Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thrifting Before Yard Saling

Thrift shop finds, vintage finds, ironstone
It is Sunday morning and I must confess I have a secret I did not tell over at Saturday Spotlight. HERE

Most of you know Chucks and I did the Peach Tree 23 Yard Sale event yesterday. (Not all 44 miles of it - only a portion.)

Plenty of items to peruse and purchase.

BUT on Friday I went thrifting!

Yes, I thrifted before yard saling!  

(Is that even a word?)

First this mirror in the unique frame.  I have not seen one like this.

The curved part drops back as a stand with a wing nut to tighten it.

Even the mirror is designed to rotate.

There is a mirror on both sides.

The simple design of it thrills me.

It doesn't take much, I guess.

A cute bench at a great price is always welcomed to my buggy.

I have a thing for benches with the handhold cut into them.

Then you just place a vintage oak picnic basket on top of the bench.

Welcomed to my buggy.

I did purchase three items on my list - all ironstone.

No topless tureens.

This lovely huge platter with pink toile-like flowers.

A large old bowl with a multitude of brown age spots. 

This will be my swap item at the Drop It Or Swap It party at
Tarnished Royalty!

This platter longer and deeper than the first.

Lovely iris design with gold around the rim.

Welcomed all three to my buggy.

A white wicker market basket coated with an extreme number of paint layers.

A Sunbeam milk glass batter bowl.

Two silver Polo trophy plates suitably tarnished.

Welcomed to my buggy.

A very old silhouette in an oval frame.

A square trinket holder in silverplate.

An eggbeater.

Welcomed to my buggy.

You must admit for me this was restrained.

Most of it fit into the picnic basket.

Some are keepers and some will be sold in the booth or in the Etsy shop.

So I confess I had a secret.  

And I have no regrets.

I thrifted first.

Then I yard saled.

(The English teacher buried deep inside will not let that rest - I yard sale, I yard saled yesterday, I will be yard saling the rest of my life.  Okay, if you can conjugate the verb, it must exist.)

See y'all!

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  1. Oh yes... saling is definitely a word in my world. I love yard saling and garage saling, and we did some on the weekend too. That little bench is sooo sweet, and I love the old silhouette, and the egg beater. I've recently become quite enamored with vintage egg beaters and have collected a few.

  2. Lol, Donna - that's too funny! Thrifting before yard saling - kinda like stretching before exercising, right? Love your finds - I have seen a mirror like the one you found, but not often. I laughed when I read "large old bowl with multitude of brown spots" - that could describe me. I wondered how many miles you covered. When we attend the Longest Yard Sale, we seem to only make it a couple blocks. :D

    Speaking of conjugating, here's one that's always bugged me - dive. We scuba dive. We dived (not dove) some really good sites in the past. Sort of like yours - you didn't yard sold yesterday - you yard saled. Have a great start of the week, cleaning up all that stuff and finding a place for it all!

  3. Great finds! I'm really looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more about your Saturday. Sounds like so much fun!

  4. Some day I will make one of those huge long sales. But probably won't thrift before it! LOL. I think the curved part of that mirror may go around your neck so that one can get really close up to to the hand mirror but be hands-free.

    1. I have a magnifying glass that works like that. Definitely for hanging around your neck. Really handy! Great finds! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  5. What a great haul, Donna! I looked up saling in the urban dictionary and it said
    "The act of shopping and/or bargain hunting at estate sales and rummage sales." This fits you to a t! Keep on saling, girlfriend!!!!

  6. Lovely finds. The picnic basket is perfect, especially since it can hold the other finds!

  7. I'll take all the ironstone off your hand. You found some great junk!

  8. To funny! I have to admit...I have done the same thing. You really found some great things.. love the platters. A girl has to do what a girl has to do. I would have a difficult time deciding what to let go of..Have a great Sunday! Blessings!

  9. Great finds! The little bench and white batter bowl are my favorites. I found a realy nice frame with convex glass yesterday. I'll be sharing it soon. Hope your weekend has been a good one...but if you thrifted and went yard saling, I know it was!

    Blessings, Vicky

  10. I love this fave is the silhouette and the large bowl ....LOVE them ! xxx

  11. Now that's a true 'junker'-a girl after my own heart! Love the ironstone :)

  12. The iron stone is wonderful. The English lesson is helpful. I thought Peach 23 less stellar than last year but I am sick with a sinus infection so it might very well be me. Olive

  13. Of course you did! LOL!!!! Seriously...I'm sitting here laughing by myself in the kitchen!!

  14. Love your finds. And I must admit - I've been stuck on the whole "yard saling" thing... because MS Word, etc. keeps putting the squiggly red line under "saling" so it must not be a word... right? Can us junkers get it added to the next dictionary?

  15. Good stuff Donna ... I love the silhouette and of course; the ironstone. You make it sound like so much fun.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  16. I've wondered if "yard saling" is a word too! Hah!!

    That silhouette is sweet!!

  17. Too funny, if you can conjugate the verb. Yup, yard saling, thrifting, thrifted...all great words in my book. You found some beautiful treasures, especially the old china.

    Visiting from Thriftasaurus. :) Pam

  18. beautiful treasures! The silhouette is my favorite!

  19. I prefer thrifting to yard saling! Although the thrift store prices seem to be rising!!!

  20. I'm guilty of doing the same Donna! And then there's yard saling before having my own yard sale ~ also guilty. You really know how to sale. And conjugate.
    Tarnished Royalty

  21. You found some great deals! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  22. Great loot! I love your pickin's. I love the little silhouette and the cool mirror. I don't know how you could give any of it up.

  23. I really love that rotating mirror - how clever!

  24. I love that picnic basket! It's the perfect time of year to bring it home. I always look for them at the thrifts but so far, no luck. I do have a few that I have picked up yard sale-ing though.

    Have an awesome Sunday!


  25. I'd like to climb into that buggy. lol! I hit a vintage yard sale Sat. and brought home a bench also. Welcome to my Tahoe! lol! Love your finds! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  26. Awesome finds--each and every one! But I LOVE the silhouette, and I mean LOVE. My sweet husband and I went to a town wide this week-end and filled the van--it was wonderful! Have a great week, Donna :)

  27. Thanks for taking the time to share at TTF! :)

  28. Wow those are great finds! I don't think it matters which one you went to first since you got such good stuff!! hehe

  29. Conjugate away! As long as you keep showing us your fabulous finds. LOVE your finds. A garage sale outing by any other name is still as sweet....Thanks so much for coming to the Thrifty Life Thursday link party at Revisionary Life!


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