Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tattered Tags

 The over-abundance of rain has kept me indoors so I have been making tattered tags to replenish my supply.

I know I have shared tags with you before, but here is the newest bunch.

Of course, I used images from The Graphics Fairy - slightly altered over at Pic Monkey.

AND there was torn cotton ribbons, stamping, and distressing involved.

 Freight tags were soaked in a mixture of old coffee, cheap vanilla and a dash of Rit taupe liquid dye.  I stirred them around with a metal spoon - gently scratching the surface of the tags to make distressed marks.

While scrounging around in my craft stash, Horror Monster, to find some torn ribbons, I discovered this piece of calico and decided it was just too pristine.  In the bowl it went.

No .longer white!  A nice grungy look.

 Notice the scars left by the spoon and from folds while in the dye bath.

I did dye the strings, but decided not to use them.

 Great tip here.  Go buy two aluminum screens from Habitat.  Lightweight items like tags and cloth can be sandwiched between them for drying.

Unfortunately the brief period of no rain was not long enough for them to dry completely.  It was fairly easy to pick up the screens and bring them in the house to finish drying.

 The cloth torn into ribbons and the tags dried.

Besides the floral print, I used a turquoise calico for ribbons.

 After deciding on the images I printed them out nine to a page.

Each image had to be trimmed to fit on the tags.

 StazOn saddle brown ink and two stamps (a tapestry and a distressed)  were used to make each tag suitably tattered-looking

Mod Podge affixed each image to a tag.

 The finished products!

Arlette, a cowgirl, and a girl with a bouquet.

Ballerinas, two girls, and a dancer.

Roses and a girl with her cat and dog.

Yes, I sneaked a pink tag into the bunch.  I painted with Poodle Pink and then stamped instead of dying this set.

Time to round them up and take them to the shop.

This is the tag I created to hang on the packs.

Always make sure to credit a person who provides you with free images to use in your projects.  When I create with The Graphics Fairy images, I give Karen a mention.

It is only fair after the work she does!

I have three big pieces of furniture in my car that need to be painted.  Surely the rain will go away for a couple of days.  There are also five, yes, five tables in the living room and three chairs in line for make-overs.  I did find some treasures this weekend, but have not unpacked them.  

I promise to show them.  As usual.

See y'all!

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  1. Love how your tags turned out Donna. Looks very old fashion which is really "in" right now. You probably can't keep them in stock at your shop cause everybody wants something with the aged look. So pretty!

  2. These are fabulous Donna! I love them and the steps you took to make them perfect...:) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. Thank you for the great tutorial! I need to design some tags for my stuff as I'm doing my first fair end of July. Where do you find the freight tags? I've seen similar at Hobby Lobby, but I assume they are more expensive there?

  4. I love your distressed tags! Good idea with the screens!

  5. Hey Donna; I Love your Tags!!! They are so Lovely, Crusty and Antique looking.
    If I were the Lucky owner of one of your Tags, I would hang it in my Kitchen so that I could look at it on a daily basis!!!
    Isn't this rain a mess, when one is trying so hard to create! I can not wait to see what you make next.
    Take Care :-)

  6. Oh Donna ( sang to Richie's tune ) those tags are just beautiful!!!
    Time to start painting now!
    ( how's your tooth? )

  7. What great advice about the metal spoon. I had no idea it would do that, but I didn't see the tags bent in your bowl. Did you fold them crinkle them? Also, is the vanilla for color or scent or both? I love the screen idea. Last time I used tea to age my tags I had them hanging all over the kitchen and it was rather a pain! These are just so sweet! You gave them such a great look!

  8. Love the tags. The fabric and the girls are perfect.

  9. So pleased to discover you through shabby art boutique and to be your newest French follower. Thank you so much for your great DIY. Love it so much (I do altered books). Your tages are amazing.
    xoxo from PARIS

  10. I just love your tattered tags. Great tutorial and the images and fabric were a great fit.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

  11. Le tue tag sono bellissime! Sei bravissima! Paola

  12. Love these tags, Donna, you picked some great images, and the backgrounds are fantastic!

  13. Gorgeous tags Donna and a neat trick with the two screens for drying. Thank you for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday... I really appreciate it.

  14. Just popping back to let you know that I'll be featuring your lovely tags at tomorrow's Shabbilicious Friday party Donna.

  15. Love, Love, Love your tags!! the screen idea is ingenious! I'm using the cowgirl in a little project of my own right now. Glad I found your blog today!!

  16. I love your beautiful tags! I am going to try making some...another project on my never ending list.

  17. Fab tutorial - now I want to make some. Where do you buy the blank freight tags themselves at?

  18. I always wondered how people got their tags looking so perfect, (shabby). What does the vanilla do? Give it color/fragrance, both? Just wondering. Did you glue the images on tags then stamp text over them? Love that look. I'll be trying this after this 12/13 craft show, I love to create but hoping people will buy my stuff makes me nervous wreck. Been making holiday ornaments, we had a few everyday crafts we'd made while ago. Finding and being able to get into shows is expensive here, (Grand Junction, CO areas). We live west of G.J. out in country. People aren't too crazy about distressed here, even the tiniest bit.
    Your tags are so awesome, hope someday mine will look half as good as yours.
    Happy weekend and enjoy the season.

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