Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Be Loved

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What a wonderful feeling to be loved.

Or to surround yourself with beloved treasures.

Regular readers know I follow no particular style of decorating.  I use only things that appealed to me and make me happy.

Chucks, too.

And our beloved animals don't really care as long as there are treats involved.

This heart box was a present from my mother years ago.

It says "A daughter is a joy".

Remember JOY is my 2014 word.

I thought the box would be a good starting point for decorating the cabinet in the living room.


Finished already.

I did not take photos as I was  gathering and arranging and rearranging.

So just enjoy.

A trunk tray is the background. 

Notice the pairs and the pinks and the florals and the birds.

Well, just take the time to notice everything.

Pair of love birds.

Pair of beaded flowers.

Pair of pearl necklaces.

Pair of Chinese boxes.

You get the picture.

Jewelry in a small silver dish set in a sieve.

I had to crop this picture because I forgot to erase the price off the sieve handle.

It was 39 cents.

A pretty sugar dish with a missing lid is perfect for lace, pearl trim, and a measuring tape.

A snobby bird or one with high hopes?

A lady dances in front of a photo of her love.

It looks like he brought her flowers.

Well, we now know the bird was looking for amore.

Don't look now, but I see a Goodwill price on that bird!

A pair of sweet sisters in their tiaras.

One day while cleaning my booth, I overheard a conversation across the aisle.  A woman was commenting on the ugliest doll she had ever seen.

I had to go see what the ugliest doll ever seen looked like.

I instantly felt so sorry for her. 

She was a bit homely and loved almost to pieces.

She had been marked down several times.

Yes, I bought her to give her a new home.

She gets to come out of her box for a few weeks each year.

Then she is oh-so carefully packed away.

She be loved here.

As for my word of 2014, JOY,  I have been trying to give joy and find joy.

I have been keeping JOY in my art journal.

I have started a book of images that give me joy.

This morning I tipped the girl working the drive-through window $2 for having a pleasant voice over the speaker.

She was so surprised and said she did not know if she could accept a tip.

I told her I was not about to tell anyone.

So she smiled and thanked me.

Gave us both a little joy.

See y'all!


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  1. Donna this is a lovely post,I so enjoyed taking my time to look at everything. I do also love the ugly doll.

  2. Perfect for Valentines! I love that you cropped the picture because of the tag...and then told us how much it was! LOL! I'm glad you told me what that box was, because i was trying to figure it out! I knew I had seen it before...just couldn't remember! Trunk Tray! Love it!

  3. Donna ... Just love the heart box ... what a treasure. Love that you have a story to tell about every part of your vignette. I en-JOY-ed it.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. Lol you remind me if wanting to rescue quilts and embroidery with rescuing the doll but I think it's sweet. I LOVE that teal tin. Gorgeous! So nice about the tip. Small things can really make someone's day.

  5. What a lovely vignette. That trunk tray makes a fabulous backdrop.

  6. You find the coolest stuff! And such a wonderful variety...Thanks for joining the party!

  7. Donna, so much wonderful eye candy! I loved slowly browsing through each and every picture! So glad you brought the ugly doll home! Your heart box is a treasured gift. I found a sweet bird music box at a thrift last weekend. I placed in in my pink cupboard for a Valentines display. I would love if you linked this to my party, Share Your Cup Thursday.

  8. Just came back over to thank you for sharing your posts at my History & Home link party. I hope Scout is well and you have a great weekend!


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