Monday, February 11, 2013

More or Less Vintage

 I know I chose the word LESS for  2013, but I have come to the conclusion there has to be a gray area between MORE and LESS for me to succeed.  Last week I collected LESS than a truckload. (Look here.)

This week I collected MORE than a half, but LESS than a full truckload.  I think I am still within my preset limits, but barely!


I never pass up our state's flag - the graphics are amazing.  This one was in very fine shape.


Look what Sam the mail carrier dragged to the front door.  Yes, I bought them online.  I just like to think that Sam would bring me something!  On eBay I won a box of over 100 wooden spools.  I use these for lace and torn ribbons at the store and just to sit about in baskets.  I quickly picked out these four as favorites because of shape and size.

I have been having trouble finding millinery flowers both paper and cloth lately.  I do not care if they are new or vintage.  I use them on gift boxes, baskets, and cards.  Hobby Lobby has stopped selling the cloth ones (usually found in bridal).

I found these great paper ones at Fort and Field.  They are also a good place if you need big spools of baker's twine. Shop here!

I have now sealed these up in a zip bag with some paper infused with a scent oil.  I want a delicate scent, not overpowering.

The next three items you are familiar with if you saw my Hey Girl post with Chucks as my model!   Read for a laugh here!

First the great tray - silverplate (mostly polished off).  Very heavy - will probably give it a wash of paint and then wax it to make the wonderful details pop.

31 salt and pepper shakers.  Chucks asked for a pair, but I refused.  These aren't for salt and pepper, silly wabbit, er, husband.  

They are for ... well, you'll see.


Chucks was wearing this queen spread.  I cannot tell if someone made this or not.  I just loved the pink elephants plodding along and the tiny print on the opposite side.  It is quilted with a thin batting.

This would be MORE - there are 20 of them.  And what is "them"? (are?)  I was told they were candle pans to hook into the window sill.   They do not do this with my windows so maybe they hang somewhere else.  Notice that the bottom piece is angled at a 135 degree angle (I think - I am lousy at math.)  I plan to bend them if possible to a 90 degree angle.  And then I will ...  you can come back later to see.

A neat key cabinet suitably rusted.  Look - there are three keys with the key ID tags still attached.  One is labeled "red toolbox" and the other "hazardous waste".  

Oh, I better make sure to clean this one carefully.

 Imagine my horror when checking out, the clerk said, "Oh, there are more of those pesky keys.  I thought I had thrown them all away."

What!?!  When!?!  Where!?!  Too late the dumpster had been dumped. 

He threw away the keys!?!  To a key cabinet!?!

 I bought this 45 rpm record case from a friend.  It is green cardboard, and yes, I do have 45's to store in it.  If you do not know what 45's are that is because they are so last century!  (I have got to stop saying that.)

Those are not 45's in there, but a handful of shutter slats for another upcoming project.

I never pass up attache' cases like this one with the section of file folders and the neatly sewn details.  It makes me believe in 007 again!  I always hope to find a poison pen or a special getaway rope in one.

These two topiary forms caused quite a stir at an estate sale.  I asked if they allowed access to the backyard and was given permission, but was warned everything had been taken to the garage.  Well, not EVERYTHING - I found these two laying on the ground beside the garden shed.  Some one had bought the urns, but left the 4' forms.  I have to clean away the dirt, but I am thinking I will leave the old vines on the forms.

When I emerged from the back with these two, there was an immediate scramble for the backyard.

I love to use these handles on toolboxes.  I found a bag full with the screws.  They are the very heavy forged ones.

Some lucky toolboxes will be sporting these soon.


I ran out of Reader's Digest books for paper projects so I went to the cheapest place around to buy a stack of them.  I have specific requirements for books to be destroyed:  
1.  There are a ton of them out there.
2.  No one seems to want them.
3.  The pages are heavy and will take paint.
4.  The covers can be used for projects.
5.  They are in horrible shape.

You can see I also found two extra books to use as cutters.
 I grabbed this book because of the title.  When I got home, I was so disappointed that the title was not The Minister and The Sinner but The Minister and the Choir Singer.

Oh, well, still pretty funny.

I need to remember to take off my glasses when reading.

