Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Treasures

Indulge me if you will as I introduce you to a few Halloween treasures I display each year.  

There is no real value to them - just sentimental.  Or maybe just mental!

The first shown is a small gourd made by a former student.  He knew I adored gourds and let me have his fall art project.

There is pine straw weaving around the top, shells hang down the side, and painted stripes are all around.

I know, I know, it just like something I would do!

The next is a cookie cutter set I found at an estate sale.  When I went to check out, the daughter was appalled that  this had been put into a box of kitchen items.  I begged and begged until she gave in and made me promise I would not sell it. 

 I have kept my promise even though some have offered several times to buy this.

Stick with me here because I have to show you every little detail.

First it is in the original box.

 The six tin cookie cutters sit on top of a diagram with vintage designs: bat, cat, pumpkin, witch, owl, and broom.

 Here is the box's top.  I love how they spelled cookie "cooky".

The graphics are wonderful.

I must admit I have never used the cutters.  I do plan to scan and use the graphics.

 For eighteen years I painted Santa gourds for Christmas presents.  One year I gave away 65 of them.  For a couple of years special people received pumpkin gourds. 

Here are the last three I have.

I loved the idea that pumpkins are in the gourd family and I was painting the gourds to look like pumpkins.

I am not sure if that qualifies as an oxymoron, but I am going to count it as one!

This one appears to be scared of his own shadow. 

This one is embarrassed by his one snaggle-toothed grin. 

This one looks as though he is smirking about some secret that only he knows.

Yes, I do think my gourds can converse and think.

Yes, I know it is crazy for me to imagine this.

Yes, I am easy to entertain.

No, I am not currently being restrained.

Hope you enjoyed my Halloween treasures.  Soon you will see them all displayed.  They stay up until the day after Thanksgiving so I can enjoy them.

See y'all!

October Overhauling

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  1. You're so funny - love the gourd masquerading as a pumpkin - and you're right - he does look terrified - but I think he's terrified of you and what you may still do to him LOL - and that COOKY set is out of this world awesome!

  2. I love gourds as vessels! Cool old stuff...

  3. I did enjoy them! You did a great job painting those pumpkins to look like gourds! Love those old cookie cutters too!

  4. There's no telling what those gourds are doing in the middle of the night! Where are the birds???? Great post!!!

  5. I think your painted creations take on the many colorful personas of their designer. Fun!

  6. These are so incredible!!!! Wish I could have shared them with everyone before Halloween but a girl named Sandy spoiled our party! We are back today with Junkin Joe and sure hope to see you there : ) hugs!!!


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