Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back to Dining

It is the last day of October Overhaul. I have been working very hard, but I have not gotten half-way through what I thought I would.  I am proud that the dining room is completed.  I am proud to say that every item I took from that room is filed in a drawer, stored in a bin, or thrown out.

Here is an after of the dining table.

The picture tonight are not only bad, but not in the order I wanted them.  They loaded themselves where they wanted to be.

So I will leave them in this order and keep the explaining to a minimum.  I know I talk too much, but I promise I will just show my lousy photos and write just a smidge.

 This is how it looked at the first of October.  Mounds of craft supplies everywhere.

Yes, I did know where everything was.

The dining room table is hiding under there somewhere.

The buffet loaded down with paper supplies.

Yes, that is one of my snow pictures that I forgot to put away in the spring.

I put it away for now, but after Thanksgiving all the snow pictures go back up.

In the South that is the only snow we see some winters.

From the living room view.

I could say I am proud that I never put anything in a bin under the table.

It would be wrong to boast about that.

The only reason is Willie and Scout would have eaten whatever I put there.
 My grandmother's console table with the exact same dresser scarf she used to cover it for Thanksgiving.

Would she have been appalled at what had been piled there?

No, my grandfather would sit here and repair antique clocks with all his tools spread out.  She would just cover it with a tablecloth if company came.

Yes, I see all that dust.

I moved everything out and mopped and waxed the floor.

 My grandmother's mirror hangs in the same place over the console table as it did in her house.

 Now for the pretty photos.

The dining room table with the console table behind it.

I have an oddly shaped dining room.

I see I have two entirely different sets of chairs in here.

There is not enough room for more than four people to eat at the table.  So I dump all the food on the table, everybody grabs some food and a chair, and they eat where they want to eat.

 The buffet all clean and now loaded down with part of my basket and gourd collection.

 The green lamp with the pink rose does not really "go" with everything else, but my father won that lamp for my mother at the fair on one of their first dates.  It is sentimental.

I do put baskets in the chairs, too.  Mostly to keep the cats from laying in them waiting to slap a puppy who wanders by.

You saw this corner in an earlier post, but here it is again.    Read here!

This is the corner I put that craft cabinet.  Yes, you have seen this before. Read here!

I do not know why the chair is turned at this angle.  I must have moved it to take a picture and forgot to put it back.

Or goblins did it.

The console table with gourds, baskets, and pine cones.

One last look at this dining room from the back side.

I can't believe I actually finished by the end of October.

Every single year I tell myself:  "Self, do not spread the craft supplies beyond the craft room." 

 And every single year I spread the craft supplies beyond the craft room.

I promise this room will stay this way until the Christmas decorations come out the day after Thanksgiving.  There will be no crafting or painting or distressing in this room.  I have actually barricaded it off so no one and no animal can enjoy it but ME!  I even lit a couple of candles for a warm glow.

See y'all!

October Overhauling

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  1. You're amazing Donna! You make me chuckle every time I read a post. You did a great job overhauling your dining room. You had a lot of stuff in there to start with. Now you can really enjoy the lovely sentimental items that you are so lucky to have. I just love your grandmother's mirror.
    Tuula :)

  2. You did it! I hope you gave yourself a big pat on the back. It looks lovely and you must enjoy seeing your treasured family heirlooms so proudly displayed! ~ Maureen

  3. What a lovely tranformation, Donna--well done! Your console table and mirror are just stunning, and I really like your beautiful basket collection. It was so nice to hear from you, and I'm glad that you liked our bookcase that we built--it was quite a project for two novices!

  4. You must feel so much better now that this is all done. The room looks so inviting and ready for Thanksgiving. Well done.

  5. Haha...those earlier pictures look a lot like my dining room's current state.

  6. That was a lot of work, you did great, now enjoy the coming Holidays!!

    Bt the way that dining room table is GORGEOUS!

    Jan @ The Pink Geranium

  7. I started getting stressed out while looking at your post..til finally came the light and there came a gorgeous transformation! I hope that after all the work you had a big piece of cake as a reward..I would have!! Thank you for popping in to see me, how lovely. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. How sweet of you to stop ovr by my blog and leave kind words.
    your comment gave me the opportunity to discover your pretty blog.
    wow, it looks like you did a whole lot of work. your dining room looks so pretty now. love it and love your grandmother's mirror.
    have a great weekend!

  9. Yay! Great job! I love that console table, and what a great memory to go with it. Thank you so much for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!


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