Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Finds

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My most enjoyable purchase this past week has to be a collection of over three hundred vintage postcards.

I sat for a couple of hours reading the messages.

I offer vintage postcards on Etsy and have them in my booth at Riverfront Antique Mall.

My favorite find is this vintage faux crocodile train case.

I was so excited about it, I forgot to at least dust it before showing you.

The inside is complete and in good shape.

Except for the dirt.

Dresner Original Luggage - Chicago.

A leather briefcase and a wood recipe box.

An unusual purchase for me - a bunch of plastic grapes.

However, someone took the time to paint them gold and then apply a crackled white finish to them.

I will use them for display in the booth.

I am in need of some raw materials to use in projects.

Yes, Horror Monster has slimmed down a bit.

Two large drawers.

Four medium drawers.

Three graduated cabinet doors.

All of these are destined to be painted and become something besides drawers and doors.

Just as soon as I finish all the projects in line in front of them.

A cutlery drawer - always a good seller.

Some banister brackets in brass and drawer handles.

I bought the brackets thinking they were hooks.  When I got home, I was sitting on the stairs trying to figure out what they were.  Turned my head - yes, we have a whole stairwell of them.

I am currently working on this small dresser.

The only reason it was left at the thrift I am sure is no one noticed it is not what is seems.

Stay tuned.

Officially the cutest items found this week are the four block quilt top of vintage printed fabric ...

And the adorable straw baby clogs.

This weekend is the biggest yard sale event in the county for the year.  Too many sales to even count.

Will I be out hunting?

NO!  My cousin is getting married.

How could she!?! 

PS I am attempting to take new items to Booth W-10 every three days.  Come visit.

See y'all!

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  1. I always love the graphics on the old post cards. Good finds. I look forward to seeing the finished projects. I love it when you tease us about the furniture. Maybe you could come late to the wedding and leave early?

  2. That train case is to die for! I have been finding a lot of those lately! Just can't get enough of them. Great finds!

  3. I love reading all the vintage ephemera I find. Does that make me nosy? :-)

    Have an awesome weekend!


  4. How could your cousin even THINK about getting married on such a big junk hunting day? Can you hit some sales in the morning or on your way to the wedding? Nothing like junk hunting in your Sunday best. :) Mom and I are hitting the second biggest yard sale route in Indiana - the Highway 38 Yard Sale (the US 40/National Rd Sale is bigger, but spans more than just Indiana). It's only 40 miles, but that will take us all day.

  5. The postcards and train case are AWESOME!

  6. I pick up old postcards whenever I can find them........I've never seen 300 at one time...great find! Have a wonderful week end..hugs...

  7. Love the crocodile train case and the baby clogs are adorable!


  8. More great finds! Love that train case and post cards........actually all the other stuff too!
    Can hardly wait to see your creativity on these things.
    I did a little pickin early this morning at two large barn sales in the area......a lot of other people had the same idea too being that it is a beautiful day here. Going to work in the yard today. A road trip is planned with friends to go junkin tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend Donna.

  9. I love vintage cards and letters. I purchase them whenever I get the chance. I love reading them (when I can read the handwriting) and try to imagine what was going on when they wrote them. Silly, I know, but I think it's cool being able to touch a part of the past in that personal way! Have a great weekend! (PS...can you let me know if I'm showing up as a "no reply blogger" again. I've tried to fix it.)

  10. Hey Miss Donna;
    What Wonderful finds!!! I cannot imagine finding over 300 Vintage Postcards. They really look Beautiful. I Always enjoy reading them, and the Graphics are normally just Stunning. I Love your Train case, and I cant wait to find out about your Small Dresser. It looks like an old nice piece.
    I hope that You and Chucks have a Good Weekend!!! :-)

  11. Oh, no! How can people can get married the weekend of a very big yard sale is beyond me? Thrifting comes before love... Or did I get that wrong?

  12. Always good to find the old pine wood drawers and lumber. 300 postcards, that will keep you busy for awhile finding creative ways to use them. Sorry you missed such a fine day for thrift shopping, but I am sure you will make up for it next time.
    Thanks for sharing your goodies.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  13. I am dying over that lot of old postcards. What a great find!

  14. Having been let down by your cousin like that, I'm am glad you had a nice haul to tide you over. Love those vintage postcards!

  15. The postcards would have been my favorite too! I love reading them. I watched the sweetest thing the other day about a lady who found an old love letter in a record sleeve she bought at a thrift store.'s the link. Go watch it and have tissues on hand! So sweet...:) And, those straw clogs are so stinkin' cute!

  16. The postcards! Every three days!


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