Thursday, January 9, 2014

Junk Joy

vintage finds, junking, ironstone, Buffalo china, MacNicol china, Haeger
It was a day filled with junk joy!

The chilly Low Country Crawl yielded several small treasures.Read about our day here! 

I still have not been able to get the huge wardrobe from my Blazer so some treasures are hidden deep within her drawers.

Some Lady!

An old Boston three-hole punch.

Works great!

Weighs a ton!

Some fake hydrangeas and tote bags.

It seems everyone had tossed her crockery out for the New Year.

Here's the junk that made me joyful!

A very large white ironstone pitcher with green stripes.

The opening is not round, but oval.

Beautiful curves!

 A salt-glazed half liter beer mug.

An ironstone creamer.

A very fancy tea bag saver.  Do not know the official name for it.

I usually just toss my used tea bags on a paper towel.

I have no class :>(((

Two MacNicol China cups and two Buffalo China cups.

A large Haeger USA platter in white - not a nick, chip or crack in her - over a foot wide.

I thought I had found the platter's twin in blue, but alas, they are the same size and basic shape, but not the same and this one is not marked.

I still like this one better for the color.

 Four green bottles with their caps.

Do not know what came in these, but isn't the color great?

This may be something special. 

 I have to look it up,  Unless someone out there has seen one of these.

Milk glass ashtray.  

When held to the light it glows pinkish. 

No chips.

The back (if you could actually read it!) says it is OPALEX and the rest is in French.

I will let you know if it is trash or treasure.

 A small oval plate (Sterling China) with the Department of the Navy seal on it.

A stack of MacNicol restaurant china.

One large bowl, two small platters, two oval bowls, and two small bowls.

White with those lovely green stripes.

Now for the quiz of the day.

What are these?  White ironstone with green stripes.  One has a small mark.

Too large for egg cups.



They were just thrown in with the vintage china above.

NOTE:  Janice at  Bluebell Woods found identical cups like these on eBay for double size eggs - Restaurant china.  THANK YOU, JANICE!  (They were $12.95 each.)

Now for the trivia question of the day.

How do you know it is cold in the South?

Everyone from miles around gets in his/her car and drives to Kroger!  There must have been 300 people in there Tuesday.  

And not a flake of snow or pellet of ice to be seen.

The high was only 24F degrees.  

We have not unpacked winter clothes in two years.

I heard tonight the Polar Vortex is going back home.

Good Riddance!

Now for another bit of JOY for the New Year.  I received a package in the mail from Vicky at Life on Willie Mae Lane.

 The package was so cute, I hated to open it.  BUT at last I did.

A wonderful JOY banner for 2014!

I love it.

Thanks so much, Vicky!

See y'all! 


Carlene will be sharing the second Tuesday of January!


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  1. Great finds! I love that ashtray. Do you think maybe a fancy hotel had one for each room? They was my first thought but whoa the expense of that.

  2. It's really fun guessing what some of your great finds are. Maybe those cups are for eating some kind of fruit or vegetable - so prim and proper. And I know you know that's a tea strainer or infuser and not a tea bag saver or holder, I think. I do love the green bottles but the tops seem out of place. The ash tray looks like something illegal with that particular "drawing" in the middle and the words boom! So comical! You have to have a sense of humor when trying to figure out what some of these things are. What a great haul!!!

  3. Wow… you found some great things… I love those kind of days!

  4. Only you could find an ashtray with a Molotov cocktail on it! Boom!

  5. I love that first pitcher. Those cups sure look like egg cups. Can you use the smaller end? I was heading your way today to Kalmia Plaza but I have decided I hurt my back lifting furniture and am taking a nap instead. Unload that blazer-we want to see that large piece:}

  6. I love the pitcher, it has beautiful curves. Your teabag holder is, I think, a tea strainer: you put the part with little holes above your teacup and pour the tea through it in your cup, so it'll keep the tealeaves that could go out of the teapot. It's meant for when you do you tea from leaves and not teabags; but it'll make a fancy teabag holder if you prefer!

  7. I believe that the cups are for Japanese Sake, at least they look like the ones I drank Sake out of when I was in Japan.
    Your really found some wonderful items. Don't you have a girl friend that could help you slide it out and tip it down and have one of those furniture dollies and roll it into the garage. My friend and I used to move things that were so heavy. No wonder we both have bad backs LOL. Good luck....
    Have a warmer weekend.

  8. You found lots of treasures! I think my favorite is the beautiful pitcher....Love the shape of it! The green glass bottles are really pretty too. I'm glad you liked your little banner...Vick y

  9. The pitcher was a great find and it has great curves. They look like egg cups to me using the smaller end.


  10. Holy Smokes Girl, it was your lucky day! Great Finds!

  11. Can't believe someone got rid of ironstone!

  12. Great finds! Your cups are sake cups. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  13. Hey Donna--thanks for visiting me at Adirondack Girl @ Heart :) I love ironstone and I collect green glass. I have it lining my window sill over the sink; in the morning, when the sun shines through, it's beautiful. I think those thingys are egg cups, but maybe for goose eggs? Could they be from England where they still eat such things? Oh, and I love the banner your friend sent you, too.

  14. Great finds, Donna! That pitcher has such graceful curves and stripe on it adds so much interest. :) What a fun day for you, girlie!!

    xoxo laurie

  15. Such pretty finds, Donna! I love the pitchers, the mugs and that cool platter--hope I have good luck when I go out next week looking for treasures:)

  16. Wow Donna ... you got some good stuff. Love the white pitcher. It would look great with my ironstone collection. That 2014 banner is really cute too. Lucky you.

    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  17. Great finds! Thanks for sharing-Andrea

  18. Your tea bag strainer is a tea strainer for using loose leaf tea. It should set on a little dish when you are done. You put the tea in it and pour the hot water through the leaves. The other things look like egg cups to me. Maybe they had duck eggs hehe

  19. The greet jars are so pretty! Everyone comes shopping at my work when the weather is crappy - it's like, well we got nothing else to do.

  20. Just love all the ironstone, milk glass, great junk finds,

  21. Wow what a haul! Love that pitcher. Thank you for sharing this at What We Accomplished Wednesdays!

    Happy New Year!

  22. You got some great deals. My fav is that I am a pitcher collector myself.
    It has great lines....... also liked the restaurant dishes......reminds me of when I was a kid,
    my grandparents and dad oven a diner, and they had plates and stuff just like those, and
    those lil egg cups are darling too.
    Hope you enjoy it all...................
    Blessings, Nellie

  23. My heart is beating, adrenalin pumping...AWESOME finds. LOVE that Haegar platter, and the tea bag thing is straight out of Downton Abbey! Your post made me laugh out loud, Donna. Thanks for coming to Thrifty Life Thursday at Revisionary Life!

  24. That's some serious loot! Enjoy all your goodies. :)

  25. I got a similar package from Vicky and I too hated to open it. I love that clock paper.

    What great finds you picked up - LOVE that pitcher.

  26. Great finds...Love the pitcher and those green bottles! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  27. Hi Donna,
    You were featured this week at Thrifty Life Thursday!:)

  28. Great finds! The little green bottles may have held capers.


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