Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Finds - Stencils!

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This week's 
Friday Finds 
are something different.

I did not buy anything this week though I did pick up a pile of windows, but you have seen stacks of those here.

So my favorite find of the week are the stencils I ordered from Funky Junk (Visit Funky Junk Interiors Old Sign Stencils HERE). 

Featured today is the Farmer's Market sign stencil.

The stencil also includes the arrow.

I purchased another stencil I will use on a project for next week.

The stencils are designed to be used in a multitude of ways.

I bought nine pieces of heavy-duty flashing pieces at Vintage South on my recent Low Country Crawl. (Visit the Vintage South website HERE.)

I decided they would make perfect signs.

Yes, I do realize there are only eight pieces in the photo.  The ninth would not fit.

This homemade greige paint has a base of Farragoz gesso.

I seal it in these containers and keep it in the refrigerator.

If you happen to visit, do NOT eat anything from the produce drawers.

No matter how appetizing it may look.

One slap-dash coat and they are done.

Rust shines right through.

Well, rust really does not do the "shine" thing.

Rust glowers in the background.

You know how to stencil so I won't go through the steps.

Personal opinion - I don't like the spaces on stenciled letters so I fill them in with a liner brush.

I used barn red for the Farmers'.

Here the signs sit waiting for two coats of a satin craft varnish.

Don't want any of the rust to fall off!

A group photo of all nine signs.

I did not add hangers to them.

I will let the customers decide to hang or to prop.

Someone passing by wanted to know if I was selling all my sedum.


Well, maybe.

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Tomorrow is the annual Magnolia Ridge Antique and Art Gathering - May 16th from 9am to 4pm - Ridge Spring, SC.  

Yes, I will be buying some treasures.

See y'all!

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  1. Looking forward to see what you will find at the Antique gathering! :)

  2. Love your idea Donna :) Might have to order some stencil's for myself. I have sheet's of crusty metal off an old corn crib that would make some mighty fine sign's. Shop for me, we have rain in the forecast for the next 5 day's. Enjoy, TT

  3. I've seen many of my favorite bloggers using Donna's stencils. They're awesome! Not much going on here this weekend. It's supposed to rain all weekend, but maybe I'll get in some garage sales tomorrow morning.

  4. I love Donna's stencils, and your signs turned out great. I know you'll find some treasures at that show. Tomorrow is is the biggest garage sale day of the year here because of the long weekend, so I'm hoping to find treasures too.

  5. Nicely done! I'm off to glower in the background.

  6. Ooooh Donna I love the Farmer's Market signs. You always come up with the most unique ways of using your crusty rusty treasures. I bet they don't last long in your booth.

  7. OOOh! I love those! That's funny that someone wanted to buy the sedum... some people just don't get it! lol!


  8. The signs are great! I may need to make some!!!

  9. Love your signs--what great canvases, those pieces of flashing. I just received an order from Consumer Craft the other day and have been trying them out--I love them. I'll be posting mine on Monday. Have a great week-end, Donna!

  10. Hey Donna,
    I really like your Farmer's Market signs. Love the idea of using the metal....pretty clever of you. Have fun treasure hunting tomorrow. I'm sure you'll find great stuff.


  11. Oh Donna, I just love those signs! And I can't stencil worth 2 pennies. You've seen what a mess I made of things. Why does it look so easy when you do it but for me it is the equivalent of brain surgery??!! The rust shining through is so awesome!! Have a wonderful weekend shopping!!

  12. The sign looks great! I went to a huse decor shop today, looking for a shell stencil and they told me they didn't carry stencils anymore, they were out of fashion... I mean, really? What blogs are they reading????

  13. Looking good Donna ... nice that you can mass produce for your shop. The painted metal made the perfect sign. I bought a roll of new flashing yesterday for a repair project and will have a lot left over ... need to figure out how to make it look old and paint signs on it. Any suggestions on aging it?
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  14. These look great! I would love to sell my sedum! Seems your neighbor my way.

  15. These are great! I want to buy some of her stencils. I'm guessing you are pleased with them.

    Shannon from Bohemian Junktion

  16. Great signs Donna, can't wait to see what else you are going to make.

  17. Love the signs and so funny that they asked about the sedum. Figures. Lol

  18. Love the signs and so funny that they asked about the sedum. Figures. Lol

  19. Fun! I love the twist on the current stenciled sign trend.

  20. Only you can see pieces of flashing and turn them into gorgeous art Donna - these are fabulous - love them !!!

  21. Only you can see pieces of flashing and turn them into gorgeous art Donna - these are fabulous - love them !!!


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