Monday, February 25, 2013

It's The Vintage Variety Show

 It's the Vintage Variety Show starring Distressed Donna who obviously has not a clue of what the word LESS means and has decided just to ditch that word and concentrate on MORE.

First up:  MORE aluminum!

Regular readers know how much I love the soft gleam of tin and aluminum. 

Read about my collection here.

I could not pass up this aluminum suitcase with its dings and dents.

 Oh, he has his own travel stickers.  I see he was a Caribbean basking-in-the-sun type.

 MORE aluminum!  FIVE vintage cake pans.

Look - two of them have the scalloped edges.

 I have an idea for these beauties and it does not involve cake!

 A local upholsterer dropped off a pile of bolt ends at Habitat.  I picked out a blue and white ticking-looking linen, a red and yellow toile, and a blue toile.

Now I know toile has come and gone, but I have loved toile my whole 59 years of life.  So I love it whether it is fashionable or not.  

Believe me - toile always returns.

 One of the dealers at the antique mall was having a $1 sale because she was moving to the other side of the building.

I helped her by buying two adjustable tin pate pans, a snuff tin, two rolls of vintage lace, and the adorable whirling ballerina box.  She is very narcissistic - she keeps turning to face the mirror.  She need some upgrades in her decor and I need to figure out how to make that tune disappear!

I love the lace and will just add it to my pile.  

Is there a hoarder reality show for lace hoarding? 

 A wonderful Bingo game from the 1950's.  Look at those vintage cards, the instructions, and the wooden red calling number disks (I really do not know what you call them!).

Unfortunately the box is in terrible shape - full of tape from every decade.

BUT  all, and I mean all, of the pieces are there.

Don't kill me - I think I will break this up into pieces for altered art creators.

Of course, I will keep some!

I have never seen these.  They are Bible Memory cards for children to color or paint then sew around the pictures.  They depict a story or lesson from the Bible.

Here is the back of one dated June 24, 1906.  

The price 3c per quarter (it does not say how many cards you received) or you could choose 10c per year.  You saved two cents that way!

 Here are the fronts of a few of the memory cards.  Some have been colored, but most are just as they were sent.  Yes, there are MORE!  The stack included about forty of them!

Let me know if you have seen these before.

As you can see above, the cards originated from Elgin, Illinois.

 Two okay tole trays with grapes, a framed dried flower, an advertising ruler, and two mustard pillows.

 A vintage bag of millinery flowers attached to pearl hat pins, a silverplate baby spoon, three salts, and TA-DA, a deck of Chinese cards.   Each card has a different illustration.  Directions are in Chinese, but numbers are Western.  Unfortunately, the box for these suffered the same fate as the Bingo box.  Multiple wounds covered in tape.

PLEASE - do not tape boxes!
The small treasures are displayed on a homemade pedestal composed of a glass vase turned upside down and a white ironstone plate.  Whoever made these got totally frustrated and gave them to Goodwill.  There were seven of them.  This was the only one that the plate was centered on the vase bottom.  So I bought it.  I have even thought of using it for my spring mantel.

So if you are the culprit, er, creator of this pedestal, rest assured and dream sweet dreams tonight because at least one of your creations is being loved.

When I went back to Habitat to see if there were any windows, Henry had decided to have 50% day - he never lets anyone know ahead of time.

What did that mean?

MORE fabric bolts!

Look at these two dark patterns and look at those mustard pillows above.  I may have a match leading to a marriage here.  Stay tuned.

I was so excited about the fabric, I forgot to look at the windows.

 This poor little orphan girl sits in my booth.  I passed her sitting on the sidewalk outside the Salvation Army for four days.  I stopped each day and asked if anyone wanted her.  The clerks said no one but me.  Late on Friday afternoon  Chucks and I were headed for food.  As we drove by, there she sat.  A terrible rainstorm was coming.  I knew they would not bring her inside.  I could not leave her.  We pulled in and the first thing Chucks pointed out was she was missing a drawer and her mirror.  But she was solid - made of maple.  I paid for her, got help putting her in the back of the pick-up (she weighs a ton! Sorry, honey.) and we took her straight to the antique mall.  I am hoping someone will see her dressed in robin egg blue or pink raspberry (Thanks, Liz, for putting that color in my head! Go see Liz!).  A drawer is easily made or just slide in a basket.  Please take her home and make her loved.

Yes, ma'am, MORE wire baskets and you know they will not stay this new and shiny.  There will be distressing.

Okay, we have established that I have no concept of LESS and from now on will concentrate on MORE.  

I will resolve to use MORE of Horror Monster, my supply stash, in future projects.

