Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Daily Deal

A typical Saturday morning in this distressed household.  Chucks is having terrible allergy symptoms and I have tremendous jaw pain from dental work.  He decided to go back to bed and I went off to find a nice soft omelet for breakfast.

After enjoying real food I drove around the corner to an annual church sale where they always have neat things.

All the furniture was outside.  I spied this wicker desk in a beautiful blue-gray color, but hesitated.  The top was sponge painted black and gray and I do not need or want another project.

The guy in charge said he could change my mind.  Everything just went to half price.  Well, yes, that did change my mind.  I told him to start a pile. 

I had to go back and forth between the inside of the fellowship hall and the parking lot, but finally gathered a decent pile.

-Embroidery hoops

-Santa elves

-Pair of leaded glass etched  jars

-Money box

-Pair of Salina (not sure of the spelling here. I was not wearing my glasses.) small casserole bowls with that atomic turquoise and gold design

 These three aprons were a great find.  They have paper tags stating they were a premium (gift with purchase) from Swift Meats.

I do not remember an elephant being the mascot for Swift Meats. I plan to look it up.

The elephants appear to be dancing around with the different meat products.

One apron is stained and the other two in good condition.

Love the red, white, and blue graphics.

Dancing with luncheon meat and a hot dog advertising Smokies.

Are elephants really a good mascot for meat products?

 I do not know what "cervelat" is, but the elephant in the back is happy about it.

Could these be Canadian?

 Here are more products - Jumbolo Premium Franks and braunschweiger. (Not a clue about these either!)

If any of you remember these, please let me know.

Enough about the elephants - on to other things.

 A child's small Sunday School chair was sitting all alone.  Last year I had bought thirty of these from this sale.  I did not know I left any behind!  Love that bentwood back and the missing dowel does not matter to me.

I bought seven hymnals just because I love old hymnals.  These were various editions of Broadman's.  If you are Baptist, you probably used these.

Someone had made blue velvet covers for the ones used in the choir.  They even added silk ribbons for bookmarking the pages.

 I have been collecting a few of these metal file cabinets for storing craft supplies.

I cannot decide to paint them or not because in the future I do believe these will be antique collectibles.  For the time being I am cleaning and waxing it to see how it looks.

 As I was packing everything in the Blazer, the guy helping (by encouraging me to buy more!) asked if I saw the door beside the shed.

Why, no, I had not found a door.

Where, oh, where could that door be?

I missed that bright green door!?!

A door made of heart pine, paneled, and weighing a ton!?!

A door already distressed!?!

 A door that turned to show me its backside!?!

A backside with wonderfully chippy, shabby white paint over the heart pine!?!

And wait . . .

What was that?

A beautiful summer sky blue under the white paint!

Yes, this was going home with me.

Of course, the slight problem was I had packed the Blazer to take several items over to the antiques mall and never made it there.

The men assured me they could get everything in the truck.

Now ladies out there, you know this is a fact.  Men cannot pack a truck.  They waste valuable space.  They lean things that should not be leant (?).  So I mustered my courage and told them I would direct.  The door fit at a diagonal with the file cabinet and boxes on the front seat.  The wicker desk sat regally on the tailgate tied securely with the telephone cable I carry for that purpose.  We all made it home in time for the Carolina football game and our Saturday BBQ and sweet tea.

Life would be great if my jaw did not hurt and Chucks would stop that annoying sneezing and coughing.

See y'all!

On a serious side note:  To those of you in the path of Hurricane Sandy, my thoughts are with you and please be safe!


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  1. Now, that's a good haul! You find the best deals. At least you know what to do with them. I just stare and walk away. As it is, my hubby has already started asking me where do I think I'm going to put the stuff I do pick up. I just look at him like he's crazy. But, I'm the crazy one, because we really don't have any extra space. I hope I'm not becoming a hoarder!

  2. Oh my gosh girl! If you and I ever get to shop together...we'll just rent a step van!! I love that desk and that little Sunday school chair speaks to me...but the door...oh man! You know I love that green door. (I know, you love the other side!) Nice haul! Guess you'll be getting some stormy weather from Sanday too!

  3. I was thinking it could have been a joke like ----- Serve-a-lot!!! of the sausages! Love to see your finds!!! I would have bought all of them too! Mary

  4. Of course you had to direct them to pack everything in the truck - space and time wasters! Seriously great haul though. Hope your mouth feels better.

    Stay dry in the next couple of days.

  5. Hey Donna,
    I sent you an email on the aprons. They are from the 1950's!!! What a great find! You'll be surprised to find out how much one sold on Ebay.

  6. You really racked up! I would love to see and to know how much you paid for the individual items, if that is not to personal :)

    I am coming over from Make the Scene Monday and I would love for you to come over and check out my Wool Dryer Ball Tutorial!!

    Have a Good Day!
    Ashley Suzanne

  7. Well, Donna - delightful to meet you! And, thank you for your prayers - we're in the eye of the storm just now and the wind should be picking up soon for the back side of it which will last through the night with 50-80mph gusts. In the Lord's hands - we've not lost power and have had a cozy day - but 40 minutes away our seashore is under water.

    Now - about your finds, here - where do you put it all! All those chairs and hymnals - and I thought I was bad. Your door is a treasure - looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Following you!

  8. I love everything! I wish I had been there. Great finds Donna. I always enjoy your posts.


  9. You make me laugh, Donna!!!
    I am here searching my favourite blogs looking for ways to "connect" people to my new website...
    But could not resist your post! No wonder it takes me HOURS to research for anything, LOL!
    I LOVED the aprons and yes, here in Canada we have Cervelat salami at the deli counter!
    Also, I loved your question about elephants selling meats, lol! Iguess it makes sense since they are selling OTHER animals' meats not their own??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! "Yes, eat Mr Piggy, not me!" I also loved the door a your other little treasures! what an adventure! I hope your both feeling better now! Claudine

  10. Oh my goodness....that door is the perfect shade of distressed green and to have the other side perfect! And I love the aprons and the old tin money box and.....oh heck....I love all your finds! ;)

  11. Looks like quite a haul!

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd!
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  12. What a haul!! I would have bought everything you did. I used to have one of those filing cabinet drawers and didn't paint it before I sold it. The money box too, I'm regretting selling that. Love the little chair and the door is awesome.

  13. Wow, you really found some great items. And that door is fabulous! That would definitely have come with me.
    Mary Alice

  14. You get some amazing things! Love that door. Thank you so much for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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