Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Extreme Jarring and Shuttering

vintage jars, old shutters, Riverfront Antique Mall, vintage jugs
I am not stuttering - I have been jarring and shuttering.

Last week I told you in Picking Around I was lying about just picking up a few things.

I do try to have some sort of unifying theme in my booths.

House parts are big sellers for me.

Wooden shutters are getting harder and harder to find.

But last week Habitat had a truckload of them.

Twenty-three of them to be exact.

This is the first load.

These four are about ninety years old.

Most were green.

Four to six feet in height.

I did pick up some of the hinged inside shutters.

Part of the second load.

I was lucky they just needed brushing and wiping down.

On the way home I noticed someone putting out the recycle bin with glass jars.

I dropped the shutters in the driveway and rushed back to find all of these jars.

Vintage jars.

And vintage jugs.

Hazel Atlas glass top jars.

Turquoise Ball jars.

Some zinc top canning jars.

A Log Cabin syrup bottle.

A Fire King milk glass butter dish.

Jam and pickle jars from the fifties.

More canning jars.

There were two of the Bama peanut butter mayonnaise.

I have never heard of it - it was popular in the 1950's.

Ann Page was the A&P Grocery Store brand.

Then there were the jugs.

White House Vinegar.

Apple Cider.

Coca-Cola syrup.

Made of Douglass glass.

One gallon size.

And how did I clean all the jars?  Well, that's why we have a dishwasher.  I carefully sniffed each container to make sure there was nothing flammable.

All were very dusty, but surprisingly clean on the inside.

The gallon jugs had to be washed by hand - too tall for the dishwasher.

Next all of this extreme collecting had to fit into the booths.

Here is one load of shutters going in the back of Riverfront Antique Mall.

Oh, I forgot to mention I bought this colorful teacher's desk at Habitat along with all the shutters.

When I made it to my booth, this is what met me.

Total chaos!

It took an hour to straighten this mess out.

And find a place for all the shutters and the desk.

The jars and jugs I left for another day.

Okay, being honest, there was no room in the Blazer for the jars and jugs.

Luckily for me the desk fit right in front of the booth

It is working hard as a display table for a whole pile of stuff.

The shutters line the entrance to the newly straightened big booth.

The white shutters I placed in the smaller booth - more cottage-y.

I took a few moments to check out the walkway outside the store.

There is a ton of interesting objects out there.

I love the crossing sign.

I would love it even more in my yard.

I see great potential in the two-holer seat for an old outhouse.

I could frame some family members with it.

I found extreme jarring and shuttering to be quite the thrill.

Maybe one day it will be an official Olympic sport.

I know I could medal.

See y'all!

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  1. Amazing finds Donna! I need to come shopping in your booths!

  2. What a great pick! I have been looking and looking for at least ONE shutter so I can use it as a display piece.

  3. Wow, Donna! Big time score!! That FK butter dish alone is worth $25-40 (eBay). I'd keep that baby (I have one already, lol, but what's another one?!). I can't believe someone would actually throw away the vintage Ball jars either - and I like the ones with the bale lids even more than the screw on lids. What a day - but all that hauling and work wiping them down is a pain, isn't it? Your booth looks good. We always say it looks like someone has stirred our linens with a stick each time we go in to ours - takes us about 30-45 minutes just to straighten them each time!

  4. Girl, you provide the standard on which the medals would be based.
    Regarding the two-holer: you're going to frame family members... or photos of family members?

  5. I am coming to visit soon! I need some shutters to go over my bed. Were the jars beside the road? My goodness girl, you know how to find the junk (treasures!)

  6. My favorites are those fantastic shutters!! and the mason jars with those interesting lids. I have a couple of those and they're wonderful! Great treasures, Donna.

  7. Well I must fly over to Habitat if only I could free myself from this yard. You have been picking up a storm. I have tons of Bee Balm. It wants to overtake the world.

  8. Wow...the shutters are huge and what a great find! I can't believe someone got rid of those jars...especially the blue one! My favorite thing you found was the milk glass butter dish. I have never seen one before. Are you listing it in your Etsy shop?

    Blessings, Vicky

  9. I love your style Donna! I have noticed the lack of shutters lately at auctions myself. I am in desperate need for them for my upcoming show. i love to use for dividers and display!! Your booth looks darling!! Thanks for visiting my blog today!!

  10. I would have to keep all of the blue jars that's for sure. All those shutters!! That is amazing!

  11. Oh my, my, my, I want those shutters! You are right they are hard to find. You really scored, the shutters, blue jars, jars and bottles. I also have never seen a milk glass butter dish. Your torturing me girl!!!!! I'm with you on the topless tureen's

  12. Hilarious two holer crack...
    I would have too much fun digging around in your booth!

  13. Well the 2-seater is the funniest thing I've ever seen ( and framing it with family members - I'm peeing my pants here !!!)
    I want every last one of those jugs - wow - talk about a haul!

  14. I have two family members I could use that outhouse seat for!! Seriously! hahaha Too funny.

  15. Hi Donna,

    What great finds. The jars are wonderful!

    Bear Hugs,

  16. OMGosh, I love visiting you Donna. You always make me laugh! Some great finding and gathering (not as cute as jarring and shuttering). Curbside finds are always a treat--you feel good about rescuing the stuff and then you get to make money on it too! Thanks for sharing your wonderful writing and sense of humor with the world. We need it.

  17. I still can't believe you found all of those! Thanks for sharing @ TTF!

  18. Oh my, I have been looking for some large shutters. What a haul you made! Both with the shutters and the jars! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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