Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Chilly Low Country Crawl

thrift shopping, Summerville, North Charleston
 On Saturday I drove down to Summerville, South Carolina, to go Low Country Crawling.

Part of the way I followed behind a cotton truck going to the gin.  I took a picture in Denmark, yes, Denmark, South Carolina, so you could see a bale of cotton.

If you know the art of Jim Harrison, his studio is on the right at this stoplight.

Just some random fact.

 First we went to Ladson Flea Market, but it was 29F with a wind chill.  

It took us all of twenty minutes to walk from the car to three vendors, buy some stuff, and run back to the car.  

We decided indoor treasure hunting was a better choice.

We went to the Goodwill Pound Store where everything left over from all the other regular Goodwill stores go to be bought or die.

The goods are rolled out on giant carts - no sorting except books, hard goods, and fabric.  Everything jumbled together.  

I wanted a piece of white ironstone.  

Leia was looking for decor and gift ideas.  She has an eagle eye when searching for things.

I wanted Leia to take a photo of me with an empty cart at the next thrift store to show I could go in one and not buy a thing. 

I asked this guy if I could borrow his cart.  He said sure if he could be in the picture.

Now some of you know a Carolina girl and a Clemson man make a strange pair, but here we are.  

Mr. Clemson wanted to be on a blog so here he is.

Unfortunately he left before I could tell him where to find his picture.

Chucks said he thinks he was just flirting with us.

He might be right!

 We call this the red thrift though its official name is Community Thrift Store on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston.

Yep, we are leaving with just that basket and bag.  

Nothing else.

Though do peek behind Leia at the white dresser and nightstands going into the white truck. 

I re-e-e-e-ally wanted those.

BUT . . . 

This is all the space I had in the Blazer.


Because Leia has given me her wardrobe!

I knew to pack it up before we even ventured out shopping.

We were very creative at sliding the drawers open and shoving things in the sides.

I cannot show you the things we bought because I have to figure out how to retrieve them without pulling the wardrobe out of the truck. 

It is too cold and rainy to paint so I will be driving around with this for several days.

Chucks says it is NOT coming in the house.

HOWEVER, I have named her The Empress.

I may be attached.

 By this time it was four o'clock, and we had not stopped to eat.  Off we went to Matt's Burger's - my first time, but not my last.

I can only eat meat so that is what I ordered - a hamburger steak with cheese and chile.

I did eat the slaw.

Leia had a burger and fries.

 It is a funky little cafe in the middle of Summerville. 

A place where you sign the walls.

(We forgot!)

A place where the soap dispenser in the bathroom is a condiment squeeze bottle!

A place where the ink pens are standing in a bowl of dried black-eyed peas.

(Leia has stolen this neat idea.  She uses a bowl of dried lentils to hold her small paint brushes!)

A place where the food is great and the waitress fixes you a to-go cup.

Is that just a Southern thing?

Cafes around here always fix you a to-go cup of tea, water, or Coke when you are leaving.

I have to-go cups at my house for guests.

Above Leia's head is a quote:  "I'm not saying my wife is a bad cook, but she uses the smoke alarm as a timer!"

Leia is wondering if I will ever stop taking pictures.

Also, I had to get a new phone - the first in eight years.  

She was tired of my questions.

So is the guy in India who was on the phone with me for 45 minutes Friday night.

It is going to take me awhile to learn this one.  It is so-o-o-o big!

Some excitement on the long way home.  

Between Blackville and Elko (basically in the middle of nowhere!) there was something catching in the headlight beams.


Yes, a Southern snow - microscopic.  For one mile - about a minute the way I drive - there was a flurry of tiny flakes


BUT  herds of deer along the road.


It appeared as if they were sizing up the cars to decide which one to attack.

Luckily I made it home with only stories to tell.

And some explaining to do about why I was smiling so much while being hugged by a Clemson man!

See y'all!

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  1. Ooooh, Denmark, did you go to the Wee Bakery and get a bear claw? If not, you seriously missed out, you have to get one next time. Best sweet treat evah! Looks like a fun day

  2. I have never been to Summerville and did not know there was a town called Denmark in SC! I think there is one in NC (?) I live in York and would have loved to go thrifting with you.

  3. You are too funny my Fig. Clemson men are rather nice. I went to tennis camp there in 1978. But got my degree at USCA of course.

  4. Oh my that chili cheeseburger looks good! Almost as good as that wardrobe. I can't wait to see it standing up.

  5. I can't wait to see that wardrobe out of the truck... It looks like it deserves its nickname of "Empress"!

  6. What a fun day out with Leia! That wardrobe looks gorgeous...are you planning to paint it? At least you had lots of drawers to fill with small treasures on the hunt! Looks like Leia had her pockets stuffed full in the photo of her holding the basket! That diner looks like a fun place...I love those kind. Can't wait to see all your treasures.

    Blessings, Vicky

  7. Love how your day unfolded. You even got some "treasures". Hope you get the hang of your new phone really will have to post how that is going for you. :)

  8. I love how you can turn an ordinary day out into the greatest junk finding adventure ever. Looks like you had a great time~

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip with lots of stories to share. Love the wardrobe and can hardly wait to see it standing up.

  10. Oh I love that wardrobe Donna! Can't wait to see what you do with it. Sounds like you and Leia had a great time, even though you had to drive through some of the white stuff.

  11. You do have the best time finding great stuff with your niece Leia. They say thrift places are filled with the best of things since everyone was in a donating frenzy the last few days of December. Sounds like you were disappointed that the snow didn't last. I think we're in for a really cold and snowy winter up here in Maryland. Not looking forward to that.

  12. So love the wardrobe even though I can't really see it all! Sounds like a fun excursion with a friend. I am a Southern girl too from GA. My kind of hunt! Sounds like a great little place to eat too. Fun!


  13. Ooooh I love that picture of the huge cotton bale! I still want to see a gin in action! Looks like you and Leia had a wonder (and successful) crawl! Looking forward to seeing the Empress when you are finished with her!

  14. Hi Donna! It's my first visit here and so it's nice to "meet" you! Now that looks like my kind of day! and the wardrobe looks like it is going to be a beautiful project! I am your newest follower. I hope you will drop by for a visit and follow me back! Have a great day!

  15. Good luck with the empress! She's fab.
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

  16. Such a fun story to read! My SIL lives in Chicago but when we get together we love to Thrift Shop ~ she has a way of finding the most amazing things.

  17. I appreciate the photo of the bale of cotton..I've never seen one! You are so funny! I bet you are a hoot to shop with. :)

  18. OMG that is to cold to go flea marketing. Stopped by from The Cottage Market.

  19. What fun! I've never seen a bail of cotton like that before! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  20. A bale of cotton - wow, what a sight!

  21. Boy that country crawl looked like a lot o fun. No country crawls around here. I never seen a cotton ball before so that was cool! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with us last week at Sunday's Best!

  22. Goodness gracious,where are ya'll from to have never seen a cotton bale ?I somehow stumbled across this blog and thought,"I need to do this ".My mother is a rag picker and junker from way back.It runs in the family.A fun little thing you have going on here.BTW,Sweden and Finland in SC too.Yes,I am from around here(at least for the last 43 years).Might have to snoop back again.


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