Sunday, June 30, 2013

Baskets For The Fourth

 The Fourth of July is this coming week!?!  How did that happened?  This summer is flying by.

Decided to decorate a graduated set of baskets to carry the goodies out to the backyard.

Might as well make them special while I am painting them.

Used Folk Art Barn Red in a slap-dash way - didn't want complete coverage.

 Chose three different calico prints in red, white and blue.  

Pinked a cover cloth for each.

Attached a patriotic tag with some torn ribbons from the same cloth.

Read how to make the tags here. 

The large one is holding the sets of tags right now - it would be perfect for buns.

 The medium one is definitely for chips.

The small one can hold the cutlery.

Of course they look fine just hanging out together outside. 

Maybe they deserve plants instead of food.

Well, too lazy to decide now.

Molly approves of the baskets sitting outside - as long as they don't disturb her catnip!

We don't do much but hang around and swim on the Fourth.  That is fine and dandy - just relaxing!

See y'all!

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  1. Good Afternoon Donna, I love how you have painted these baskets it really brightens them and what a fabulous gift they would make for someone.
    I used to own quite a few of these baskets as in the '70's I used them when I went grocery shopping and I also used them to store fruit and vegetables. I always thought they were very stylish.
    Have a wonderful 4th July.
    Best Wishes

  2. I was getting ready to donate a bunch of my baskets to the Thrift ... maybe I should keep some, paint them red and attach pretty tags to them. Just love your ideas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. Beautiful baskets for the BIG celebration! You are so talented too! Have a happy Fourth.

  4. Just darling. I love baskets and have way too many. Swim for me-I have not been in a swim suit since 2009 ;}

  5. You always do it up right with tags and all. I can't believe it's the fourth already either. I, myself, am not prepared!

  6. Pretty baskets - love the slap-dash painting!

  7. Stopping by to thank you for sharing at One More.. These baskets came out so cute and perfect for the fourth of July....
    So happy you joined in this week...xo Tammy

  8. I think your baskets look marvelous! Now I want to come for a picnic and swim!....and shop.

  9. I love them! A great way to re-purpose leftover baskets!

  10. Stopping by to thank you for sharing at One More Time Events and to let you know you have been featured! Hope you can join in again this week. Tammy


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