 A stack of stained pillowcases, a blue and white striped linen towel (that was used in one of those pull the towel down machines), and a Baby Ben alarm clock.. The clock was to be a surprise for my mother who collects them, but I may keep it for myself.  Then maybe I will give it to her.  Just maybe.


Yes, I will admit this pile of treasures cannot be perceived as LESS.

A stack of fabric, a bag of small stamps, and an envelope of transfer patterns.




I bring you the clock.  Love the ironwork, love the dial.  Do not love that someone cut the cord and added a battery clock to the back, but I may just take the face for a project and use the scroll-y iron for something.

I found this while Chucks was getting a haircut across the street.  I thought I could sneak it in the back of the truck without him seeing it.  Alas, the doors were locked and I had to drag this thing across the salon to retrieve the keys from Chucks who said,  "I knew she couldn't just go look!"  He never even saw the atlas!

Okay, I need to find a proper definition of what LESS is.  Can you actually quantify when treasures abound?  Can I change my 2013 resolution word to MORE or LESS?  Is that cheating?  Gosh, it is already February, folks.  I think I have been pretty conservative with the shopping so far.  Cut me some slack. 

You will love the projects.

I know you will.

See y'all!

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  1. Just think that your less is always less than what your normal haul is, so it can never be more! And what a great haul it is! It amazes me how you know exactly what you will be doing with everything. Those topiary forms are a fabulous find! Sorry, I missed your "Hey Girl" post until now. Yours is hilarious! And Chucks has the dreamiest eyes!

  2. If less is more, then you are doing just fine because you certainly seem to have more, which means less, right?

    I cannot believe the haul you raked in. Those handles are so perfect. So many great uses! I spotted that book title and thought, "Please don't demolish that cool book!" I have never heard of that one. There can't be many of those out there in great quantity, can there be? I don't think it meets the criteria for destruction. Please stand down with those scissors!

    It's so fun to imagine what you will be doing with everything. Does some of it go straight to the booth? Cool key cabinet. Sorry to hear about the trashed keys. sigh. And poor Chuck trapped in the barber chair while you're out trying to smuggle goods into the truck. He was probably watching you through the window having a good laugh as you scurried about trying to be all stealthy. Let's hope he can still laugh. After all, if your less is actually more...I'd say he's looking at having trouble walking through the house again here pretty soon.

  3. OMG - what a great assortment of treasures! I can't wait to see what you do with the salt & pepper shakers and thread spools.


  4. Oh my God - WHERE do you keep all this stuff lol?
    I LOVE the window candle holders - have never seen them before!
    And the spools! And everything!
    I'm going to start showing John your posts so he sees that my
    shopping isn't so bad LOL

  5. Oh wow! You got a really good amount of treasures! I love those wooden spools and the handles, oh and the topiary forms, well I love it all! Your're going to be pretty busy, I can't wait to see how you utilize your finds!

  6. Oh I totally love the way that you are justifying the LESS!!! You are hilarious!! As always, awesome finds! I was thinking those little greenish colored flowers will look awesome in a St. Patrick's project!!!

  7. Oh Donna ... great finds ... and I like how you calculate staying in your resolution of buying LESS. Even if you bought LESS this week than you did last week ... that would count.
    Love the spools. Anxious to see how you use everything and I know you already have a plan and names picked for everything.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  8. So much to admire and look at! I can't resist wooden spools either and the ironwork clock is fabulous.

  9. Wow - you have managed to obtain a variety of amazing things there! i love the spools so much - they are gorgeous! Definitely my favourite of your many treasures!

  10. first time reader- found you via whimsey wednesday- new follower! let's be friends!

  11. I spotted your post on a link party and was immediately like "MORE vintage, always more!" You did not disappoint. What a fabulous collection of treasures. I too am a vintage addict and I'm pretty sure that line - "I knew she couldn't just go look!" has been applied to me too. LOVE that clock btw, what a shame it doesn't work. x

  12. Great finds, and I love the clock!

  13. Anyone who starts her post with that flag is one I wish to follow ... and I am! I'm your latest follower and look forward to seeing what kinds of "trouble" you get into!! You crack me up with your sense of humor so I can only imagine the adventures along the way! Tons of goodies just making your mind whirl and your fingers itch to get started on transformations! Fabulous!

  14. You really find some neat stuff! I love the hardware! Thank you for sharing in this week's Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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