Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ready For Red

Vignette, Valentine, distressed painting techniques
The middle of January approaches, 
Christmas decorations are stowed away, 
and I am tired of the snowmen.

I am ready for red 
and hearts and new vignettes to gaze upon as I laze around reading when I should be working.

 Looking about the house, I found a stack of plaques started, but never completed.  
I gave this one a second look.

It was already red.

It had a black stencil.

And, hey, doesn't that stencil sorta look like two hearts?

 Now to decide how to finish the plaque.

It had to be distressed!

First I will admit to total laziness.

I did not even clean off the work table.  I balanced the plaque on two jars of gesso.

I used paint pens.

I highlighted the black curlicues with white.

I highlighted the edges with gold.

Using a brown paint pen, I highlighted around the edges and around the curlicues.

I know it is hard to see the brown.

It is just to add depth.

Either use your imagination or keep reading.

There - you see the brown?

I decided the plaque needed some white distressing with a scrumble brush.

What is a scrumble brush?

All of you probably have one.

It is that brush which has been used for years and you hate to throw it out.

These worn, but loved, brushes are great for dry brushing a distressed finish.

With this technique, there is no need for sanding.


Or is it?


Needs some more aging to get that "I have been around forever" look.

I mixed a dark brown craft paint with some satin craft varnish to create an aging glaze.

Slapped it right on that plaque.

Notice I balanced it on a candle holder.

I must get my work table organized!


Didn't take long.

Dried fast.

Looks ancient!

Teeny, the doll, loves hanging out with the ready-for-red plaque.

I am not sure if the two will stay here or move up to the mantel.

The plaque looks great with some of my vintage dictionaries.

I have noticed that quite a few of you are ready for red and have been posting great vignettes.

Great way to lift winter spirits.  Or a place to lift a glass of winter spirits.

See y'all!


Carlene will be sharing Tuesday, January 14!

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  1. I love the "scumble" brush name. I think I will borrow it and your aging technique on my next project. Thank you for sharing! Love the new/old plaque

  2. Donna, this is my new current favorite! I love this and it absolutely is perfect for Valentines Day! Oh and I didn't even know I had a scrumble brush!! But I'm glad to know what to call it now!

  3. Get ideal and not just for Valentines Day! I will have to say red is my favorite color! My first visit. So many wonderful and creative ideals. I have had a couple of the scrumble brushes, the husband always finds them and throws them away.

  4. Oh I knew just what you meant by a scrumble brush! Best tool ever. lol! Love all of the aging you gave this piece. Isn't it fun to finish something that you've had for a long time? And yes, I'm ready for red. And perhaps a little pink.

  5. Love this, perfect with the vintage look :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays...

  6. I never heard of a srumble brush before but I did recognize it! Your piece is so pretty an definitely looks like it's be around naturally. I'm just starting my red!

  7. Perfect and such nice decorations for Valentine's Day...:) I like the way you distressed them with the scrumble brush too...:) Blessings, Vicky

  8. It's so pretty. I wrote today that it's hard to fake genuine age but I don't know, you did a darn good job. I haven't even started thinking about Val day. Sad stuff going on around here w family illnesses

  9. What a beautiful plaque you have created! I have to agree with the scrumble brush idea. We never throw away any old brushes in this studio and the ones that have gone all hard are the best for getting excess polish out of the crevices. Fortunately/Unfortunately these brushes are like hen's teeth around here, as we use too many friendly paints! :)
    Tania from FARRAGOZ

  10. Love the plaque Donna. Adding all those layers really made it look vintage. Thank you for sharing this at What We Accomplished Wednesdays!

    Happy New Year!


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