Monday, February 18, 2013

A Few Vintage Finds

 I was such a good treasure hunter last week.  I left plenty behind for the other hunters trailing behind me.  I stayed true to my word LESS.  Just because the weather was horrible and there were almost no garage sales and the thrift shops seemed empty and I became addicted to iPiccy and Block,  doesn't mean I wasn't trying hard to be selective. 

 I spent almost nothing.  I took Chucks out for a milkshake at Sonic.  ($10 !?!  For two milkshakes!?!  Do you know how many crazy things I could have bought with that money!?!)

I loved the shape and the tarnished patina of this gravy boat. I am not familiar with its silver marks. So I need to find the lighted magnifying glass to discern the marks.  It has a hammered finish.

Next up is a pink and green plaid pillow which will look great for an Easter display at the booth.

At Goodwill I casually glanced in the pocketbook bin and saw this vintage straw purse.  I have several of these hanging in the guest room.  (I hear my family laughing at the idea that the blue room is a guest room.  One day they will be surprised to find it clean and neat!)

There was another lady looking through the bin.  She asked if I was interested in some more vintage purses - there seemed to be a number of them.  I told her I was just collecting the straw ones, but I almost caved when I saw three precious black patent leather ones. 

 I held firm, though I did stand there until two other women promised to buy all the purses.  I just wanted them to have good homes.

 For under a dollar each I bought a small basket, an @ photo stand, a bbq brush for painting, a stencil, some decoupage tissue, and a stack of molds.  I know I did not need any more molds.  Read here to find out why!

A piano bench in a beautiful shade of gray.  It really just needed some cleaning, but I found an image.  I took it over to Block.  I made  a poster.  I now have a major project.  When will I learn?

What are those things in the bench?  

Do you remember these in the library?

How many knew the correct answer? The poles are split into four sections to hold newspapers or maps.  They usually were hung from a wall rack or placed in a floor rack.

I am leaving now.  I am pleased that my shopping journeys over the weekend  resulted in LESS stuff hanging around waiting for their redo. The piano bench needs work.  I attempted something in the dark.  It looks horrible now.  If you live near and hear a loud annoying buzzing, it will be me sanding that bench.

And sanding that bench.

See y'all!

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  1. I love it all; I remember those molds, and I adore those newspaper holders. MUST look up that Block thing!

  2. Love that gravy boat Donna!! So fabulous! Looks like you had a fun weekend. Can't wait to see what you do with that piano bench.
    Tuula :)

  3. You are hilarious! Telling yourself that this is LESS!! I love it! I did not know the answer to the library things. Cool. I love that you wanted the purses to go to good homes. Just what was your plan if you thought someone might NOT give it a good home??

  4. Love your gravy boat find with its hammered finish. '-)

  5. Love the gravy boat and the molds...I'm really into anything 'silver' these days! :)

  6. Great finds! It IS hard to come home with less from the thrift stores, especially with such enticing prices!

  7. I can just see you with an old fashioned purse draped across your forearm and your arms folded across one another clasped at the hands in a polite but authoritarian manner as you wait for the ladies to do what you expected of them. You have been on a roll! I think we all need you to be busy with the sanding for a while so we can get a chance to catch up! Nicely and "lessly" done.

  8. Basket purse - basket purse!!!! Oh, how I love thee! I carry a few of these during the summer, and people have fits over them! They are very difficult to find in good condition. Good find for you!

  9. I absolutely love the Straw purse! Stopping by from You're Gonna Love It Tuesday~ I also have several molds and I use them often. Now Following~ LynnH

  10. Good work on the shopping front! Too bad the bench needs a little redo. Every once in a while something just doesn't work out like we imagined.

  11. Do I ever remember those newspaper things. Spent years trying to convince middle school boys that they were not fencing tools.

  12. eeeppp! I love the bench! Great finds!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  13. You're a great treasure hunter too! I love the silver gravy boat and that terrific bench! Thanks for dropping by! Big hugs,

  14. You really did do good. The bench is great and I too love little tin molds.

  15. LOL - less my a#$...................
    Love that piano bench Donna - can't wait to see it!!!

  16. LESS...hmmmm....what does that mean? You are a stronger woman than I, my friend!
    I LOVE your straw vintage purse!! I'm dreaming of one of those! Those map poles are pretty cool too!

  17. I had some of those molds in the past but must have gotten rid of them. There are so many things to do with them. I want to find some now. Love your purse!

  18. I did know the correct answer for the newspaper holders :) I think Chucks can't complain about you shopping now. $10?! Thanks for the heads-up; hubby always wants to try Sonic. Great finds! Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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