It will be raining for the next few days so only indoor projects.  Chucks and I are still waging the battle of what to eat each night.   Since he retired, he would rather go out than eat at home.  The problem?  We do not agree on food choices.  As I think back, we were aimlessly driving on Friday looking for a place to suit both of us and we ended up saving that poor orphan of a vanity!

I am making chili for tomorrow night's supper - whether he likes it or not!  No orphans will be saved tomorrow.

See y'all!

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  1. Look here, missy! I can't keep up with all of your shopping and distressing. I must say, though, that I love those cake pans - and the toile! Lovely fabrics! Please continue; I'll try to catch up one day!

  2. You have gotten some great things! I am so curious as to what you'll do with those bundt pans! Can't wait to see!

  3. Ohh, love the aluminum and the fabric! And kudos to you for saving the desk - it's adorable and will be even cuter painted! Thanks for stopping by, and I bet your grandmother's cabinet is beautiful!!

  4. I would have been giddy at all that fabric. Toile never goes out of style in my world!

  5. Excellent haul you got there! Can't wait to see what you do!

  6. Donna,
    I have the twin sister of your little maple vanity! She has two matching dressers: a wide one and a tall one, and a sweet little mirror. They've been in my house since I was a little girl. First the vanity was mine, and then it was my mother's sewing table, and then it was my daughter's vanity, and then my sewing table, and now it's in the spare bedroom. It will likely end up in one of my two kids' homes eventually. Thanks for rescuing this one!

  7. Wow, you found lots of great stuff.

    There is certainly great potential with that neat little vanity. Someone could make her beautiful with a little time and energy.

    Blessings to you, Amy

  8. GREAT finds! You'll be busy for a while with all those goodies!

  9. Hi Donna...:) Just stopping in to check out your thrifty finds! Awesome stuff ....I love the fabrics and can't wait to see what you do with them! Thanks again for visiting and for following!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  10. I wanna go junking with you! Great stuff. That little vanity can be fixed up by the right person, they just need to find it. I'm glad you got her out of the rain.

  11. Wonderful finds! What beautiful fabrics!
    Mary Alice

  12. Wow, what wonderful finds. I am kind of jealous, but thanks for sharing!

  13. Okay, I'm sorry I've not been by for a few days. I've been sucked into other worlds (work and town stuff) and I'm very behind on checking in on my friends. #1 thanks a million for the mention! Yeah, raspberry is where it's at. Just come over to my place and you will see it's overtaking my house. #2 I wondered how long until "less" became "more". And what a "more" it is! You rock the "more". (Sorry Chuck!) #3 The aluminum suitcase is all that and then some. Amazing discovery, along with that BINGO game. I'm especially happy to see you got it because there's a woman who does the sales around here who snagged one of those games right before me a couple weeks ago. I feel vindicated that you got that one before someone else. I do like to live vicariously, and in light of that, you have made "life worth living" with your haul this week. Now I almost don't feel the need to go out on the hunt. This could save me a bundle! Thanks, Donna!

  14. I really enjoyed the Vintage variety show! Great finds. I like that suitcase and am wondering what you have in store for those bunt pans?

    1. Thanks for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  15. Wow, so many goodies to look at! I love toile as well.

  16. Wow, what a load of goodies you have. I love that aluminum suitcase and those cake pans. I wouldn't be baking a cake with them either. That desk is a great curbside find and will look so nice all prettied up.

  17. What fun to read about your treasures and the "steals" you got on them! My mother had those tin angel food pans and I had a balerina box. I also have a husband named Chuck who will also be retired in a month!
    Thanks for entering your cats in the snake toy contest! lol I loved your cute comment!

  18. Hi Donna, thank you for visiting me and now I will return the favor. You got some great stuff. I think toile has come back in again and you got some really pretty colors. Love the other fabric too. I've been haunting our Re-Store here but haven't found anything of value yet..Happy Thursday..Judy

  19. Toile is never out of style! I had to laugh when Pottery Barn started having toile pillows recently. I love toile!

    Your found lots of great stuff!

  20. lmao!!! At least you quit trying to justify more as being less!!! I can't wait to see what you do with that desk!

  21. Great finds! LOVE that little ballerina! Too cute! $1 finds are always great!

    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  22. Wonderful those sweet memory cards.


  23. Wow some great vintage finds there.

  24. oh, i love the toile! (i'm papering my folding screen in pink and white toile right now) you found lots of great things, donna:) happy weekend!

  25. A habitat store recently opened in my area and I haven't had a chance to visit it yet. Next week I wil be heading there for sure! I hope I have as good of luck as you:-)


  26. Awesome as ALWAYS!!!! : ) hugs and thanks for sharing!


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