Saturday, June 22, 2013

Alex's Lemonade Stand - Honoring Katelyn

 Family and friends spent the day in Orangeburg, South Carolina, honoring our special hero - Katelyn.  Katelyn is a typical ten-year-old young lady going into middle school next year - running, riding bikes, and telling secrets with friends.

You would never know from just looking at that beautiful face that she is five years in remission from not one, but two bouts with cancer.

Katelyn decided to celebrate her anniversary with an event named after Alexandra "Alex" Scott who fought childhood cancer until she passed away in 2004.  Alex had a lemonade stand to raise money to find a cure for childhood cancers.  Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation grew from that small venture.  You can read more at  Meet A Survivor - Katelyn Hoffman here.

 Now in typical Southern family fashion, let's figure out who these people are and how they relate to me!

Four generations pictured here:  Amanda (mom of Katie), Norma (Mimi - great grandmother), Debbie (Gah-gah - grandmother), and then the star herself, Katelyn.

Norma is my aunt on my father's side.  Debbie is her daughter and my first cousin, but more like a sister growing up.  Amanda is her daughter and my Godchild.  Katie is her daughter.

You following this?  There is more.

And there will be a test later!

 Amanda (Mandy to family) did an excellent job in setting up the event and getting it publicized.  The appropriate tees were handed out to volunteers and other tees were sold.  

There were games for the little kids, raffles for a bear made by Katie and a Coke clock, and, of course, lemonade.

There were baked goods to sell and donation boxes set up around the stand.

Here is Dolly getting a pet from Aunt Norma.  I am sure she thought the event was just for her to get multiple hugs!  

Dolly, not Aunt Norma, though Aunt Norma does enjoy hugging and is a champion hugger.

 The menfolk set up the ring toss game and spent time checking it out.  

The little kids loved to try for a prize.

The menfolk were avoiding running the lemonade stand.


The menfolk included Uncle Allen and Grandfather Dexter (Papa). 

It was a great day and Katie raised a bunch for the charity.  We don't have the final total yet.

I would urge you if you are out and about treasure hunting one weekend and happen upon a bright yellow banner proclaiming Alex's Lemonade Stand, please stop and donate a little or a lot.

We have our Katie because research funds made it possible for her to survive.  She fought hard through months of chemotherapy in 2005 and then again in 2007.

She is a true miracle from God.

In typical fashion my photos of the event were terrible so many people are left out, but I hope they are not offended. 

Here is the test: How is Allen related to me?

Answer: Allen is my first cousin Debbie's second child so he would be my first cousin once removed!

See y'all!

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  1. How wonderful! I enjoyed reading about Katelyn and Alex's lemonade stand. Wishing all the best to Katie and you all!

  2. What a great event and so worthwhile! But I just have to ask a question. Will there be another test? Can it be open book? lol
    Enjoyed the post. Loved the photos of happy, encouraging people!

  3. Does ALEX's LEMONADE STAND have an on-line fund rasier site?

    Surely that could help raise funds and awareness.

    After all if some 5 year old raised thousands to counter the hate of the Westboro "church" THIS good cause should be able to do at least as well.

    I don't know nuthin' 'bout how to set one up---but surely you have friends in Blog Land who DO!!!!!

  4. What a sweet post Donna! What an inspiration Katie is as well. Thank you so much for sharing this sweet story! Blessings my friend!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  5. What a beautiful way to celebrate such a blessing - and raise awareness and much needed funding at the same time!

  6. The blessing being Katie's remission of course - that did NOT come out as I meant it too!

  7. What a great post Donna! It's so wonderful to see people coming together for such a great cause, and Katelyn is such an inspiration to us all.

  8. So wonderful to see family and community coming together on behalf of a sweet little girl. Your family is lovely in their bright yellow t-shirts, Donna.

  9. I'm always amazed at the spirit of kids who go through such ordeals. Enjoyed seeing some of your family. Funny, but Casey and I were just trying to figure out the whole "once removed, twice removed" thing the other day. We gave up. I hope the total for the fund raiser turns out to be a whopper!

  10. yay for Katelyn and so glad she is in remission and how wonderful to be doing something so awesome for others!


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