Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Clean Corner

I am taking part in the great October Overhaul.  I desperately needed the push (or a bulldozer) to get my junk organized.  Now I am admitting the October Overhaul will probably become the November Overhaul for me.  I am so slow.  As I was cleaning today, I found an old scrapbook from the fifties at the bottom of a box I bought at an estate sale.  I sat and read for thirty minutes before realizing time was speeding by.

I am happy to announce I did accomplish several things on the list:
-I bought several storage containers ($1 each) - will need more!
-I organized all my mailing supplies for my eBay sales (about one sale a week).
-I threw out two big bags of trash and put cardboard in the recycle can. (That was hard - I do love cardboard!)
-I used my decorative book boxes for storage. (They usually just sit around and look pretty.)
-I inventoried possible furniture to rearrange into a true craft room.
-I started in the dining room and concentrated on one little corner.

 As you can see, it was piled high with mailing boxes, packing paper, tissue paper, a small table with a bin of paper punches, and a red crate with piles of Tattered Angels mist, alcohol inks, ruffled tulle, and glassine bags.  Somewhere under all that is a chair.  There is a future project leaned against the pile.

The folding door to the den is kept closed on this side to control the puppies running through the house.

Here it is - all cleaned.  The walls and the ceiling above vacuumed, the baseboards washed, the picture glass Windexed, and the wee bit of hardwood floor polished.

I did not see those weird ovals when I was taking the pictures.  Ghostly apparitions?  Naw, It is the sun from the front window hitting the mirror on the back wall reflecting on the three prints onto the doors.  Wow, can light travel!  I was just proud that no dust motes were flying through the air.

Here is one piece of furniture I moved from the den to the dining room.  Most of the furniture in here is oak and so is this little cabinet that I have been waiting for Chucks to help make a back and shelf.

I used five of my $1 storage boxes to organize my tulle, spray mists and aging mists, and miscellaneous paper supplies.  The round dog treat jars stored ribbons, twine, and spools of wire.

So, so neat. 

So, so unlike me.

I even wrote what was in these things. 

 Here is my serene little clean corner in the house.  Chucks sarcastically said we should invite the neighbors over for a celebration.

BUT only one at a time since I only finished one chair!

Draped the cabinet with an old lace tablecloth that has been abused by all sorts of staining projects.  Added a stack of those decorative book boxes each containing one category of craft supply.  

On top of the books sits a glass bowl of REAL bittersweet send by a dear friend all the way from Missouri.   Read Danni Baird's post for more on bittersweet.

I used one of the last Dollar Tree ravens on a coiled bedspring.

The black chair all polished and back in its proper place.

How clean.

I could sit and stare at this all night.

But it is only one corner and I have an entire house to organize.

It sure feels good to have this one clean corner to spur me on to the rest.

Don't make fun, all you who have painted and built and organized complete rooms this week.

Just let me have this one corner for now.

A last look before I start the next corner.  I think this plan will work for me.  Everything that was removed now has a permanent place elsewhere.  I am not just shifting the stuff around.  Wish me luck.  I am going to need it.

See y'all!

October Overhauling

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  1. When you are done there, you can come over and organize my craft centre. It has taken over the entire house! ~ Maureen

  2. Brava! Maureen above beat me, but when you're done there, I have this basement.......

  3. So I am not the only one who is working on clutter and "stuff" this month! Even one corner is wonderful, it's more than I organized today :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  4. Wow! What an amazing clean up! Such a great tool to organize with! Thanks for sharing.
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  5. You clean corner looks great!! I wish that's all I had was a disorganized corner...I'm battling a whole room right now...LOL

  6. Looks great Donna! I'm running a little behind myself, so I could be into November right there with you. lol. But there's a lot of October left. Hopefully, we'll have enough time.
    Tuula :)

  7. Oh my goodness, Chuck has a great sense of humor. I love that he suggested you have people over to celebrate! One corner is a GREAT start. You've done good so far...and any post that mentions Danni, is a winner in my book :)

  8. It looks great!!! I thought you were going to say that you just moved all the stuff away from the corner to take a pic. I am glad to see you actually organized and made it cozy :) So proud :) Thank you so much for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  9. Good luck! You're on the road...

    Thank you for linking up at the Wildly Original party.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!


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