag.

A wooden and metal handmade scoop.

Thanks, Millie!

A tin of buttons.

A print of twins - a boy and a girl.

Thanks, Millie!

Black wrought iron plant stands.

Small pots on one side - larger ones on the other.

Thanks, Millie!

I really liked shopping with Millie.

My haul from Maddie - the Rust Princess. 

Thanks, Maddie!

Tin tiles.

A bird cage.

A feed sign.

Thanks, Olive!

I had just a few dollars left in my pocket when I started for home.

Then I met Eddie on the side of the road.

I wanted the white metal shelf, the chisel store display, and the brown suitcase.

I told him I did not have much money.

He named a price.

He must have ESP - it was exactly what was in my pocket!

Thanks, Eddie!

There is so much going on this weekend, I am not sure which direction to go.

Just point me towards the rusty, crusty stuff.

See y'all!

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  1. Love it all Donna !! Especially the vintage children's hanger's , Maddie's goodie's and the turquoise birdhouse . I could use that birdhouse to spruce up my garden, that's where I'll be today, not pinning. Lol
    Have a great holiday weekend :)) TT

  2. So much awesome in this post! I especially love the feed sign. And junk dealing on the side of the road? Perfect :-)

    Have an awesome weekend!


  3. Dang, Donna, I don't know where to start, so I'll just say - I love all your junk!! Maddie was the little girl junk entrepreneur? A pro in the making - she had some good stuff! Those child hangers can be expensive, too. You did really well. Have a great weekend.

  4. I love all of it but am coveting the Pepsi crates! I never find anything like that! The colors on them is great. Have a great weekend! I'm off today and Monday so it's a glorious 4-day weekend for me!!!

  5. So many great finds! Love the adorable hangers, and that bird cage. Maddie had some lovely rusty crusty stuff. Those plant stands are cool.

  6. Ooo what awesome finds! I'm starting my prep for the one big flea market I am doing this summer. I'm hoping I have enough stuff in my house and with what I've bought last week to make it worthwhile. The good news is that since it's a flea market, I can sell anything. I have always done really well with my vintage stuff at this market, but I do have some household stuff and clothes I need to get rid of.

  7. I can't even pick a favorite because you got so much great stuff.

  8. Such great stuff!!!! My favorite: the hangers, how sweet!!!

  9. Funnily enough I have a bit of a castor fetish as well, I've not a clu what use I will find but I keep bringing them home

  10. Wow, this is your best score yet! Love the spools, those hangers and all the rust!

  11. Oh my what great finds! I am particularly envious of the spools. I have been looking for a few in which to wrap my wide antique lace.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Oh, row houses for birds! And in turquoise!

  13. Oh Donna, so much rusty crusty goodness. I really love the stuff you got from Eddie with your last few dollars and those vintage children's clothes hangers.

  14. LOL...that didn't happen to be "Cousin Eddie" did it??!! So many wonderful things! I'll take the suitcase (I have a love affair with old suitcases and it will go nicely with my collection), the old can and the handmade scoop. That's probably all I can afford this week, so I will be back next week to shop again! I WISH I LIVED CLOSER TO YOU!! You have the bestest stuff...always!!

  15. Well Donna, you did it again ... hit the top with wonderful finds. I could always use the casters. Love the piano casters. Working on a piece of furniture right now that I could use those on. Nice birdcage and the cotton basket is great, even without the bottom.
    Enjoy a quite week-end.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  16. What a haul! My hubby (rest his soul) worked many years for Pepsi so those touched my heart.

  17. Wow, all great finds. I love the old feed sign the best.


  18. Wow, what great finds. I saw several things I would LOVE!!

  19. That is quite the very bit of it!! All that rust, crusty and chippy, peely stuff!
    You are one lucky gal.......I envy you! Have fun!

  20. I love all your finds!!! :) Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  21. Hi Donna,
    Amazing finds! I can't wait to see what you do with them!
    Yours in Rust,
    Cheryl at 22 Applegate Lane

  22. Love the little birdhouse. It must be nice for each bird to have her own space.

  23. The blue bench and the red basket are my faves! I had that exact same tin, found full of buttons as well a few years ago. Hope you're having a great week! ~Ann

  24. That must have been soooo much fun! I love the little chippy blue bench and adore the birdhouse most of all. And those old railroad spikes, my goodness, when I think of all the ones I used to find growing up near a railroad!

  25. You hit the jackpot. Love everything. I have some Pepsi, Dr Pepper and 7 up containers in my pantry. They look great. Di @cottage wishes


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